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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Resolutions are integral part of the new year...I am no exception...I also took resolution during the year beginnings.But whether i followed them or not is a different thing...Last year i had  really an exceptional  one.I came up with that simply to flaunt and joke around in the friends circle.Even though it was for fun,the resolution was well thought out and it was the need of the hour.No more surprises ,i resolved  to do whatever i want without compromising for anything (basically i put others interest over my interests..I'm that much good.. :D)  and to give priority to myself  which i never managed to do.Actually as usual i was discussing about this with my friend which ultimately provided the spark to this post.

To maintain the excitement lemme give the exact conversation we had.We were discussing about the new year and as usual i asked his suggestions about my new year resolution.He knows very well that  resolutions are not  meant for guys like us.If a person finds there is something to change about him he can form a resolution and there is a point in that.But when we think about ourselves we find hundreds of things to change.And we would face a dilemma to choose which one to change in those hundred things.But he insisted me to take  one particular thing  as a new year resolution.

Guess what???.He wanted me to stop blogging and writing this kinda posts... :P..He asked me why I should write like this and  torture him(look people...I'm putting all my effort...that too in my so so suffocating schedule ,but these craps are discouraging me :x)..After that i explained him that i don't really have someone who can listen to me and my problems.of course there are friends but they themselves have a dilly of problems.If that is the case then how the hell can i burden them with my problems.So i made him to understand that blogging is my way of sharing things with the world or  a sort of a record or diary or whatever you call  if no one reads this blog(but luckily this blog is famous..I have many international audience..He he he..)

Surprisingly after hearing that he said with a serious face that its time for me to  get a girl friend...(bull shit!!!...Sema comedyana vishayatha serious face vachutu solran  :x)..I clearly explained him that i don't have any problem but i have few conditions..Lemme say what those conditions are all about later..

In the meantime i should not forget about the main content that is my 2009 resolution..Well to say about 2009,it was a very eventful year for me.They say that life is a mixture of  happiness, frustration, surprises, regrets, hope,fear, humiliation,pride,celebration, loneliness and grief.In that regard i lived my life this year.Because i experienced each and everyone of those things.The year began on a good note.Final days of college so obviously had a good time.

But then came the testing time.Had a tough time between June and September.Almost everything and everyone(right from friends to people in home to absolute strangers) screwed me up for no reason or i felt i was on a receiving side.Recently i came across a word while reading a novel.Its a word that signifies a particular mindset called ANOMIE.When you don't have any purpose in life and nothing good to hope about ,you face this.Perhaps i was going through that.

But thank god again, i got a  job,which saved me from a virtual collapse. The October and November were normal and when i was  about to end this year again I'm in a situation to seriously think about the future..Einstein said that there are two ways of living life.But now i found there are two kinds of life.One in which you control your life and in the other the life controls you.Needless to say after all these  brooding that i fall under the second category...I don't know how far i can cope up with this surprises and thrills the life is gonna throw at me.But i believe i have the almighty in my side.. (yov, kalavari vitradha..Be careful...)

Well forget about that!!!.. coming back to my friends suggestion about the coming year's resolution,i said to my friend that  i can't recharge my mobile with night talk boosters and talk with someone stealthily at midnight 2'0 clock(well thats not midnight  for me.hmmm..thats another sad story)..In addition to that girls these days speak with husky voice when they speak in midnight. If you ask why ,they ll say that " if my parents come to know about this they ll kill me".(pinna vera enna panuvanga...200 rs top up ah panuvanga)..By the way in no way i experienced all this..All these happened with my friends..And in no way i can lie like you are beautiful and you are like angel.He he he...My friend knows very well that i'm not a guy who ll do that.

By saying all these above said things i shut up his mouth...How come will he open his mouth after hearing all this????..But deep inside, my mind is asking why shouldn't i get girl friend???  ;)...He he he...Jus kidding... :P...
 At last i'm in a serious analysis about the things that can be changed in my life.Hoping that things will get better next year...With the same everlasting  hope Wishing you a happy new year folks...Let the new year bring you all success... :)..Lemme give you a small suggestion don't  seek advice for your resolution,else things will get messed up like above... take one on your own..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You could have seen many exceptional individuals in Indian history who dedicated their life to various noble reasons.Some for the betterment of country and the people,some for independence, some for defending their ideologies and beliefs,some against social injustice,some for equality of women and caste system .But I know someone that is rare who has dedicated his entire life for almost all the above said causes and lived as the one who cared more for the country than his own family.He is none other than our own Mahakavi(Great Poet) Bharathi who charmed the people through his fearless poems and hard-hitting deeds against the British for the cause of freedom.  .

