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Monday, September 21, 2009

This year a sort of drought hit Tamil cinema.Eventhough few breath-taking
movies like Nan Kadavul and yavarum nalam got released ,the first
8 months were a kinda frustration in which we saw total craps (almost
90% movies killed us) in the name of movies ...I was made to use words
like rubbish and the four letter word most often..
But that drought was brought to an end by a fiery-monsoon like   movie
Eeram (this drenched total kollywood making sure tat cine industry
got out of tat drought.)UPO was also amazing and i yelled out "awesome"
when i watched that movie.Coming back to Eeram i was totally
speechless when i was watching it in theatre...I cud not say anything 
out of total awe and the thrill factor...And when i came out of theatre i
just thought " WOW,WHAT A MOVIE"...I would say that the movie was an adrenaline pumping
affair(evil deads and grudges should beg before this).
Some film-makers spend crores n crores like water to make Hollywood like movies but the crew
of Eeram spent only water(with minimum budget) to make a movie which is even beyond Hollywood
level(i mean this is a kinda movie which is universal)..Anyone will like it provided they have a
good taste for good movies...The movie kicks off with the death of the lead lady Ramya (Sindhu
Menon)...The ACP,Vasudevan (Adhi of Mirugam fame) comes to the spot and to his frustration
he finds his Ex-lover(because she is now married )dead there with a letter written by her(which 
states that nobody is responsible for her death)...So his affection on take up the case even though
it looks like a suicide ...In the due course of investigation he comes across neighbors negative
opinion about Ramya..His hunch says tha some thing is wrong somewhere and there is a mystery 
in Ramya's death...

To prove his instinct right four other murders take place in the same block of that apartment...And
suddenly Vasu finds the peolple murdered were connected to Ramya in one or the other way and
to our amazement he also finds that murder weapon is H2o that is water... The way in which water
was used in those murder sequences was simply superb...Finally
how Aadhi unwraps the mystery of Ramya's death with the help
of Ramya forms the rest of the story..yeah you heard it right. ACP
Vasudevan solves the mystery with the help of dead Ramya(check
out how in theatre) and finds out the resason behind her death...
I should say some standout horror scenes made the film more
interesting...The murder scene of Mr.X(one of the character
movie) grips u with fear (It reminds final destination but this is  
not a copy or replica)and the scene in which Aadhi encounters dead Ramya thro' Ramya's sis  
(Saranya Mohan) is also thrilling.And some romantic scenes and the scene in which Aadhi talks
about his marrige with Ramya's father are good... The scene where Aadhi goes and meets
Nandh after knowing the truth gives a mass appeal... Having said this i must also say that
Nandha's friend character's city life theory sucks to the core.. Some formula scenes were also 
there in 2nd half...But the marvel of the movie makes u overlook those flaws.

The strong points which worked well were the cinematography,VFX,music and some really good
innovation...The cameraman really is the hero of the movie,without his contribution Eeram would
have been another boring thriller...VFX has worked in tandem with the camera making the movie
much more professional.Music by Thaman is outstanding.Off late I'm humming the tracks Tharai
irangiya and Mazhaiye mazhaye often...Background score is just threatening...And the innovative
ideas like using water in all scenes in relevance to the title and breaking the usual ghost image in 
tamil cinemas (i mean white saree,malliga poo and age old patho song nane varuven like stuffs were
not there.A big thanks for tat) has given an advantage to the movie...

Director of the movie is Arivazhagan(Neenga unmayilaye Arivali than
Mr.Arivu...Keep it up..Hats off..).. And definitely Shankar deserves
a big pat for producing this movie.If u note almost 75% of movies he
has produced were world class ( Kadhal,Veyil which was screened
in Cannes and this movie).Shankar it will be better if u leave direction
and take up production as full time job...
Talking about the cast,Aadhi has done a fabulous job..It doesn't seem
this is only his second film..He is a good prospect and if he plays his
cards right he ll make it big...Sindhu menon has lent a powerful
  performance..can'tbelieve the same girl who played a supporting role
in the Movie Youth has managed a comeback,that too with this kinda stunning performance..
(Mr.vijay unga kooda nadichavanga ellam nalla nadika arambchutanga..Hmmm..pathu pannunga...)
..Her innocence when she confesses her previous love to her husband is well portrayed..Nandha is
another plus for the movie...He played the pschopath to perfection...The oneliners he used were
catchy and gives new look to his character....Saranya Mohan has done her little part well..

Finally for guys like us the film has something to teach" if u pick up a figure she ll take ticket
for you in Bus"...(osi ticket guarantee :P)..And don't go with a friend who tries to flirt with his
lady love in bus....(Busla eruvanunga eranguvanunga ennamo comedylam pannuvanga like Aadhi 
in this film :p).When i went into the theatre it was raining...it was still raining when i came out of
theatre but this time i was little scared of seeing the rain...(thats what Eeram's effect is...)


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