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Sunday, July 26, 2009

She is so sweet...The very feeling of getting away from her is really aching...But what can i do???....Its all fate...I'm missing raje a lot, i mean Rajarajeswari...Wait a minute friends,before u jump to any conclusion let me say that raje is not a girl.... Rajarajeswari is my col(he he he :D )...

I wanted to say those words when i bid adieu to my college for the final time(can't make any drama during the final minutes like sentimental scenes in climax of the college stories in Indian movies)... Yeah...I got my provisional certificate and all other documents from my college which marks the official end of my academic carrier...

If u ask me to sum up my col life in a couple of words, i would do it with the words,

Our unofficial anthem was
Here our refers to group of a league of xtra-ordinary gentleman...No funny thing involves single person, so i also had noble souls :p around me...Well, people who know me can ask What the hell kinda fun you had???...Or is sitting in the corner silently is fun according to u???...

For those people i would like to say an adage
The mind in its own place can make hell out of heaven and heaven out of hell
Yeah it's true that we did not had kinda of fun that others had...we did not hang around much( we didn't wander outside much..) or we may not have involved in making fun like other folks(u might know some people would make huge noise or will make the whole crowd around them to see them)...But i can say that we relatively had more fun , we had our own way of doing things and we had the ability to make a gloomy day into a bloomy day...Our favourite hang out places comprised,of couse primarily the classroom (nothing can beat this) and canteen,Bustand(exactly Madhuravoyal bus stand and sometimes CMBT),Koyambed groung behind market(that's our Eden gardens and Lords)...I don't think no one would have had that much fun that we had...It'll be a incessant laughter treat when we get together..

Well, lemme introduce the league of extra ordinary gentleman...The league comprises

THE FREAK(famous for the kinda doubts he would ask...He asked a doubt when we were watching Dhamdhoom,it brings laughter even now when i think about that...)

THE BELOVED BROTHER(the name is because this guy will address every girl he comes across as sister,but don't ask whether he 'll give that respect)

THE NALLAVAN(his job is to give message whenever it is necessary,he is our karuthu kandhasamy)

And finally me,Guys named THALA to make fun of me but i stuck to it (thats cool,u know), since it sounded good and it is apt too...
I'm reminded of a goundamani dialogue when i think about our days...Makkale indha col la sendha nalula irundhu oru nalla frnd kedaka matana nu pathutu irundhen aana enga thirumbunalum ivanugale vandhu nikranuga...i must say that coz i didn't had virtually time for others,i was always busy with these guys...

our friendship was like Tom&Jerry cartoon, we always would look for an opportunity to pull each others leg, thats our full time job and studying is a part time job.The guys around me would go to any extent to land me in trouble ,initially i found it very difficult to handle but later i did the same to them with more professionalism(nammalam yaru)....

I joined this college in 3rd year and our friendship started in 3rd year like Dravid's solid innings, and it gained momentum in 6th semester like sachin's spellbinding classical game and towards the end of the college it was like ramphant and unstoppable Yuvi's or Yusuf pathan's game...(huhhh...man....we did a lot of things...it's more like a dream now)..

And another kind of fun we had, was to give nicknames to people(we were really pro in this aspect...).They became famous too....We had characters like Taliender,Leela,Anju ruba,Naladiyar,Legends, Tarzan,Batman begins:Dark knight,Raghavan(vettaiyadu vilaiyadu fame),Perusu,LKG(kinder garden guy),Pangali,Competitor,Kkirukan and lots n lot...(only few names were specified here,if i say all the names then i would definitely get Free beatings i mean dharma adi...ha ha ha...)...

I almost enjoyed or have come across everything a college-goer should experience except two R's.
One is Ragging and another is romancing...I don't regret for the second one because i'm weak in Maths...Maths???...Don't get confused..i mean namma kanakulayum kanaku panradhlayum romba weak(feels very bad)...But i'm glad that i did not involve in that (finally i will be resorted to use my cliche...hope u know what it is???.ha...ha...ha...).Regarding my friends you should ask them..(i'm not telling anything,nan edhuvum sollala da ,enakedhuku prachana...)

And regarding ragging i dearly missed it...When i came to college(i mean the first college) nobody had that much courage to rag me(they did not try it with me...senior payapullaiga thapichtanga)..And when i became senior i thought it would be unfair and totally futile to rag juniors...Instead i thought of ragging final years guys...(but they looked innocent...chinna payapullaiga)...Had pity on them and spared them...So i didn't experience it unfortunately...