I'm writing this on his birthday to honor the rebel poet.He said We should look for ways to take Tamil to the international arena.For such a visionary  I decided to write a post fittingly in English to introduce this Colossal Tamilian to the  rest of the world outside Tamil Nadu.

Bharathi right form his childhood naturally had that love for Tamil and his love for poetry sprouted when he went to Kashi in his teens.There he gained wisdom and became a learned scholar.He was attracted to the English poet Shelly who wrote largely about nature. Bharathi changed even his name to Shellydasan after reading him and exemplified the fact that one can love and have equal expertise in other languages as well.Of course this paved the way for some wonderful songs on nature and his other songs such as "kakkai siraginile nandhalala" and his famous line as below that emphasizes how much he valued nature.

"காக்கை குருவி எங்கள் ஜாதி
நீள்கடலும் மலையும் எங்கள் கூட்டம்"

He learnt many languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kutchi, French and English.Being a scholar of many languages he said'Of all the languages I know, I have not heard a sweeter language than Tamil'

யாமறிந்த மொழிகளிலே தமிழ்மொழிபோல்
இனிதாவ தெங்குங் காணோம்

He urged people take pride in being a tamilian and asked them to create works that take tamil to the international stage.Also he urged people to translate great works of other languages to Tamil.So he was not just another narrow minded linguist who abused other languages rather a visionary who was completely open to embrace everything and everyone with open arms.

பிறநாட்டு நல்லறிஞர் சாத்திரங்கள்
தமிழ் மொழியிற் பெயர்த்தல் வேண்டும்
இறவாத புகழுடைய புதுநூல்கள்
தமிழ்மொழியில் இயற்றல்வேண்டும்
மறைவாக நமக்குள்ளே பழங்கதைகள்
சொல்லுவதிலோர் மகிமை யில்லை
திறமான புலமையெனில் வெளிநாட்டோர்
அதை வணக்கஞ் செய்தல் வேண்டும்.

One of the finest trait of classic is that it lives through ages and the it is found relevant in all eras.For example what strikes in the above is the relevancy of the lines to the present days where the "Tamil sentiment"(தமிழ் உணர்வு) is kindled and used right from movies to politics for meaner purposes.Playing with that sentiment has become a pass time pathetically and I can not marvel how the lines fit the present situation.

மறைவாக நமக்குள்ளே பழங்கதைகள்
சொல்லுவதிலோர் மகிமை யில்லை

He came up with many great works which included poems,epic books and articles through Indhiya and Sudhesamithran journals which aroused nationalism even in common man.
அச்சமில்லை அச்சமில்லை அச்சமென்பதில்லையே உச்சிமீது வானிடிந்து வீழு கின்ற போதினும்(No fear even if sky falls on our head) can testify that.

His writings shook the very foundation of British empire and they arrested him.His publishing were banned.Bharathi escaped to pondicherry.He continued his writing career and wrote many vigorous poems which directly attacked British and those who supported British.The following lines gave motivation to the people when they were subjected to brutal punishments.His words aroused the sleeping conscience of the Indian people and he brought the forgotten pride and royalty of Indians through his poems and articles.

He played vital role in the fight against untouchability and equality of woman.He is an ardent worshiper of Shakthi and he had deep religious roots.But he knew what is religion and what is stupidity.Being a Brahmin he never followed blind customs.Instead he rebelled against his own people by being friendly with so called untouchables when he was young.

And his contribution to equality of woman started after he met Vivekananda's disciple Sister Niveditha. His view of modern women as Pudhumai pen and his songs regarding the same were very popular and it made many people to think.He dreamed of modern women with enormous wisdom and courage.And he hated the practice of treating women as slaves.

Bharathi was emotional,impulsive and straight forward which did not go well with the folks of his generation and fellow beings but it helped him to be a free thinker. Personally I think Puratchi Kavi (Rebel Poet) is the picture perfect description of him than any other titles. If there is someone who enjoyed being an outcast and did not give a damn about recognition then it should be this great man.At the same time he had immense respect towards all who fought for country.He wrote many poems on 
Gandhi, Gokhale, Thilak, Lala and many others whenever they did some impressive things for the country.

I heard this incident which can sum up his entire approach and what a personality he is.

