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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Resolutions are integral part of the new year...I am no exception...I also took resolution during the year beginnings.But whether i followed them or not is a different thing...Last year i had  really an exceptional  one.I came up with that simply to flaunt and joke around in the friends circle.Even though it was for fun,the resolution was well thought out and it was the need of the hour.No more surprises ,i resolved  to do whatever i want without compromising for anything (basically i put others interest over my interests..I'm that much good.. :D)  and to give priority to myself  which i never managed to do.Actually as usual i was discussing about this with my friend which ultimately provided the spark to this post.

To maintain the excitement lemme give the exact conversation we had.We were discussing about the new year and as usual i asked his suggestions about my new year resolution.He knows very well that  resolutions are not  meant for guys like us.If a person finds there is something to change about him he can form a resolution and there is a point in that.But when we think about ourselves we find hundreds of things to change.And we would face a dilemma to choose which one to change in those hundred things.But he insisted me to take  one particular thing  as a new year resolution.

Guess what???.He wanted me to stop blogging and writing this kinda posts... :P..He asked me why I should write like this and  torture him(look people...I'm putting all my effort...that too in my so so suffocating schedule ,but these craps are discouraging me :x)..After that i explained him that i don't really have someone who can listen to me and my problems.of course there are friends but they themselves have a dilly of problems.If that is the case then how the hell can i burden them with my problems.So i made him to understand that blogging is my way of sharing things with the world or  a sort of a record or diary or whatever you call  if no one reads this blog(but luckily this blog is famous..I have many international audience..He he he..)

Surprisingly after hearing that he said with a serious face that its time for me to  get a girl friend...(bull shit!!!...Sema comedyana vishayatha serious face vachutu solran  :x)..I clearly explained him that i don't have any problem but i have few conditions..Lemme say what those conditions are all about later..

In the meantime i should not forget about the main content that is my 2009 resolution..Well to say about 2009,it was a very eventful year for me.They say that life is a mixture of  happiness, frustration, surprises, regrets, hope,fear, humiliation,pride,celebration, loneliness and grief.In that regard i lived my life this year.Because i experienced each and everyone of those things.The year began on a good note.Final days of college so obviously had a good time.

But then came the testing time.Had a tough time between June and September.Almost everything and everyone(right from friends to people in home to absolute strangers) screwed me up for no reason or i felt i was on a receiving side.Recently i came across a word while reading a novel.Its a word that signifies a particular mindset called ANOMIE.When you don't have any purpose in life and nothing good to hope about ,you face this.Perhaps i was going through that.

But thank god again, i got a  job,which saved me from a virtual collapse. The October and November were normal and when i was  about to end this year again I'm in a situation to seriously think about the future..Einstein said that there are two ways of living life.But now i found there are two kinds of life.One in which you control your life and in the other the life controls you.Needless to say after all these  brooding that i fall under the second category...I don't know how far i can cope up with this surprises and thrills the life is gonna throw at me.But i believe i have the almighty in my side.. (yov, kalavari vitradha..Be careful...)

Well forget about that!!!.. coming back to my friends suggestion about the coming year's resolution,i said to my friend that  i can't recharge my mobile with night talk boosters and talk with someone stealthily at midnight 2'0 clock(well thats not midnight  for me.hmmm..thats another sad story)..In addition to that girls these days speak with husky voice when they speak in midnight. If you ask why ,they ll say that " if my parents come to know about this they ll kill me".(pinna vera enna panuvanga...200 rs top up ah panuvanga)..By the way in no way i experienced all this..All these happened with my friends..And in no way i can lie like you are beautiful and you are like angel.He he he...My friend knows very well that i'm not a guy who ll do that.

By saying all these above said things i shut up his mouth...How come will he open his mouth after hearing all this????..But deep inside, my mind is asking why shouldn't i get girl friend???  ;)...He he he...Jus kidding... :P...
 At last i'm in a serious analysis about the things that can be changed in my life.Hoping that things will get better next year...With the same everlasting  hope Wishing you a happy new year folks...Let the new year bring you all success... :)..Lemme give you a small suggestion don't  seek advice for your resolution,else things will get messed up like above... take one on your own..


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