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Friday, October 30, 2009

Life is a hide and seek game in which whatever you pursue will elude you and the moment you stop pursuing it out of frustration it comes to you.Whether or not you accept it and how you end this game matters.

The divine power simply denies you whatever you like and takes whatever you love and gives you the thing which you don't like.Well i was subjected to this many times.This is quite a normal thing in my daily life but after it is over i would sit and laugh about the irony.(in most people life).Lemme narrate those funny paradoxes that happened with me.

Well it all started like this.I started playing cricket when i was in 6th grade and in one point of time i decided to be a cricketer in life.And when i reached 10th that love became an obsession.Cricket was in my mind,in my blood,it ran through my veins.

And after finishing 10th grade i joined another school.Exactly from that moment, the paradox which i have said earlier started to crop up. Guess what???.I never played cricket after joining that school.(Aaramabme amakalama irundhuchu)..

The exact adage that i have quoted above became a reality in my life from that moment onwards.And the best part is it never stoped after that.

During school days i was good in history and geography.I had fingertip facts and events in history .But i was resorted to take maths as my main subject( which was not so easy for me) in higher secondary. Another notable irony here is that i scored first mark in maths..doesn't it sound funny.

And in secondary grades i started liking biology and Tamil.I put extra effort in both those subjects.Again the irony emerged in my life.I took engineering which is in no way related to both those subjects.My freinds and well wishers advised me not to take up engineering at any cost.I also made up my mind not to take engineering.But i finally ended up in engineering.Enna koduma sir ithu.After finishing 12th i wanted to join any college in chennai so that i can play for any sports club and try my luck in cricket.A big blow came to that desire also.I could not get a seat in chennai.

After joining college i expected college life to be a breezy excursion...(that was the time when many college stories like ullam ketkume released). but it proved totally opposite.I joined a college which was nearly military school or a central jail.For first two years i never bunked college.i had to wear uniform.Assignments,daily tests and lessons made me to go mad.

Coz of this i changed my college and now this time i expected a good college where i can hone my skills so that i can get placed in campus interview.And life turned head over heels here.unlike the previous college here i don't remember a single day where i stayed until the evening.We gave blank papers in case of cyclic tests.i never knew what lesson the lecturer was taking when in class(i mean eppovachum class nadantha)..

Life turns topsy turvy in a flash.And sometimes you find yourself doing things which you never did before.Infact you will do totally the opposite things.For instance there were times in which i feared of loosing people and i hated lonliness.But now i feel the other way.I feel at ease when i am alone.And a sort of "I am on my own" attitude prevails in me.

So your biggest strength today is your biggest weakness tomorrow.The thing which u love today will be the thing which you will hate tomorrow to the core.

My friends say that my soft nature and silent attire is my strength but i have come across many situations which proved that it was also my minus.So my silent attire has its own pros and cons..this applies to everything...For example,Once upon a time the first thing i would do after opening mozilla would be to open orkut.I was that crazy about orkuting.But these days thats the last thing i do in my browsing session.Before I enjoy sitting in home and chilling out doing nothing but these days each minute i spend in home doing nothing feels like hell.Sometime back life was like a carnival where i would be totally busy.i will be surrounded by guys ranging form school friends and my college friends.All day chats with friends was a routine and texts will be flooded to my mobile by my friends.But these days everything changed i feel all alone,i hardly logs on to chat which is no more ineresting and i don't text much like before.

Today i find blogging enthralling but who knows tomorrow i may not.Nobody can guess what will happen??...So this is what life is...Nothing is permanent.No definite things and no fixed theories.Anything can happen at anytime...But it feels bad when life is in opposite extremes.Its very difficult to strike a balance.Someone said that 

knowing whatever you learnt yesterday was wrong today is called learning.

That absolutely is the essence of what I am sayin....

From all this i concluded not to have any expectation in life.And i learnt that things i hate come to me quickly.So these days i started hating divas like katrina kaif and shruthi hassan(he he he...mela sonna proverb ippo work agudhanu papom)
At last all those things i have stated above may look like a patho story.If you think like that I'm sorry you got it wrong.Even though i did not enjoy those things ,i think i managed to take them in my stride if not i have dealt with them quite fantastically.I should say that my intuition helped me in dealing those critical times (i took many bold and awkward decisions and took many risks) during those times and until now i don't regret for whatever decision i have made in life(by luck or by chance i would make right decision).yes life has been a biggest battlefield for me with pains and wounds.but i know there are no gains without pains and i accept those pains completely.But the almighty made sure that I always have a last laugh...Final victory was/would be mine.Touchwood...And these adversities give u strength and experience which will prove invaluable in later part of your life.
Whenever i was tested and im robbed of things which i like i use to think that the god tests my determination and consistency. Whenever such situations come i say to myself that victory is mine thats why i am facing this much difficulty and with that motivation i accomplish things.
They say that
God won't give you whatever you desire but he will give you whatever you deserve.That's the whole point.