Once Gandhi came to Chennai,Bharathi went to see him and asked whether he can preside over a function the following day in Triplicane near the Marina beach.This was the time when Bharathi was not so popular.Gandhi checked his schedule and said it's full for two days but he said he can come if Bharathi can postpone the function to two days.Bharathi in reply,without any second thoughts said,"Sorry Mr.Gandhi I can wait for you but people should not.The meeting will go on regardless of your arrival", remember this was the time when Gandhi was the face of the Freedom movement and was almost a singular face of the freedom movement.He went away after saying this.Gandhi asked who he was to the people who were in the hall.They said it was Bharathi and he was a weirdo.Gandhi never forgot that name in his lifetime.After that incident he made it a point to see Bharathi whenever he came to Madras.

If you read Bharathi's poem you can feel the emotions,vigor behind it.In his patriotic poems you can see a bit of anger and he never backs off to call a spade,a spade.The honesty behind his poems are unmatched.The below one can boast that Brutal honesty.

நெஞ்சில் உரமுமின்றி
நேர்மைத் திறமுமின்றி
வஞ்சனை சொல்வாரடி - கிளியே
வாய்ச்சொல்லில் வீரரடி

கண்க ளிரண்டிருந்தும்
காணுந் திறமையற்ற
பெண்களின் கூட்டமடீ - கிளியே
பேசிப் பயனென்னடீ

அச்சமும் பேடிமையும்
அடிமைச் சிறுமதியும்
உச்சத்திற்க் கொண்டாரடி - கிளியே
ஊமைச் சனங்களடீ

மானம் சிரிதன்றெண்ணி
வாழ்வு பெரிதென்றெண்ணும்
ஈனர்க் குலகந்தனில் - கிளியே
இருக்க நிலைமயுண்டோ?

சொந்த சகோதரர்கள்
துன்பத்தில் சாதல் கண்டும்
சிந்தை இரங்காரடி கிளியே
செம்மை மறந்தாரடி கிளியே

தாயைக் கொல்லும்பஞ்சத்தைத்
தடுக்க முயற்சியுறார்
வாயைத் திறந்து சும்மா - கிளியே
வந்தே மாதரமென்பார்

You can see that he has not only undermined the British but also his fellow beings who did not have the courage to put up a fight and stand against their rights.

As it is the case with other legendary people Bharathi also had a relatively shorter lifetime.He died when he was 39.sadly his funeral was attended by only 14 people.He lived for 30 crore people and only 14 from that 30 crore had time to pay respect on his final journey.Death has brought immortality by placing him in the hearts of people who admired him for his songs and for his relentless contributions even in the face of adversity.Finally he is not a person to be remembered but he is a person to be followed.

பல வேடிக்கை மனிதரைப் போல - நான்
வீழ்வே னென்று நினைத் தாயோ?
Lines meaning that,"Did you think that I will go down losing like other mere mortals in life" up his take on his life and he has made his life meaningful such that it has peaked to a legendary one and that which will not go down ever.He will continue to live in the hearts of people being a beacon guiding and lighting the path ahead of us.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Year 1989...
It was an shorter format exhibition game between India and Pakistan...The prominent Spin wizard Abdul Qadir was bowling...He walks to the middle and says "why are you only hitting the kid?..Hit me too.."after that 17 year old kid belted Saqlain mustaq for 2 towering sixes...The very next over Abdul Qadir was struck for 28 runs including 4 sixes...

           All started there and it has not come to an end until the recent One-Of-The-Best-Knocks in cricket which was a single handed effort of 175 to tame the Australians.Needless to say that i'm talking about Sachin Tendlkar.Many bowlers had/having the same nightmare which Abdul Qadir had before 20 years.Many bowlers tried to sledge him,tried to intimidate him but whenever it happened they were on the loosing side.They were subjected to same nightmare.He never involved in verbal duels but instead he will let his bat do the talking.

               He made the staticians busy by scripting whatever record that can be achieved by a batsman...He left no stones unturned.What makes him the best is his never ending desire and hunger to excel.The man still plays cricket only because of his love for the country and the game.No one can be that humble and no one can have that humility.He is touted as the GOD OF CRICKET but yet you can never see any sign or expression of that greatness in his persona.That humility perhaps has taken him to great heights.

                Many stupid sentiments are doing rounds that sachin has not won matches for India,he buckles under pressure in important matches and the most stupidest of all which is as follows whenever sachin hits century India will lose... Eventhough that is baseless,i can see the reason behind that.The reason might be perhaps as follows...when sachin is on song not only the bowler gets intimidated but also the non-strikers and his teammates.A sort of respect and awe develops in them due to his innings.Their ego dies there.They were transcended to an altogether different experience which leaves them stunned.If u watch carefully whenever Sachin played mercurial innings(like the recent one against Australia) no other player will spark.It is because of the reason i have stated above.

