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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar this is the name which has terrorized /has been terrorizing many “Ace” bowlers for a very long time even in their sleeps that they were left with no other option but to get smashed by his MIGHTY MRF bat. One will be left with no paper if they start writing about this great and no stones if they start depicting his achievements.It can be said simply if somebody asks what his achievement is?,
"He is still ruling the cricketing world at the age of 36 and continues to be a nightmare to many folks in world cricket"......

Tantalizing Tornado

Booker T.Washington says,

“Character, not the circumstances makes the person”

Sachin unlike other fellow cricketers, has the capability to deliver his best against the best without even strains of difficulty. He even makes “Herculean tasks” look easy through his inimitable technique.This “Tantalizing Tornado” can play a ball bowled at him in three different ways.He is not the one who buckles under pressure but the one who pressurizes the opponents. He continues to be a biggest threat when he is on the ground.He plays mind games not only with the bowlers but also with opposition captains that they find it very difficult to set field for him.
The leg spinning legend Shane Warne once said that,I bowled six different deliveries to him in an Over, to which most of the batsman will not have any reply but sachin played every ball clearly and finally looked at me as if like questioning me 'Do u have anything left that u can bowl at me?'
He always gives something to think about to the opponents and always keeps them guessing. He is merciless to the bowlers and “meets the fire with fire” that he never showed respect or what so ever to their reputation ,what he knows is to whack the ball when he is inside the ground.

Midas Touch

The classical English proverb says,

“Jack of all trade is master of none.”

But Sachin has falsified this proverb that he fortunately has a “Midas Touch” that whatever he tried and touched has turned out to be a biggest bonanza for him. Not only he has established and proved himself as a batsman but also as a bowler. He has best bowling figures of 5/32 and 5/40 against Pakistan and Australia respectively. He is also good in fielding and he continues to be a reliable and robust fielder who always gives his best. The “Little champion” has only spared wicket keeping as if he has a great heart to allow other people to earn name.He is inimitable in finding the gaps ,running between the wickets, making clever use of field sets and remembers the field set for him .


It is obvious and quite well known that

“Everybody’s life is filled with highs and lows .”

He also holds the record for hitting many nineties which could have been easily converted to centuries. In 2007 alone he missed 7 centuries that he got out in nineties which people termed “NERVOUS NINETIES.”Sachin also had that lean lap in his life, but the way he recovered was unbelievable.

“Whenever u are criticized don't get upset always remember
this no stones are thrown on a fruitless tree.”

Many stones were thrown at him, because he is a tree with fruit which is as good as “Elixir”. His pictures and effigies were burnt by some senseless,stupid, mindless and heartless creatures which are wallowing in earth in the name of humans, post world cup' 07.Many people who were expecting some opportunity to poke their nose,pounced on to this opportunity.They were yelling and crying that the Living Legend should retire from cricket. But the Mumbaikar made them to put their fingers on to their noses by giving a strong reply with his bat in the matches that followed.
Ravi Shastri gave those people an unquestionable reply,

Let the less mortals speak about the immortal because he Knows his things ,he shall retire only when he wants , not by any others pressure or stupid suggestions.

Considerate True Gentleman:

Sachin is the worst enemy to the opponents only when he is on the field.But Off the field he is more cordial and friendly.Remember that he has a good rapport with the likes of shane warne,Glen Mcgrath,Bret Lee, Brian Lara, Inzamam-Ul-Huq and many others. Even in today’s sledging and ill mouthed cricketing world he continues to be a gentleman cricketer.
If somebody stares at him or gives him a blow with the ball then the reaction from him will be obviously with the bat and the very next delivery will be whacked out of the boundary ropes.He doesn't even mind leaving a smile to the worst stare that he gets. He lets his bat to do the talking when he is on field. Shane warne and Sachin were so close that sachin visited him, when he was injured during Australian tour long back and he even gets leggie tips from Shane sometimes.

Legends on Legend:

Let us see what the greats of cricket has to say about this all
time great.This compilation only finds the most recently told
things during Australian series.

Ajit Wadekar former captian:
If any one has to be given Bharath Ratna, it is Sachin
Tendulkar since it is he who deserves the most.

Ravi Shastri after sachin's century in sydney under crucial
Sachin produced a vintage innings . A century by the
great man is now a matter of routine.

Danish Kaneria before the start of Indian tour by Pakistan:
He may be getting on in years but he remains a Master
Batsman and as for as i know he would be really gritting his
teeth to prove a point or two to us and to his critics.

M.S.Dhoni on sachin’s match winning knock in the series decider
against Pakistan in 2007:
Sachin was the difference between us and Pakistan today.
His knock was truly special . He has batted for a long time
now and knows what it takes to win at this stage. He also helps
others to bat in and around him.

Dhoni about sachin missing many centuries due to his dismissals
in the nineties:
We are all very sad for him. Most cricketers retire without scoring six centuries in their life and he just missed that many this year!!!!. He knows his way out and that was the secret of our success.

Above all The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said,
I would like to see some of the great players of modern era
-like sachin tendulkar-proposed for the honorary awards like knightship so that the British nation can salute their achievements.
He also added that knighthood should be given to the “Little
Master” which is going to be another feather to his cap.

Knowing ,understanding and admiring a True legend is a marvelous thing that happens in some body’s life, since legends are not sporadic.
It is even better and it is a blessing if we are allowed by the
Almighty to see the legends and Maestros at least once in our life.
But it is a great boon if one is blessed by the God not only to see a "Living legend", but also to live in the era in which he is living and to admire him,adore him and get inspired and motivated by him.
It doesn't even matter if we don't admire him,adore him but let
us not try to criticize him or comment him not only because that one needs some qualification to criticize someone like him but also,

“Mortals Should Not Talk About Immortals.”
(As i have mentioned in the about me section,this was my first article which i prepared for my communication lab...I just thought of sharing this with you people.Its little lenghty but hope u like it)


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