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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I tried a different post couple of weeks before.I must say that i got a good response for that..Thank you for that friends.But i fear it was not received exactly how i wanted it to be received.My friends came and asked me whats wrong with me,why i got so emotional.I already guessed there is a chance for that to be interpreted like that.

But lemme clarify it now.Basically i'm a touch philosophical(but not so emotional) guy and i'm a kinda guy who has "take the road less travelled" principle.Hence thought of coming up with a post with such ingredients.I think explaining those stuffs in my perpective has made it a touch sentimental(nambunga da enaku sentimentlam varadhu)..But i cant help it dudes.im not that much of a great writer to write about others life or fictional stories..I am good in expressing my feelings hence i reckon this is the way it is...And i will try to make it a point to come up with better posts.
  Okey lemme talk about this weeks post...This is all about another funny and eccentric thought that came to my mind.Personally i came across many guys who i felt were really good in whatever they do.But they are not always rated successful.I asked my self why is it so???...And i wanted to know what success is all about and the answer is this post...

Let me give you a good example.Look at the ICC ratings.They say M S Dhoni is the n0.1 batsman.But is he really THE BEST batsman in the present crop when there are guys like Sachin Tendulkar around?...Well definetly it is not so...It is only that he maps to those parameters which requires to be n0.1(the batting avg's,strike rates,not outs)..But the reality is there are so many other successful batsmen as well...He is not only THE BEST,there so many other players as well...what i'm saying is All those who are successful may not be n0.1 and all those who are no.1 may not necessarily be the most successful. Success means different things to different people..
To some it means money,to some it is fame and to some it is getting a good job..It depends on individual way of thinking.But the important thing is we should not measure others success with our parameters.Life is not a horse race to term people no.1 and no.2 and so on..

But success may be defined in 3 parts...Acheiving whatever you want in life and making others around you happy and contributing to the society in some way...If someone passes all these stages they might be termed as successful..this is the kinda of success which will bring happiness and satisfaction in life...All the others are just illusion...Having crores of money or authority and power doesn't mean success...In a nutshell I can say

success is not the height you reach but the distance you cover..

For instance take the Indian olympic medalists of previous olympics... Abhinav bindhra got gold and Jitender,vijender got bronze...You might say Abhinav is the most successful..But i would say Vijender is also as equally successful as Abhinav is...(With all respect i don't mean any offence to Abhinav's feat)..Why i say this, is because we know Abhinav is a multi-Billionare's son..He had his own private practice court in his home...But Jitender being a son of auto-rickshaw man had no such privileges..He had to sweat it out really hard tolerating all those testing times to reach this level..From what i have said you would have definetly understood that Jitender has covered a lot more distance than Abhinav...

                             Likewise we all know Munaf Patel...He is from a remote Gujarati village where his father and mother are Daily labours..I would say his success is as great as Sachin tendulkar's success...Coz sachin is from a place where cricket is just a part of daily life whereas Munaf is from a place where people not even know what cricket is...Till now his parents have not seen his son playing cricket and they don't even have TV in their village..So he must have undergone lot of hardships and he should have put in lot of efforts to reach this level.Those efforts are as equally fabulous as sachin tendulkar's efforts...

So being successful is not being no.1..But to excel in whatever you do with whatever resources you have...Don't get yourself trapped in the number game...It is all about reaching your destiny ,living happily and contributing towards the betterment of the society and to others happiness...

                            And i would also like to say another important thing...Some people get intimated when they see others doing things well and they don't have chance to do anything..Actually the fact is if you are not successful now it doesn't mean you won't be successful at all...It doesn't mean you can't better someone who is now successful...(well i don't think you want Abraham Lincoln's life history here again :P)...It actually doesn't workout that way..Alright lemme give you another example...
                               At the end of 10 overs Sehwag might have scored more runs than sachin..but it doesn't mean sehwag always scores more runs in a match than sachin...Sachin's fireworks starts after 10th over only...So the thing is you should not look the scores after 10 overs...It is important how much one scores at the end of 50 overs...Likewise don't regret for how and what you are now..Just try to take things to your advantage and hang on...JUST HANG ON...Our time will come and by that time we can scores boundaries and sixes...Of course it requires more skill to hit 4's and 6's in slog overs(adhan geth) than to tear apart the bowlers in power play...

                                And they say All that begins well ends well ..But i feel that it is not so...If you believe in yourself and if you have the required stuff you would win no matter in which situation you are in,no matter you began well or not...Life is just like cricket you can even win in the last ball by hitting six.So never loose hope..All those great successes will not come in a single day.Obviously it will take a lot of time to build a pyramid than to build a normal structure..But the pyramid stands tall even after centuries..So if your success is delayed it means a big success story is architected for you...So what i say is

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