In my point of view, i learnt how to have a normal& simple  life and learnt basics of life(which really is the reason for who i am now) in my school where i studied upto SSLC,and then in the school where i studied HSLC i learnt how to work hard and how to focus and dedicate myself to do anything,and in my first col i learnt to accept the realities of life and how to manage things on my own and how to tackle things in adversity....And finally in Raje i mean Rajarajeswari i learnt a important thing that was "How one should enjoy and be happy"...What i was looking for was utter happiness and i got a lot of it, there...A big thanks for that folks...
It gave me an impeccable quality of smiling at or in any bad situation....At times i laugh at myself for things that happened for me...(hmmm...vera enna panna mudiyum)

As i proceed i should say that i was totally unhappy about the way our college life came to an end...The end i felt...was not apt ...Something was missing , i'm not sure what that was...It ended in a kinda hurry...thats what i felt...I thought of saying(in OSO Style) before the end like  I feel like of the King of the world ...but after col got over i said, Hamari filmo ki tharah hamare zindagi mein bhi End mein sab teek ho jaatha hai,Happy endings, aur agar teek na ho... tho woh THE END nahi hai dostho...Picture abhi bhi baakhi hai...But it is highly not on the cards...Hmmm...Let me see what future has for me...

Through this i wanna apologize all those folks who might have got offended by us or through anything we did...We did many things knowingly and unknowingly and coz of circumstances or coz of lack of thoughtfulness...For all those things i would like to apologize all my friends...(I'm not sure how many of my col mates would see this)....

Contrary to the headline,the college has divorced me ...i miss those days and i'm carrying the sweet memories in my heart....

Finally thanks for being the reason for my happiness friends....Wish u a happy friendship day....

(I thought of posting this couple of weeks ago but it got delayed...Now when i post this i'm in the eve of friendship-day...What a nice co-incidence know...Mela irukavan(i mean god,off-late his favorite pass time is to put me in situations which i don't want to confront) samayathula kala varnalum ipdi nalladhu siladhaiyum seiyaran..Finally the pictures which i have used are taken from some of my friend's orkut account...(kekkama suttaten,sorry friends,kindly tolerate that))

Saturday, July 25, 2009

kamaraj Kumarasami, better known as K. Kamaraj (15 July 1903 – 2 October 1975) was an Indian politician(means real politician) widely known to be the kingmaker in Indian politics, and known for his honesty, integrity and simplicity.

He was involved in the Indian independence movement and was a close ally of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. He was affectionately known as theGandhi of the South. He is also known asPadikatha Medhai or Uneducated Intellect .The domestic terminal of the Chennai airport is named Kamaraj Terminal in his honour. He was hailed as one of the greatest of leaders of all the free world by the then USvice-president Hubert Humphrey.
Kamaraj's political guru and inspiration was S. Satyamurti, orator and parliamentarian. So deep was Kamaraj's devotion to Satyamurti that when India gained independence, he first went to Satyamurti's house and hoisted the Indian flag there. On his election as Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Kamaraj went to Satyamurti's house and garlanded his photo and paid his respects to the leader's widow.

Kamaraj strove to eradicate illiteracy by introducing free and compulsory education up to the eleventh standard. He introduced the Mid-day Meal Scheme to provide at least one meal per day to the lakhs of poor school children (first time in the whole world). He introduced free school uniforms to weed out caste, creed and class distinctions among young minds.

During British regime the education was only 7 percent. But in Kamaraj's period it was 37%. During Rajaji's period there were 12000 schools in the state. Whereas it was 27000 in the period of Kamaraj. Apart from increasing number of schools, steps were taken to improve standard of education.

Major irrigation schemes were planned in Kamaraj's period . Lower Bhavani, Mani Muthuar , Cauvery Delta , Aarani River , Vaigai Dam , Amravathi , Sathanur , Krishnagiri , Pullambadi , Parambikulam and Neyaru Dams were among them . The Lower Bhavani Dam in Coimbatore district was constructed with an expenditure of Rs 10/- Crores. 2,07,000 acres of land are under cultivation.

Kamaraj gave a simple advice to his ministers, "Face the problem. Don't evade it. Find a solution, however small. People will be satisfied if you do something."

