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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Generally i refrain myself from discussing political issues or issues that are sensitive.But this particular issue that i took up for this post has been itching my mind right from the time the news started pouring in about the notorious string of mishaps from the kangaroo land.Yes I'm specifiying the recent barbaric and irrational attacks on Indian students in OZ.

It is miserable to see the violence thrusted upon students that too Indian students.The most disheartening part is that instead of sorting out the issue and instead of making amendments to what has happened,the people in the helm are invovled in something which will never set things right.
No more puzzles i am talking about Australian PM Kevin Rudd's statements(3 of them stands out) in reaction to the incidents.(let me elaborate it precisely later)
1.Australians are very sad for what has happened,actions will be taken upon those who are involved(age old stereotype reply) and these attacks are not racially motivated.
2.20 Australians have been harrassed or killed in India over the past decade(i don know how relevant is this to the current issue,so is this the license to attack innocent people).
3.Indian students should not act as vigilante(even if people stab you or u slip into coma or even worse u r attacked by a mob just for fun) and take law in thier hand.(could hav thought that Indians r brought up through Gandhigiri).

And many OZ folks turned up n showed thier love to thier Indian counterparts.Steve waugh(Stevie is really a good soul,i personally like him a lot) and Gilly said Indians are given the same hospitality what they use to get in India during their visits.Victorian governor also played the same trumpet.It is said that the basic thing behind this fascinating love is because education is a billion dollar industry apart from tourism in Oz,so obviously they dont want to loose money and above all the fun of beating up innocent people on the roads.


Some time back in India, a freaky spectator(every country has its own share of freaks and half-minds) enacted like a monkey when an Oz fielder was on the boundary ropes during a cricket match.Suddenly the media(24x7 no job) blew it up stating that as a Racial abuse.I accept and understand how much it hurts a persons' ego when he is called a monkey but what i dont understand is that how it is connected to racism.(can anyone explain it to my little mind).The cricketer(Andrew symonds to be exact,is not also an angelic person) involved in it used the same weapon against Harbhajan when their side was loosing a test match in SCG test(which made even the most cool head Anil kumble to say that Ricky's men never played with true spirit of the game) .This is Racism.

But on the other hand a drunkard beats up a person for saying he didn't had cigar during a train journey,another was stabbed n he sliped into coma for an unknown reason.A group of people books Indian taxi driver's taxi and on the drop point they deny to pay money and assault him.But look everyone!!!!...This is not racism and it is circumstantial as said by Aussie prez.(yes Mr.Prez you are right,it is Indians mistake to come into the sight of thugs,Funny)
So what the those  folks are saying is that calling someone monkey is racism but attacking a person solely for the reason for his nationality is not racism.


I have said that i'll elaborate on Rudd's comments,so i think this is right point of time.
It is well understood that every person can not be guarded by a police personnel everytime.But being a leader of a country one is expected to be responsible and think and act with a clear vision(in ref with the previous 3 statements of the Aussie i've quoted above) than tryin to cover up the issue and giving out negative comments.
Over 20 attacks have been staged(it has become a routine to see about this in newspaper daily) but no convict was arrested till date ,not even one.
Surprisingly they are is busy in advising Indians to have a simple lifestyle(the i-pods,Xtra vagant parties of the Indians seems to have irked Aussie thugs who are unemployed).It looks like the unemployment of native people and jealousy over Indians( who are ready to work for low wages and ready to take 2 to 3 different jobs a day, which takes away jobs from natives) is the basic motivation for the attack.So how sensible will it be to ask a student to keep a low profile when he is putting every effort to earn every dollar by taking 3 different jobs a day(only god knows the logic,he works hard n he spends money).

coming back to Rudd,you need not wonder about the man because it is the legacy(the loose talks) left to him by his predecessor John howard.John howard is a cut above Rudd.He was one of the great minds who called for banning of Mutthaia muralidharan(no wonder Murali and Shane warne were competing neck to neck for Highest wickets,so at any cost they wanted murali to get out of game,What a game spirit) from cricket for his bowling action.REF VIDEO
REF VIDEO2whenever he bowled it was given no-ball n the crowd booed him which made then captainArjuna walk away from the ground with his team in support of Murali.

Jhon called him a chucker(for which he got fitting dose of verbal torrents from murali who boycottedVID srilankan tour later and pointed Howard to mind his business of running govt.).A couple of years later when Murali toured AUS for VB series eggs were thrown at him by drunken mob while Murali was returning to hotel with his teamates in the midnight.Remember these OZ were the same guys who denied to play against Zimbabwe in 2003 world cup since the Govt there is racially discrimating white people over there in Zim.

The above said examples of incidents and Howard,Rudd,Ricky ponting(he and his crop of men deserves a separate big story for their winning formula which is to intimidate opposition players by sledging(Australian jargon for teasing a player by hurting or pressuring him mentally)), exemplifies their  mentality(im not balming all Australians but only a portion which does all this kind of immoral things).

Finally what this has made is that it has rang alarm bells on the minds of students who are considering to take up higher education in foriegn countries.The abroad EDUmania has seen a block which is good for India.I am wondering why students are going abroad when international community is turning towards India for education,really our standards are improving. Remember Sir.C.V.Raman or Homie Babha or Rabindranath Tagore or Abdul kalam never studied in cambridge or oxford.They studied in age old ordinary schools in India.
Another thing is that the international scene is no more safe for Indians abroad(even govt can do only one thing that is to condemn the incident,it ll be stupid of you to expect more than that) you should be aware of discriminations against Indians recently in Malaysia,ethnic crisis in Lanka and threat n encroachments of china near Arunachal Pradesh(India is tolerating all this since it is a PEACE LOVING country.If something happens to an Indian it would not hold much of importance in the present scenario except for some mere eye washes(bitter truth but could not be denied)

It is better to die a dogs death in homeland than to die a royal death in a foriegn land.


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