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Monday, September 21, 2009

This year a sort of drought hit Tamil cinema.Eventhough few breath-taking
movies like Nan Kadavul and yavarum nalam got released ,the first
8 months were a kinda frustration in which we saw total craps (almost
90% movies killed us) in the name of movies ...I was made to use words
like rubbish and the four letter word most often..
But that drought was brought to an end by a fiery-monsoon like   movie
Eeram (this drenched total kollywood making sure tat cine industry
got out of tat drought.)UPO was also amazing and i yelled out "awesome"
when i watched that movie.Coming back to Eeram i was totally
speechless when i was watching it in theatre...I cud not say anything 
out of total awe and the thrill factor...And when i came out of theatre i
just thought " WOW,WHAT A MOVIE"...I would say that the movie was an adrenaline pumping
affair(evil deads and grudges should beg before this).
Some film-makers spend crores n crores like water to make Hollywood like movies but the crew
of Eeram spent only water(with minimum budget) to make a movie which is even beyond Hollywood
level(i mean this is a kinda movie which is universal)..Anyone will like it provided they have a
good taste for good movies...The movie kicks off with the death of the lead lady Ramya (Sindhu
Menon)...The ACP,Vasudevan (Adhi of Mirugam fame) comes to the spot and to his frustration
he finds his Ex-lover(because she is now married )dead there with a letter written by her(which 
states that nobody is responsible for her death)...So his affection on take up the case even though
it looks like a suicide ...In the due course of investigation he comes across neighbors negative
opinion about Ramya..His hunch says tha some thing is wrong somewhere and there is a mystery 
in Ramya's death...

To prove his instinct right four other murders take place in the same block of that apartment...And
suddenly Vasu finds the peolple murdered were connected to Ramya in one or the other way and
to our amazement he also finds that murder weapon is H2o that is water... The way in which water
was used in those murder sequences was simply superb...Finally
how Aadhi unwraps the mystery of Ramya's death with the help
of Ramya forms the rest of the story..yeah you heard it right. ACP
Vasudevan solves the mystery with the help of dead Ramya(check
out how in theatre) and finds out the resason behind her death...
I should say some standout horror scenes made the film more
interesting...The murder scene of Mr.X(one of the character
movie) grips u with fear (It reminds final destination but this is  
not a copy or replica)and the scene in which Aadhi encounters dead Ramya thro' Ramya's sis  
(Saranya Mohan) is also thrilling.And some romantic scenes and the scene in which Aadhi talks
about his marrige with Ramya's father are good... The scene where Aadhi goes and meets
Nandh after knowing the truth gives a mass appeal... Having said this i must also say that
Nandha's friend character's city life theory sucks to the core.. Some formula scenes were also 
there in 2nd half...But the marvel of the movie makes u overlook those flaws.

The strong points which worked well were the cinematography,VFX,music and some really good
innovation...The cameraman really is the hero of the movie,without his contribution Eeram would
have been another boring thriller...VFX has worked in tandem with the camera making the movie
much more professional.Music by Thaman is outstanding.Off late I'm humming the tracks Tharai
irangiya and Mazhaiye mazhaye often...Background score is just threatening...And the innovative
ideas like using water in all scenes in relevance to the title and breaking the usual ghost image in 
tamil cinemas (i mean white saree,malliga poo and age old patho song nane varuven like stuffs were
not there.A big thanks for tat) has given an advantage to the movie...

Director of the movie is Arivazhagan(Neenga unmayilaye Arivali than
Mr.Arivu...Keep it up..Hats off..).. And definitely Shankar deserves
a big pat for producing this movie.If u note almost 75% of movies he
has produced were world class ( Kadhal,Veyil which was screened
in Cannes and this movie).Shankar it will be better if u leave direction
and take up production as full time job...
Talking about the cast,Aadhi has done a fabulous job..It doesn't seem
this is only his second film..He is a good prospect and if he plays his
cards right he ll make it big...Sindhu menon has lent a powerful
  performance..can'tbelieve the same girl who played a supporting role
in the Movie Youth has managed a comeback,that too with this kinda stunning performance..
(Mr.vijay unga kooda nadichavanga ellam nalla nadika arambchutanga..Hmmm..pathu pannunga...)
..Her innocence when she confesses her previous love to her husband is well portrayed..Nandha is
another plus for the movie...He played the pschopath to perfection...The oneliners he used were
catchy and gives new look to his character....Saranya Mohan has done her little part well..