In 1964, Kamaraj was elected 'Congress President' and he successfully navigated the party and the nation through the stormy years following Nehru's death. Kamaraj’s political maturity came in full view when Nehru died in 1964. How he settled the succession issue for the Prime Ministership was amply proved by his choice of Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi in succession.

On October 2, 1975, Gandhi Jayanti day, Kamaraj awoke from his afternoon nap feeling uneasy. His housekeeper, Vairavan, rang up to his physician. While he was on his way out, Kamaraj said, "Vairavan, put out the lights when you go out." K. Kamaraj died that day in his sleep. He was honored with the highest civilian honour, the 'Bharat Ratna' posthumously in 1976.

(This is a tribute to the great leader on his 106th birthday...Lets salute and honour the leaders of Kamaraj's sort and lets pray god that some leader like him will come one day to save this country.Well the above article is taken from a web resource(suttadhu...not written by me)...This is not something new but I just wanna remember the great man for his selfless service...)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar this is the name which has terrorized /has been terrorizing many “Ace” bowlers for a very long time even in their sleeps that they were left with no other option but to get smashed by his MIGHTY MRF bat. One will be left with no paper if they start writing about this great and no stones if they start depicting his achievements.It can be said simply if somebody asks what his achievement is?,
"He is still ruling the cricketing world at the age of 36 and continues to be a nightmare to many folks in world cricket"......

Tantalizing Tornado

Booker T.Washington says,

“Character, not the circumstances makes the person”

Sachin unlike other fellow cricketers, has the capability to deliver his best against the best without even strains of difficulty. He even makes “Herculean tasks” look easy through his inimitable technique.This “Tantalizing Tornado” can play a ball bowled at him in three different ways.He is not the one who buckles under pressure but the one who pressurizes the opponents. He continues to be a biggest threat when he is on the ground.He plays mind games not only with the bowlers but also with opposition captains that they find it very difficult to set field for him.
The leg spinning legend Shane Warne once said that,I bowled six different deliveries to him in an Over, to which most of the batsman will not have any reply but sachin played every ball clearly and finally looked at me as if like questioning me 'Do u have anything left that u can bowl at me?'
He always gives something to think about to the opponents and always keeps them guessing. He is merciless to the bowlers and “meets the fire with fire” that he never showed respect or what so ever to their reputation ,what he knows is to whack the ball when he is inside the ground.

Midas Touch

The classical English proverb says,

“Jack of all trade is master of none.”

But Sachin has falsified this proverb that he fortunately has a “Midas Touch” that whatever he tried and touched has turned out to be a biggest bonanza for him. Not only he has established and proved himself as a batsman but also as a bowler. He has best bowling figures of 5/32 and 5/40 against Pakistan and Australia respectively. He is also good in fielding and he continues to be a reliable and robust fielder who always gives his best. The “Little champion” has only spared wicket keeping as if he has a great heart to allow other people to earn name.He is inimitable in finding the gaps ,running between the wickets, making clever use of field sets and remembers the field set for him .


It is obvious and quite well known that

“Everybody’s life is filled with highs and lows .”

He also holds the record for hitting many nineties which could have been easily converted to centuries. In 2007 alone he missed 7 centuries that he got out in nineties which people termed “NERVOUS NINETIES.”Sachin also had that lean lap in his life, but the way he recovered was unbelievable.

“Whenever u are criticized don't get upset always remember
this no stones are thrown on a fruitless tree.”

Many stones were thrown at him, because he is a tree with fruit which is as good as “Elixir”. His pictures and effigies were burnt by some senseless,stupid, mindless and heartless creatures which are wallowing in earth in the name of humans, post world cup' 07.Many people who were expecting some opportunity to poke their nose,pounced on to this opportunity.They were yelling and crying that the Living Legend should retire from cricket. But the Mumbaikar made them to put their fingers on to their noses by giving a strong reply with his bat in the matches that followed.
Ravi Shastri gave those people an unquestionable reply,

Let the less mortals speak about the immortal because he Knows his things ,he shall retire only when he wants , not by any others pressure or stupid suggestions.

