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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

December 21st 2012...This is the most sought after date these days ..I have been hearing about this for the past 1 year or so ,but I simply ignored it since the theories related with this are not credible and doesn't have clear evidence.Oddly it seems this frenzy has reached its peak now and people have started to discuss about this so called Dooms day vigorously...So eventually I wanted to explore it to know what actually the fuss  is all about...

After I plunged myself into it and spent time,this stuff introduced many other related jargons and buzzwords with loads of baseless theories behind it taking support from things such as Mayan calendar,Nibiru(comet or planet which is gonna hit earth in2012), Galactic alignment,Nostradamus and many other strangling stuff .. Added to this my friends took me to the latest film 2012 (trailera pottu oora emathitanga.Only the CG and vfx were great in this movie.) and added fuel to the fire.

Okey,So what's Dooms day?.The theory proposed is so simple.The world is gonna end on 21st december 2012..(ennamo engagementku date fix panra madhiri solringale... ungalalam thousand periyars vandhalum thriutha mudiyathu da).Only the prediction is simple but the theories associated with that are suffocating.These 2012 theories banks mostly upon mayan calendar,Nostradamus and equinox(Excuse me,idhu Inoxoda brancha??? :P) theory...
The Mayans are ancient but very intelligent and civilized people from central Americas.They prepared a calendar by thoroughly studying the cosmic activities and events.It is said that the last date of Mayan calendar will result in devastation of earth.And the last date is December 21st 2012.This calendar is a system which starts from and it ends when it is (approx 26k years) .(check out this link for more details.... ttp://www.universetoday.com/2008/05/19/no-doomsday-in-2012/) .26,000 yeras ago when mayan calendar came to an end the earth saw the biggest destruction which resulted in extinction of neanderthal man and dinosaurs as per the records.But some skeptics say that we see Jan 1 after Dec 31,not destruction.Similarly the end of mayan calendar will not be the end of the world.It will be the start of another cycle of the calendar.

The second one is the predictions of Nostradamus.Nostradamus is a famous French astrologer who has predicted September 11 stating that two metallic birds will fall in Newyork(he has actually predicted geographical location and not the exact city) causing a great destruction. Remember World Trade Center was not even built by then when he predicted in 1800's.The same man has said through his quatrains(a sort of verses) that the world will end by 2012 and one such quatrain is below which attributes global warming or a comet from outer space as the main cause for this catastrophe

"heat upon the water like that of the sun,around Negrepont ,the fish will become half cooked". C2 Q3...

the above quatrain says that due to a outer space comet or global warming extensive heat will be produced inside ocean which is good enough to cook fishes ...(Ada paavigala evlo assaulta solringa..Rascal)..One can never imagine its consequences.It is said that Nostradamus's predictions about Napoleon,Hitler and astonishingly about Sep 11 has come true.

The third is the galactic alignment.To be frank I did not understand completely  about this one.I got a very little idea (namakku indha mathematics,physicslam varadhu pa.) and from what I understood let me explain. Earth changes its equinox (the way it is tilted) to one degree once in 72 years.As such the degree that Earth tilts has reached 359 degrees and in 2012 it would see the complete rotation that is 360 degrees. So what?.There comes the twist,it is said that this will have an impact on poles which may change its position.(north and south pole will swap their positions.)..Polar shift would take place by earthquakes,tsunamis and volcanic eruptions beyond human perception or imagination.

So after reading all this I thought people would go to any extent to fantasize things and threaten others.(All the above were just predictions).Even if it is true, is it necessary to threaten and create more fear?.( Irukra meedhi 2 varushamavadhu nimmadhiya iruka vidungalen da).The smartness of making money in every possible way has not ceased.People are making movies and putting up websites based on this 2012(eriyara veetla pudungana varaikum labam).Similarly at the start of millenium they said the world will end.Even then people quoted Nostardamus's predictions and other beliefs.But nothing happened.Notable thing is, not all Nostradamus predictions turned out true.Some 70% has been interpreted exactly and others were false manifestation by modern day researchers...

For those who say world will end by 2012 I would like to say something.The destruction of world has already started .Yeah, the Doom's day has started when the humanity within us died.We are seeing large scale massacre of innocent people in the name of wars and civil wars where no mercy is shown to women or children.Massacres are staged in public places by terrorists just like that..like Nov' 26...war in Israel,Sri lanka and Chechenya...Hunger and poverty in Africa..Terrorism...Some imperial powers are denying to co-operate for the cause of decreasing global warming solely for not wanting to shut some high revenue generating industries.For them it is not the matter of life and death but it is all about wealth and power...I reckon 2012 will not be a biggest disaster than all these catastrophes we are seeing now where humanity is just a word...

I accept that there is an end to the world and all the things shaping around us are contributing to that.. (like global warming, melting polar ice caps,himalayan ice glacier melts etc..).But fixing some date and going on a propaganda that world will disappear in few hours or days doesn't make any sense according to me.But if that happens sadly we can't do anything...(Like vivek in M.Kumaran movie.... dai neeyavadhu oru figurea correct pani lifela sandhoshama irundhuta nan onnnuuume panalaye da....)

At last we can contribute to make the conditions better...We can counter global warming(excluding that 2012 theories) by growing more trees...We can treat the fellow beings with love and compassion.We can live a life congenial to nature.They say that solution to the biggest problems are often very simple and small..Likewise the resolution for menacing global warming is to grow more trees...Lets do that and lets save our Earth and save ourselves....

Some Pictures that I found when I googled about 2012:



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