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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Well,looking at the title if u conclude im gonna write about,say a sachin tendulkar's knock or ARR's music or Kalam's contribution...U r damn wrong,instead of those things i hav quoted, im gonna write about two epic movies(ulaga varalatril mudhal muraiyaga)...

okey let me come to the topic,
The MASTERPIECE is Surya n Thamanna starer Ayan :P
The MAGNUMOPUS is Lawerence n 3 or 4 heroine(never mind thier names,who cares) starrer Rajadhi raja(RR)... :P


The similarity between these fantastic subjects :P is that both heavily banks upon GQ(Glamour Quotient) and double meaning dialouges and fantastic characters (Mumtaz and Jagans character for instance)...For this purpose (i.e GQ) RR employs the usual weird trick of using glamdoll heroines(4 of them in this movie) as a crowd puller(Heroine select panna edutha time ah story discussionla spend pani irundha nalla irundhirukum)...
On the otherhand Ayan usues unusually surya as the bait(his 6 pack bare body n stylish exotic look) to assemble people(girl fans)...

In the story perspective RR has atleast a acceptable(eventhough we hav seen that in many muviz) plot and acceptable storyline but it was miserably handled through creepy scenes and dialogues(ayyo amma,antha killer punches...Mudiyila) ...Whereas Ayan was handled well through the wonderfully shot scenes(thanks to K.V.Anand's cinematogerphic experience alone,yeppa podhum da sami)...But in the story or perhaps screenplay part Ayan has failed miserably(kadha enganga sir)...There is no coherency or continuity in scenes(Thidirnu thidirnu surya romance panrar,Africala sanda podrar,Airportla ponvannan kooda comedy panrar..EKSI..)...

In a single word u can say that the character portrayal(some of them only) sucks bigtime(example Jegan's and Mumtaz) in both movies(ungaloda imaginationla idi vizha)...

Harris Jeyaraj's music,Cinematography and Surya's presence and some comedy scenes only brings some respite in the movie Ayan(illana col madhiri idhayum bunk adikradha irundhom)...In case of RR only few comedy scenes are good(padame total comedy than but adhu vera vishayam)...

Candidly speaking Ayan is much better than RR...It is really good in parts except for some nasty scenes..The important thing is seeing Multi-talented actor like surya donning this kinda role which has virtually nothing new is not really pleasing..(Dont get trapped in commercial bandwagon Mr.surya,im wondering how come he chose this subject)..
Regarding RR,It is too local(as its caption suggests)..Mr.Shakthi chidambaram try to make films that can be enjoyed along with family members...

(Note-it is not that these two movies are only bad,but i saw only these 2 recently...I also saw awesome movies like Shiva Manasula shakthi(last one hour of the movie towards the end part was very much relevant to what im talking about,total non-sense)...Nowadays the standard of tamil movies has come down coz of this kind of movies)


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