Considerate True Gentleman:

Sachin is the worst enemy to the opponents only when he is on the field.But Off the field he is more cordial and friendly.Remember that he has a good rapport with the likes of shane warne,Glen Mcgrath,Bret Lee, Brian Lara, Inzamam-Ul-Huq and many others. Even in today’s sledging and ill mouthed cricketing world he continues to be a gentleman cricketer.
If somebody stares at him or gives him a blow with the ball then the reaction from him will be obviously with the bat and the very next delivery will be whacked out of the boundary ropes.He doesn't even mind leaving a smile to the worst stare that he gets. He lets his bat to do the talking when he is on field. Shane warne and Sachin were so close that sachin visited him, when he was injured during Australian tour long back and he even gets leggie tips from Shane sometimes.

Legends on Legend:

Let us see what the greats of cricket has to say about this all
time great.This compilation only finds the most recently told
things during Australian series.

Ajit Wadekar former captian:
If any one has to be given Bharath Ratna, it is Sachin
Tendulkar since it is he who deserves the most.

Ravi Shastri after sachin's century in sydney under crucial
Sachin produced a vintage innings . A century by the
great man is now a matter of routine.

Danish Kaneria before the start of Indian tour by Pakistan:
He may be getting on in years but he remains a Master
Batsman and as for as i know he would be really gritting his
teeth to prove a point or two to us and to his critics.

M.S.Dhoni on sachin’s match winning knock in the series decider
against Pakistan in 2007:
Sachin was the difference between us and Pakistan today.
His knock was truly special . He has batted for a long time
now and knows what it takes to win at this stage. He also helps
others to bat in and around him.

Dhoni about sachin missing many centuries due to his dismissals
in the nineties:
We are all very sad for him. Most cricketers retire without scoring six centuries in their life and he just missed that many this year!!!!. He knows his way out and that was the secret of our success.

Above all The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said,
I would like to see some of the great players of modern era
-like sachin tendulkar-proposed for the honorary awards like knightship so that the British nation can salute their achievements.
He also added that knighthood should be given to the “Little
Master” which is going to be another feather to his cap.

Knowing ,understanding and admiring a True legend is a marvelous thing that happens in some body’s life, since legends are not sporadic.
It is even better and it is a blessing if we are allowed by the
Almighty to see the legends and Maestros at least once in our life.
But it is a great boon if one is blessed by the God not only to see a "Living legend", but also to live in the era in which he is living and to admire him,adore him and get inspired and motivated by him.
It doesn't even matter if we don't admire him,adore him but let
us not try to criticize him or comment him not only because that one needs some qualification to criticize someone like him but also,

“Mortals Should Not Talk About Immortals.”
(As i have mentioned in the about me section,this was my first article which i prepared for my communication lab...I just thought of sharing this with you people.Its little lenghty but hope u like it)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Scrapping here doesn't mean what we usually do in orkut(orkutla scrap panradhu namaku kai vandha kala) or in anyother networking site...This is something which governments and courts are doing these days....For the first time our HRD minister started this trend by scrapping class 10 exams throughout India and later Supreme court scrapped 377 a few days back...

I have a personal request to the govt...It will be better if you scrap some other things such as paying the bills for mobiles and broadbands, technical round in interviews etc...etc...(Edhaedhaiyo scrap panringa technical round ah scrap paningana konjam vasadhiya irukum...In the name of tech round we r tortured :(... romba kashtama iruku pa...Scrap paningana 4 naluku nalla irupinga)...

Lets leave the first one because it is not something which we can make fun of...Eventhough there are different opinions on that, the government should be atleast appreciated for taking time to think for education amidst many development( dont ask what are they) plans....

But the second one is brought to the fore for the guys like us(guys who are looking for fun) who are finding it hard to pass time...The entertainment started when many LGBT supporting organisations and individuals started their "sacred war"(many bullshits are called sacred wars...why not this folks... :P) through processions and other demonstrations...Wow, what a sight..????..Many people with signboards and banners started their struggle...Notable thing here is that women(Bharathi kanda pudhumai pengal :P) turned in large numbers(even the crowd in textile shops,saree showrooms and ration shops must be less than this one,oh my god...)...
After these funny things got over,supreme court scrapped 377....They attained thier freedom...The sacred war triumphed...Many LGBT supporters ranging from writers to actors gave build up as it was a most remarkable event in Indian histroy(ennamo ponga da kali muthiduchu)...

Now the activists succeded in educating this LGBT culture to the uneducated mass...They endorsed thier ideology and reached out people(nalla vilambram)...So rural areas(erkanave nalla iruku) will change to American culture soon(Nalladhu edhaiyum kathukathiga,Kathukudukathinga da) ...Andipattis will turn into Philadelphias and Texas,not in infra-structure or technology wise but in this LGBT culture....