Finally for guys like us the film has something to teach" if u pick up a figure she ll take ticket
for you in Bus"...(osi ticket guarantee :P)..And don't go with a friend who tries to flirt with his
lady love in bus....(Busla eruvanunga eranguvanunga ennamo comedylam pannuvanga like Aadhi 
in this film :p).When i went into the theatre it was raining...it was still raining when i came out of
theatre but this time i was little scared of seeing the rain...(thats what Eeram's effect is...)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hey people...I don't think that its a good idea to just only write about or share things that entertains you..but i want the time you spend to visit this blog a quality time...My part doesn't ends there in entertaining or in killing time...So I wanna share things which might help you or which might at least prove useful in taking you to a different world...Okey!!!.. let me come to the topic...In this post i'm sharing(I'm giving download links too for them...enjoy..) the best books i have read so far..

I am not a book worm...So i don't read a wide variety of books and i normally pick a book up by reviews and word of mouth from friends and through ratings and bestseller statistics...This might give you an idea that my exploration is limited which of course is true...Obviously i have picked up the Top five from a limited set which i have accustomed to...So in case i have missed any book please tolerate that and specify that in comments...I am naming the books in descending order of their quality and content...

The fifth book is a thriller from the "Master of the game" Sidney Sheldon....The name of the book is "Naked face"....Its a story about a psychoanalyst who gets trapped in a murder plot by some unknown people...The way the mystery is solved is quite fantastic...It deals with psychology , vengeance and the turmoils Mr.Jude(hero of the story) faces.. This is one of the (rather only one...coz i tried some of his other books and found that they were totally different and a kinda weird) best thriller from Sheldon..

The second book in this order is THE DA VINCI CODE...I should say more about the author rather than this book..Because Dan brown released this book amidst widespread threats since the content of the book is somewhat Anti-Christian...But he should be appreciated for making a fiction which is almost believable (the evidences and theories he has given in the book gives u an opinion that it was true)...And you can try Angels and demons too...If you are interested in fantasy just try Twilight saga too...The above three books are good for a casual read...

The third in this series is The Alchemist...One of the real Best-seller of 1990's from Paulo coelho...paulo coelho is a kinda of author who putforwards a eccentric theory before you and convinces you that its the right thing...His another specialty is, he touches your heart through his writings...He perfectly captures intricate feelings and emotions of human mind through words...The Alchemist exemplifies that...Try The warrior of light which also is paulo coelho's book and How to win of Shiv Kehra and Napoleon Hill's Famous book Think and grow Rich..(all the four are motivational books)...

The second book is The monk who sold his ferrari...This book is niether a fiction nor a fantasy...But its a fable( an allegorical narrative which makes a moral point)...Robin Sharma shares the timeless principles and methods to live a full filled and meaningful life...Each and every line absolutely makes sense and makes you believe that it is possible to change life and gives confidence to fulfill ones destiny..Its simple but truly powerful...

The book that makes to the top in this list is a Tamil book...The ultimate book according to me which has everything in it...I would say this is the best story i have heard.... Interesting, thrilling...Which has romance , valor, culture...The narration styles were fabulous too...The characters and their portrayals were simply spell binding...This book consists of six parts each 800 to 900 pages big...But despite that i have read this book completely more than 5 to 6 times...it doesn't bores you at all..Every time you read the book you end up getting a different sort of experience....Well as far as the story is concerned it deals with the great king Rajaraja cholas life...It developed a sort of respect for that king...In reality no one knows how Rajaraja was and what kinda of king he was but the author kalki K.Krishnamurthy has lent a image to him that Rajaraja leaves a lasting impression in the readers mind when the reader closes this book...

The world has seen many kings, of which some of them were good warriors and some were great fighters like Alexander,Napolean and some powerful kings like Ashoka but Rajaraja was the one who can be called as a complete king who gauged high in all aspects such as warfare, giving justice,governing the country with intelligence etc etc.....He had excellent War skills (captured from Indonesia to Ganges in 1000 B.C. where he had no canons or modern weapons..jus imagine) , diplomacy , love for arts and religion and above all compassion and a big heart...Jus read that book if possible u ll know what i mean...

Above are the some of the other best books i am planning to read ...if possible u too just give it a try...

Monday, September 07, 2009

September...Well it is not just another month of the year for me...Because lot of my friends celebrate their birthdays this month .My orkut birthday reminder is crammed with reminders .Atleast i have 15 friends celebrating their birthdays this month from sep 7 to sep 18 continuously...

But if you think that i'm gearing up for b'day treats and parties,you are damn wrong(treat ketta udane ushara abscond agiduvanunga )...I have a lot of funny experiences with this b'days usually that too in this September season.But i'm not gonna write about those things.Instead, this is all about a interesting personality who celebrates his b'day this month...Before proceeding i would like to wish all my friends a very happy and cheerful birthday...Keep rocking friends.