                  I said about his humility before...We saw little kids in the bloke jumping and cheering and yelling whenever they played well..They also made it a trend to associate with bollywood actresses(idhula mattum correct ah irunga da..) after they got little popularity...The instant success got to their heads(they play nowadays as if they were born to win and the opponents are stupids) and we saw India failing in major tournaments(like T-20 WC tournament and champions trophy)...These kids should learn the composure and temperament from this legend...

  It was a huge disgrace the way India lost to Australia recently...Especially the match in which sachin scored 175...The recent failures of Team India is due to couple of reasons...One Mr.M S Dhoni and two, BCCI..

                   MSD paved the way for India's debacle by his selection startegies(eventhough he is doing a good job and plays occassionaly well,some of his decisions simply make no sense)..i don't know on what basis Ravindra jadeja was picked for the playing 11.He never scored more than 20 runs in this series and if u say he was picked for his bowling abilities then i must ask, then what the hell Amit mishra was selected for..why don't you pick a regular bowler if you wanna strengthen bowling attack...Dhoni's many such illogical decisions hurted India..He opened with the great great Rohit sharma in T-20 WC and pushed in-form Raina down the order...(His judgement and the ability to grasp a situation quickly has gone..He looks off color)...
             On the otherhand BCCI is also playing a crucial role in India's downfall..They don't understand the players who are picked are humans and not machines...Look at the schedule they play, its a non-stop cricket for one year with not even one month gap.. Understand not even great great champions can win all games...If even a machine requires rest just think about humans...You want money and for that you are breaking the players back...And i don't understand why they keep on having match against srilanka..I think this is 6th or 7th encounter against sri lanka for us in the last 2 years..Why do you wanna play always against the same lankans again and again...We have some other international teams as well...

             Whatever finally they have made a second string Auz team champions and gifted a legendary player tears after he did all that one can do to win a game...Over the years team India has not changed even though they once gave an otherwise impression ...I never felt bad for India for not becoming no.1 team..because we don't deserve that..Do not say talent wise we are competent...Hell with your talents,application is important..how much u turn things with your efforts count..And the man we are talking about(sachin) has done that for more than 20 years with enormous ease..time to take a leaf out of his carrer, kids...Never forget he has both talent and application...
  He is the only one who gets standing ovation in all parts of the world(In Auz,England and Even in pak)..There is no division in celebrating sachin and his success..people from all parts of the world irrespective of country,race and religion admires this five foot maestro..He is one such human being and player whom the opponents even will respect...

                  Finally I feel very honoured when i say i am a sachin tendulkar fan...Because he is worth that...You don't see legends and special talents always...Its a great gift to see and to live in the same period in which such an legend lives...Sachin is one such unforgettable Legend.If someone wants to be successful they must choose a better role model from whom they can get inspiration...I would say i got my perfect rolemodel in the form of sachin...Every time he walks to the middle with his mighty MRF( now adidas bat ) and with the expectation of millions i get a lot of inspiration.The way he handled huge success and the way he goes about his task at hand is fabulous...That is something we must learn from him...May god have enough kindness on him to fulfill his dream of playing and winning 2011 WC (Let the god gift WC to this man in his home ground Mumbai)...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December 21st 2012...This is the most sought after date these days ..I have been hearing about this for the past 1 year or so ,but I simply ignored it since the theories related with this are not credible and doesn't have clear evidence.Oddly it seems this frenzy has reached its peak now and people have started to discuss about this so called Dooms day vigorously...So eventually I wanted to explore it to know what actually the fuss  is all about...

After I plunged myself into it and spent time,this stuff introduced many other related jargons and buzzwords with loads of baseless theories behind it taking support from things such as Mayan calendar,Nibiru(comet or planet which is gonna hit earth in2012), Galactic alignment,Nostradamus and many other strangling stuff .. Added to this my friends took me to the latest film 2012 (trailera pottu oora emathitanga.Only the CG and vfx were great in this movie.) and added fuel to the fire.