In that LGBT term, the T that is the transgenders could not have been placed with this category of people...Because the kind of problems they face are different.Their demands such as right to vote,right for getting basic privileges such as ration cards,fair treatment etc. should be addressed by the government...The govt and society has definete obligation towards their demands....

According to me LGBT is a social crime...It has nothing to do with penal code( at last being in a democratic country everyone has their choice of spoiling themelves,isn't it???...)...So scrapping is not a bad idea because already suspects were treated badly by police personnel in some instances...With these kind of charges, the suspects will have no consideration from police and will be treated badly...This law escapes them from this kind of situations...But unnecessary dramas and build-ups could have been avoided in scrapping 377...(no one would raise their voice for worthy things but when it comes to things of this sort they would even give their life...What a pity???)
These days foreigners are admiring our Indian culture,the joint family system,its arts such as Bharathanatyam,Yoga.We Indians not only spoiled it but we deviated from our values and lost our identity.Embraced unwanted things from foriegn culture...
Now is the time to get back to our olden days and this is the time to follow,respect, nurture and value our Indian heritage and culture....

Sorry folks,some clarifications....Actually it seems that the verdict was given by Delhi high court and it is not valid through out India.Apologizing for posting it as supreme court(I remember that i read it as Supreme court in Some newspaper which is not correct)...And this verdict has been challenged in supreme court by some people...Thank u for the info buddy :) (My frn M.Harish http://www.dream---life.blogspot.com/,it was him who gave the informations...)

(Actually i thought of not using tamil in this blog(He he he...Inational visitors are there na...)...But im already little bit short of humour sense so i can not make fun with English(as im writing in bad English...he he he...) which made me to use Tamil(just tolerate this one, my Inational fans) ...And one more good news for you people,im gonna come up with 5 posts a month...I decided this after my friend called me over phone and asked me why im torturing people in the name of blogging...So if it is perceived as torture then im bound to give it more(yam petra inbam, peruga ivvaiyagamum))...

Dont forget to drop ur comments...

Saturday, July 04, 2009

When i was casually browsing through youtube i stumbled upon some interesting videos concerning acceptance speeches(if someone is jobless and has nothing to do ...probably they will be doing this kind of things..So i am...im no exception...) which were really funny, emotional,melodarmatic and above all inspirational...
And i decided to come up with this post because i dont really find any damn good stuff that can cheer either me or u people..(it might be evident from my previous posts :P)...

No more blabs, straight away lets get into the action...
Well,before proceeding, it is important to mention the criterion on which the videos were picked.The foremost criterion for these picks , was the watch worthieness of the speeches that is how well it entertains(you ll know what i mean by entertainment as you go through ;) ) ,what kind of scene it creates, followed by how well the people justifies thier standard and stardom,since the picks concerns people from silverscreen and sports...
Okey,what are we waiting for..???..lets start.....


For the last spot(i.e no.5) there is a tie and it is shared by 2 people...
First of those two dignatories is Sally field...For god's sake don't ask who she is and in which film she has acted.The only thing that i know about her is that she is a actress(i shld be appreciated to know this,well as usual the credit goes to Wiki).What makes special about this speech is that it has created a controversy since she spoke about war when she received EMMY award.A emotional speech reflecting and emphasizing the brutality of war which goes like this
"If the mothers ruled the world, there would be no goddamn wars in the first place!"...

The second of the 5 th spot is taken down by Cuba Gooding Jr for the way he thanked(catch up ur breath man) those people who made that award possible for him..He received this award for Jerry Maguire in which he acted with Tom cruise...Check it out how this guy jumps and leaps and shouts towards the end which ultimately gave it a spot....

well if u say how ostentatious Cuba gooding is???...U r going to be stumped by our next nominee...Have a look at her and im sure you are up for a mega serial.The no.4 spot is given to Halle berry for her performance,unusually,not on screen but in the academy function...Better you check the video urself....

Finished the saop opera...I think small screen producers from Tamil nadu ll queue up behind her if they see this,to book her for some megaserial(Will give tough competition to Radhika,both ll delight Tamil women with their cry riots)...

Lets see who our next dignatory is...The person who is next in our list for No.3 is truly a dignified dignatory...She is an African-American citizen who is also a famous TV personality back in US...She is an inspiration for many people since she made it big despite having undergone many discriminations in her childhood...The following is the moment when she received Life-Time achievement Emmy award...look at people watching her with tears...