When i thought of writing about anyone of my friends, i came up with two names...One buddy was my school friend and another was my college friend..But finally i chose my college friend Mr.Fearless freak because of the entertainment factor and few other reasons..My school friend is Mr. Nice guy(scales high than me in all aspects such as nakkal,nayandi and lollu..Already he is threatening me that he will post my photo in his blog).So obviously i don't wanna run the risk of provoking him(indha kota thandi nanum varla neeyum vara koodathu,pechu pecha irukatum)...

I saw this guy(Mr.Fearless freak ) after a week i joined college..By then he was like Ambi who looked totally innocent (i thought... yar da indha pazham.)...As time went, gradually he lifted his standards..No wonder being with a guy like me :P and with my guidance anyone will get better ...But somewhere in the middle he showed tremendous change...I don't know what suddenly happened...And at that time he tried different things(such as puruvatha thooki pakrathu, nenja nimithitu rowdy madhiri nadaka try panradhu,egathalama pesaradhu etc.. etc..)...It was odd at that time but now i and my friends got accustomed to that(vera vazhi)...

However he is a good shishyan to me in all aspects ...But i must accept that when it comes to a particular thing he is my guru...Nothing new or special ,he has huge girls fan following(my another friend use to sing the song gangai karai thotam kanni pengal kootam to mock him..)..In college we guys would see him talking to a new girl where ever he goes ...And if we ask who was that he would say "Hey man!..tats my 1st year frnd or my bus frnd or IT frnd or my area frnd..."...But he is such a nice boy who knows his limits and he knows how to go about a relationship ...Actually this is something i should learn from him..

But he gets too emotional sometimes...For instance on his previous b'day when we were returning to home after college got over he was so sad and started singing the song oora therinjukiten ulagam purijukiten suddenly..we were thinking "what the heck has happened to this guy?"...After sometime he said the stupid reason for that which really shot up our nerves...(Actually in the name of treat he bought some 2 rupee cake and he cut it into two and distributed...Enna koduma sir ithu...Idha kekka yarume illaya :( )..We guys unanimously said "Dai ......, nee kudutha treatku nanga than da antha pata padanum...unaku feelings veraya...Tension agaraduku munnadi odidu"...

To say about this guy he is a very good boy and definitely a guy who you should have on your side....This is just not a simple statement...I can prove that to you through two reasons...One, he is also a typical Arian like me..A warm-hearted guy...He is totally unpredictable to others but not to me, i can see a bit of emotion than logic in his actions ...When it comes to helping friends no one can beat him...Actually many common traits and our similar pattern of thinking got us more closer than anything else...Buddy never regret for not getting recognition from others coz THE BEST NEVER NEEDS RECOGNITION....We are the best rather YOU ARE THE BEST....Moreover it requires something extra to understand you(you are more or less like DSP paper macha... difficult to understand but content rich...:P)

And secondly he is from Avadi...I have seen many guys from Avadi right from 1st year of my college...During my 1st year i came across two guys one from Avadi and another from Ambathur...Both are such crazy and funny guys...But really good and sincere friends...I enjoyed a lot being with them...(Enna pannalum oru type ah, comedya dhan pannuvanga).After those guys ,I saw both those traits in each and everyone from Avadi that i encountered..I don't know whether its a illusion or truth..That has became a sort of hallmark of Avadi guys as far as i am concerned..(oru vela mann rasiya irukumo)...So he is one Avadi guy who commanded his fair share of respect and friendship from me...

In fact i wrote a testimonial to this guy last year on his b'day as two parts...You know what he did?..He accepted only 1st part of that which he liked and discarded the second which had some teasing truths...But i don't know what he ll do now?... (Thambi... idha delete pannu pappom...he he he...)

Lemme clarify you something buddy(i mean to the hero of this post)....This post is just for fun...Don't take it otherwise...Moreover i took utmost care to maintain data abstraction and encapsulation...(CS Engg padicha effect don mistake people.. )...Nan unaku sila nalladhu paniruken , nee enaku pala periya,periya nalladhu paniruka...But this is something different... Everything is for fun...Not only this mams i mean everything...keep it that way...

Thats it...Whats more... Best of luck for whatever you embark..Don't spend the time daydreaming...Edhu edhu eppo eppo nadakunamo adhu adhu appo appo nadakum...(punch ok va :P)...I should see you in IIM next year...(hope u ll introduce your friends atleast this time to me after joining IIM ... :P)...

Finally I'm not gonna wish you happy b'day..Because only an ordinary freind wants you to be happy on your b'day but a best buddy like me would like you to be happy each and everyday...

Hope you will make it a point to rock hard soon...Nothing is damn impossible for you... So jus GO FOR THE KILL!!!

(I have only taken and narrated the interesting facts about him...From the above you can never conclude him...If i start saying about his good nature i think it will be hard for me to stop...Evlo poi solla vendi iruku.. ;))

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

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