Finally the loneliness I stated helped me to think a lot which again was a double edged knife. Those lonely moments enabled me to think and blog like this(he he he)...But they say too much of anything is good for nothing.Yes thats true.sometimes i try to be at peace without any thoughts which has never happened due to this analytical and thoughtful mindset.

So like spiderman i can say about my rationality as follows "THIS IS MY CURSE,THIS IS MY BLESSING,WHO AM I???...I AM SPIDERMAN"..well that spiderman had mary but this ordinary man doesn't!!!!...thats the only difference. :P

Friday, October 23, 2009

I read about two upcoming movies which ultimately provided the scoop for this post...So lemme start by saying big thanks to the producers of those two and also producers of movies of these sort(i mean remakes)...I dedicate this to all film-makers who narrowly escaped from 1 metre rope and poison bottle even after doing remakes...I also wish producers of these 2 movies(Kanden Kadhalai and yet to be titled telugu Happy days remake) Best of luck to escape the above threat...

I know very well that it is totally unfair to criticize a movie which is yet to be released...No one can decide or predict a movie's success... Despite that, I was resorted to write this since i liked the original versions of these movies frame to frame... I don't believe the remake can match(they may be good but can never match the original) the original versions no matter how hard they try?...well, I will clarify these lines as i proceed?... Lemme put forth my theory...

To be frank, both those movies do not have a smart or mind-blowing story but what made them an up roaring hit was a kind of magic i can say..A magic as a result of confluence of right kind of people who were given right kinda job...For example take Jab we met, that was a normal story but the lead pair,director and composer have made it a plum entertainer...Especially a considerable part of the credit goes to kareena kapoor..that character was tailor made for her... nutty,freaky and sometimes philosophical...(in short tat role required a ara loosu,and obviously kareena was perfect for that :P)...

Her performance stood out in some scenes like in a scene where she asks shahid to elope with her sister and the deal she makes with shahid (like vadivel ..Andha deal enaku pudichirundhudhu) ,the small portion in the hotel and few others i could say....Just imagine Thamanna in this character... Must be a biggest Disaster...(endha dhairyathula indha characterku book paningalo)...In trailers also i saw her trying to imitate kareena which is quite artificial...On the other side if you take shahid, he played his part as an Angry young man well...I don't know how much Bharath can do....I heard muzic of this movie that too was good but not great..

And coming to Happy days i don't know how they decided to remake that..In telugu the comical supporting characters and the college backdrop of the film rescued that movie from a collapse.. Especially the two characters one who stalks his senior girl(the canteen scene was good..superapu.) and the one who flirts with his lecturer really helped the movie to move forward...(hero and heroine were like dummy piece..) romantic scenes were a big yawning...tamil remake of this..Hmmm...may this Rest in peace...

These kinda remakes simply reflects the scarcity of creativity...Either the directors or story writers go for remakes or they simply steal stories and scenes from hollywood ...And now we are witnessing the collapse of big budget films(like kandhasami) which don't have any real story(those tricks of punch dialogues and action tricks wont work) and clean sweep of box office by small budget movies with good and original storyline...Example eeram and Peranmai..inimelum makkala ematha mudiyathu..

I heard that the movie peraanmai is great...The director of the movie S.P.Jananathan is known for off beat movies with social message..he has proved it once again So makers of this sort are the need of the hour...Please don't kill with remakes especially one actor is waiting for mahesh babu to make a film so that he can remake in tamil. (anna podhungna ..unga imsaiya inimelum thanga mudiyadungna)...

Note:Finally directors if u don't have a good story u can always approach me..(unga padangala pakum podhu enaku oru confidence kedaikdhu...neengala panumbodhu naa panna matena... :P)..But on a serious note,i had a storyline in my mind but unfortunately that same story is filmed by some director it seems...When i read about that in a magazine...i felt bad...But don't worry i have lot of stories...( Steven Speilbergs,mani rathnams be careful :P

Saturday, October 03, 2009

This post is dedicated to all who got job just now and who are looking for a job...If u are an Infy or Wipro placed guy I'm sorry this is not the place for you...Click on someother post and proceed with that..Coz this is gonna talk about the turmoils of us...(Tamizhla sollanumna... Oru Ilaya Thalaimuraiyin kumuralgal nu oru cover story eh ezhudhalam)...This will give you a clear picture about the peculiar things happening with us...