Time to look at the next awardee oops..!!!.Sorry awardees since we again have two personalities(Real heroes,My personal Favourites too)here...

The first of the two is none other than our beloved proud son of India,Sachin tendulkar..The speech that had got him a place here is the one he made after breaking Lara's record.
Everyone is aware that this man has virtually every batting record in cricket to his name.He must be bored of making records,you can see his name in the top three of almost all batting records.He is helding many worthy records than this.But yet he rejoiced for this one and went on to say that this one was the most important achievement of his life.

It is well-known that crossing runmarks is a mere routine for him, yet the criticism that he was subjected to after world cup '-07 debacle and stupid talks(the one which says he plays selfish game for records) were rubbished by this milestone which got him more elation and satisfaction.

you can sense the pain in that little man when he says those words"When stones are thrown at you, you make it into milestones".Hooooo!!!..Finally the child prodigy has turned into a philosopher..See the legend of the game in action.Check it out...

Lets see the next one...

Eventhough the next one in the list is tied with sachin's i would like to give a touch higher position for this speech.
This one shows how a truly remarkable player who is touted to be one of the all time greats in tennis, proves his mettle and gives a glimpse of his emotional part when his class was questioned.I dont think u still want me to reveal his name because u would have definetly guessed that im talking about SWISS MAETSRO Roger Federer.

Yes, the speech i am talking about is the one which he made after grabbing the French open at Roland garros which eluded him for really a long time(3 years in a row).He said after winning that, the title took the load off his chest.Like sachin, titles and records were mere routines for this man too...
But the way in which he was defeated by Nadal in French,Australian open and Wimbledon previous year(black days of his carrier) and the criticisms that he can not win a title in clay beckoned him to go full throttle this year to complete a carrier grandsalm.

It made him to say that he will play without any pressure after this and no one can say that he has not won Roland Garros.This shows how much this grand slam which is one of the 15 grandslam titles means to him.


Hope u like it...

Another thing is ,the records or their numbers never count... only their artistry and class counts.Both sachin and Roger were not famous for their number of records but for the above said two traits.

Even,couple of days back Roger pulled a victory out of the jaws of defeat from Roddick(Roddick should have had a nightmare), who deserved the title very much(Roddick totally dominated the match but for Roger's game,Roddick would have walked away with the title) but Andy was done by the temperament and persistence of Roger.

So the ability to put up a fight even when they were not at their best and their simplicity and modesty and humility has also played a part in bringing them all these laurels.
Sachin and Roger both have those above said attributes in-buit.


Hmmm..Hope u were not bored...

Now it is the time for the top-honours...The above said instances were those in which a individual proved himself or he was honoured for his contribution.But the next instance is something which a total nation proved that it also had/has world class technicians(there were many people but he was the first to be recognized) and this moment honoured a country and its billion people.

Well that golden moment is the Double-delight oscars for India through A.R.Rahman...As it is the case with Sach and Rogey this man from Chennai also exemplifies modesty,humility and simplicity which perhaps is the hallmark of achievers.He is really a man of few words who lets his music do the talking most of the times.

But im really pissed at his so called modesty...Man you are getting oscars from a country where no one has got,that too two oscars and you dont even celebrate(no pumping of fists in air,no jumps,no cheers, no shoutings, not even a big smile...how come a man can be that simple???..huh..)...but this is something which gave the top spot not only here but in the minds of people all over the world.But kindly,please take lesson from our Cuba gooding and Halle berry so that you can do someting when u receive the next oscar.

But on a serious note eventhough he spoke hardly for 2 minutes he captured all hearts especially with the phrase in tamil "எல்லா புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே" and the one from a bollywood movie "mera pass maa hai" which said it all.

This man came from a pretty ordinary background with dream in his eyes and fire in his belly.After short stints with the musicians of yester eras he built his own studio in his teens and started composing jingles.And after that it is well known that Manirathnam gave him a break in cine industry.

By that point of time he was earning in lakhs through jingles but Mani only offered few thousands as his remuneration but he did not cared money instead saw it as a big oppurtunity,accepted it and rocked the world with his music and the rest is history.

Not all credit goes to god Mr.Music..!!!!But some goes to u as well ....

please spare a minute for me and drop a comment...

Thanks for visiting!