Okey,So what's Dooms day?.The theory proposed is so simple.The world is gonna end on 21st december 2012..(ennamo engagementku date fix panra madhiri solringale... ungalalam thousand periyars vandhalum thriutha mudiyathu da).Only the prediction is simple but the theories associated with that are suffocating.These 2012 theories banks mostly upon mayan calendar,Nostradamus and equinox(Excuse me,idhu Inoxoda brancha??? :P) theory...
The Mayans are ancient but very intelligent and civilized people from central Americas.They prepared a calendar by thoroughly studying the cosmic activities and events.It is said that the last date of Mayan calendar will result in devastation of earth.And the last date is December 21st 2012.This calendar is a system which starts from and it ends when it is (approx 26k years) .(check out this link for more details.... ttp://www.universetoday.com/2008/05/19/no-doomsday-in-2012/) .26,000 yeras ago when mayan calendar came to an end the earth saw the biggest destruction which resulted in extinction of neanderthal man and dinosaurs as per the records.But some skeptics say that we see Jan 1 after Dec 31,not destruction.Similarly the end of mayan calendar will not be the end of the world.It will be the start of another cycle of the calendar.

The second one is the predictions of Nostradamus.Nostradamus is a famous French astrologer who has predicted September 11 stating that two metallic birds will fall in Newyork(he has actually predicted geographical location and not the exact city) causing a great destruction. Remember World Trade Center was not even built by then when he predicted in 1800's.The same man has said through his quatrains(a sort of verses) that the world will end by 2012 and one such quatrain is below which attributes global warming or a comet from outer space as the main cause for this catastrophe

"heat upon the water like that of the sun,around Negrepont ,the fish will become half cooked". C2 Q3...

the above quatrain says that due to a outer space comet or global warming extensive heat will be produced inside ocean which is good enough to cook fishes ...(Ada paavigala evlo assaulta solringa..Rascal)..One can never imagine its consequences.It is said that Nostradamus's predictions about Napoleon,Hitler and astonishingly about Sep 11 has come true.

The third is the galactic alignment.To be frank I did not understand completely  about this one.I got a very little idea (namakku indha mathematics,physicslam varadhu pa.) and from what I understood let me explain. Earth changes its equinox (the way it is tilted) to one degree once in 72 years.As such the degree that Earth tilts has reached 359 degrees and in 2012 it would see the complete rotation that is 360 degrees. So what?.There comes the twist,it is said that this will have an impact on poles which may change its position.(north and south pole will swap their positions.)..Polar shift would take place by earthquakes,tsunamis and volcanic eruptions beyond human perception or imagination.

So after reading all this I thought people would go to any extent to fantasize things and threaten others.(All the above were just predictions).Even if it is true, is it necessary to threaten and create more fear?.( Irukra meedhi 2 varushamavadhu nimmadhiya iruka vidungalen da).The smartness of making money in every possible way has not ceased.People are making movies and putting up websites based on this 2012(eriyara veetla pudungana varaikum labam).Similarly at the start of millenium they said the world will end.Even then people quoted Nostardamus's predictions and other beliefs.But nothing happened.Notable thing is, not all Nostradamus predictions turned out true.Some 70% has been interpreted exactly and others were false manifestation by modern day researchers...

For those who say world will end by 2012 I would like to say something.The destruction of world has already started .Yeah, the Doom's day has started when the humanity within us died.We are seeing large scale massacre of innocent people in the name of wars and civil wars where no mercy is shown to women or children.Massacres are staged in public places by terrorists just like that..like Nov' 26...war in Israel,Sri lanka and Chechenya...Hunger and poverty in Africa..Terrorism...Some imperial powers are denying to co-operate for the cause of decreasing global warming solely for not wanting to shut some high revenue generating industries.For them it is not the matter of life and death but it is all about wealth and power...I reckon 2012 will not be a biggest disaster than all these catastrophes we are seeing now where humanity is just a word...

I accept that there is an end to the world and all the things shaping around us are contributing to that.. (like global warming, melting polar ice caps,himalayan ice glacier melts etc..).But fixing some date and going on a propaganda that world will disappear in few hours or days doesn't make any sense according to me.But if that happens sadly we can't do anything...(Like vivek in M.Kumaran movie.... dai neeyavadhu oru figurea correct pani lifela sandhoshama irundhuta nan onnnuuume panalaye da....)

At last we can contribute to make the conditions better...We can counter global warming(excluding that 2012 theories) by growing more trees...We can treat the fellow beings with love and compassion.We can live a life congenial to nature.They say that solution to the biggest problems are often very simple and small..Likewise the resolution for menacing global warming is to grow more trees...Lets do that and lets save our Earth and save ourselves....

Some Pictures that I found when I googled about 2012:


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