Before a couple of years whenever a fresher got a job the first 3 or 4 months will be the honeymoon of his career i.e training..(nalla opi adikalam...jollya suthalam)..But the tables are turned now..the first 3 or 4 months are like 60-th marrige anniversary for freshers...(where you feel like hell...rendered totally helpless)..

In this present circumstances if you go out and say "I'm an Al-Qaeda terrorist"...Nobody will bother(of course they will try to give you public apology even if u kill people)...But if u go out and say I'm a 2009 passed out IT engineer...Even street dog will turn and bark at you...So u gotta have the courage to say that...Those days are gone where u say with little pride and arrogance that you are a Software engineer...(ellam parunga nanum It enggr nanum It enggr nu sonna kalamla poiduchu)..I remember a text i received...It goes like this

Before 3 or 4 years in Software engineers home...
Son:Mummy!!! who is this uncle whom I'm seeing only in saturdays and sundays ???
Mother: Son,thats your dad..He is so busy that u can't see him in weekdays..

Software Engineers home in 2009
Son:Mummy!!! who is this uncle who always fights with me for T.V remote???
Mom:Son...thats your dad...He is a software engineer..And obviously he is jobless as he is a software engineer..

Epdi riundha namma ipdi agitom...

And even if we get a job after doing all the good work ..This is how things go...We have to dance to the employers tunes..We have to forget our family and friends (modern day saints who are expected to relinquish the family bonds)...We should be at their disposal all day and night...In short we have to be like a Bonded labour(i mean Kothadimai)... We should accept whatever they throw at us...In short its a utter exploitation by these blood sucking vampires...engala patha epdi da iruku ungaluku...Rascal overa than poringa....

I could have gone overboard and exaggerated a little bit but this is what it is happening today and if the new hires(well im not one,im yet to be employed) are like as i said above the organizations will be happy...The above said are atleast true to a minimal extent in all cases...(Eventhough im not undergoin all this i can feel what it is b'coz im putting myself in my friends shoes...Difficulty of our friends is our difficulty, right?)

These days you have to work thrice as hard and spend more time to earn money..Once upon a time people made money and sometime back it was earned...Now we are toiling for money...Eventhough it is not all about money, yet we have to earn it... At least simply for the fact that we have to get the investment (in the name of fees ) back(today education is simply a business..so investment and dividends are perfect words i think)..And this is used well by some concerns...

And in case of female employees they can not say  those stories about safety and all these days...organizations are following No-Gender bias in this aspect... Whatever...If it is work you have to stay back and finish which is really a pathetic approach to certain level...

Well we have some more peculiar things going which is our (me and guys of my sort) lifestyle....it goes in the following way,,..
We go to work when everyone is in home.And we will be back when all are gone...We will have our dinner when others take breakfast...We say good night when it is morning for others...(I'm not complaining here...I enjoy this lifestyle to certain level...its cool)...(this is about all those who go for night shifts which is rare...)

The best part is we encounter the dogs which sometimes bark at us intensely and sometimes we are chased by them...my frns had this chasing experience...And we really feel sorry for disturbing them..(Doggies we offer sincere apologies :P)..Ghosts are friends to us since we also wander in midnight...But if ghosts try to threaten us we have Ghost Riders to counter them...( i mean there are some girls who come to work with heavy make-up..by seeing them ghosts will run away... konjam powdera koraingama..)We have to get into home by jumping over the gates..(sondha veetuke thirudan madhiri poga vendi iruku...EKSI)...

We have to speak tongue twisting language which makes the near by person look at us with a question" what the hell is wrong with this guy???"...Sometime back i and my frns teased a girl for the way she spoke English and now we rather im, punished for that it seems...(this is called screwing up urself...Namma vacha aapula nammale ukkaradhu..but idhukellam namma asaruvoma enna...)

What i request some companies is only one thing... we don't expect a job with all privileges but atleast we require the basic courtesy a human requires...Just don't try to exploit us since its your best oppurtunity...Come outta that Make hay while the sunshines attitude....

(I started some thing and it ended up some where else...Anyways jus go through and comment for me folks...the above only is the experience of my friends and me...just know this as an information...for the sake of how things are going...And this need not be true in all cases...)

Thanks for visiting!