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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Whenever i hate to go early to college or whenever i want to bunk the first hour of class she gets struck in traffic and makes sure i go to class late but she is swift when i bunk college and go home. When ever the day is too boring or with out fun/spice she takes me through Meenakshi  college when  good looking girls (still not to my range...yet good looking :P) cross the road. When ever I'm devoid of company she makes sure there is a stranger next to my seat who is friendly or there is a nice looking girl few seats away sitting in an angle where she exchanges occassional glances :P. Whenever i stand in the busstand having fun with friends she comes late for the purpose of not disturbing me.

She understands me like a very intimate friend..Her name is 27c,oops!!..Don't know, should i say, her number?:P. Yup 27c is a bus that i use to travel in, when i go to college.The bond between me and 27c is so strong.There is one more such Bus, # 3(Moonam number bus,as we call it :P) which i use to take,to go to school.My school frineds will be reminded of me seeing that even today.There are times in which me and my friend -(Harish,you remember that buddy?.)- use to wait for hours together (sometimes letting the bus to go :P not wanting to miss the chat we would have) for 3-am number bus very gladly discussing most trivial to most important things.

Except for the the spice and entertainment factor 27c had, i would have picked up #3 bus for intro as it has more evergreen memories.As it turned out, i found that not only #3 and 27c but i had developed a bond towards buses in general. Well, what ever bond I have with the buses I am just another guy like anyone (isn't it?) else who expects a window seat( thundu potu seat pudikra alavu  illanalum Jannal seat mela oru kannu :P) and some good looking girls when i get into bus.But we not only don't get whatever we expect in life but in bus journeys too. Let me say how buses and bus journeys have transformed over the years.Speaking about the transformation of buses...

Very frankly speaking 75% of buses today (except flashy AC,some new deluxe buses) would definitely fail to qualify and meet the standards that a bus should meet to run on the road.15 years back the buses were all the same resembling  mashed metallic iron junks.But today there are different editions ranging from the same metallic old junks to flashy ostentatious AC buses. And people get to travel in different version depending upon the amount of money they spend.

There are not a wide variety of categories too,only 3 which comprises flashy ones very much qualified to run and can make a big hole in the wallet for a middle class guy.Two,the ones which can be permitted to run on the road that  has doors(which were not closed in the peak hours where two more people are stuffed :P ) uncharacteristic and unnecessary  to chennai buses where foot board travelling is part of life given the muscle squeezing journeys.The third are the majority part of metallic junks which should have been exchanged for dates ( i mean perichampazham) long back (Like senthil" Anne pericham pazham saptu romba naal achu :P) .

In college days, looking at the condition of college bus we would call that "Naay vandi"-DOG VAN-( painted in yellow making our words true :P).I can swear that is 1000 times better than these.(Note:I never travelled in college bus :P).The Junk,trash category and travel-able category  has many variants that allows various versions. When i say various versions don't fancy too many differences.These are comedy versions.You will know how Tami nadu people are officially made fools.The variants are made possible by having different boards.Big deal?..(I already said not to fancy too much :P)..

Yeah if the board is white you get to pay  less and if the board is yellow the ticket price is bit higher. If they add M before the bus number then it is special service.Wait,its not finished yet.If they have that LED scrolling text boards in deluxe buses again ticket is higher.If the same deluxe bus has ordinary board then ticket is lesser.(ssss.. bbbbaaa.. kanna katudey...).Variable ticket pricing itself is unacceptable in that how come this stupidity (i don't know whose stupidity,our's or their's)  of different pricing for the same bus can be explained.I don't know whether this will be happening if transport is in private hands.Govt would have passed more than half dozens of bills crushing them.Are  people in power constitutionally have the right to bend and break the laws.

He he..I guess after seeing these confusions only many chennai citizens do not take tickets prefering without travel :P.That brings one more real torture.Suckers in the name of ticket checking making the bus to stand in the heavy traffic peak hours is one more intolerable torture.(Some times i feel like murdering them).How can one react to morons letting the crooks off the hook who rob lakhs of crores but holds the collar of a guy who had not payed paltry Rs3.50 rupees and wasting the time of people who took the ticket too.Ridiculous...

In those days,for a journey 10km i had to pay Rs.1.75.But today i wouldn't know until i see the bus.For journey of  20 km i may be charged 5 to 50 depending upon the bus i choose.These days i choose AC buses more.Not because of the comfort and luxury it has.How can you talk about luxury when you find it difficult to get space for planting your feet in a crowded bone crushing journey. There may be 1000 differences but when it comes to crowd,buses are all the same (esp in peak hours)  no matter AC or metallic junks. I take AC buses solely for the amount of travel time. (you get to see rare good figures too :P ). Its comparatively fast and ahead, at least a good 30 minutes , suiting my needs for the kind of laziness and punctuality i have.

In short AC buses are costly share autos.They will even stop every tamarind tree if you want them to.And these are guys who know how to cash in on the circumstance.For example when i travel in 19b(AC edition :P) during  peak hours,Karapakkam stopping  becomes Karapakkam TCS where bus exactly stops opposite to the TCS. Similarly Thorapakkam changes to CTS,Navalur becomes ETA or CTS.What to do,the OMR itself has been renamed to IT expressway right?.So can expect this kinda things.The brand on the tag of people's ID card matters.No respect for ordinary people. With tag you are addressed "sir" with out that you are just a man.Even girls look at you when you have the tag.(Personally the day i noted this ,i stopped wearing ID card outside office.A girl has to look at you for the kind of person you are not coz of the brand/company you work for,right?).

I don't know politics and i am a very innocent kid who doesn't understand much about the inner workings.So these are the questions i wanted to ask. (can anyone enlighten me). Will the same metallic junks be allowed to run on the road if the transport corp had been in private hands.Will this variable ticket pricing would be tolerated?.The difference might be very meagre so that we might not give it much of thought.But what about poor and financially not so much strong people,not everybody is Ambani's progenys right?.More over robbery is a robbery whether it is 50 paise or 5 rupees or 5 lakh crores.Some 2 years ago there was a bill or something like that which said theaters are collecting excess of money. The govt intervened and fixed a highest amount that can be collected.If the high end multiplexes are expected to be affordable what about buses which people use everyday?.

Second ..ARE WE DEMOCRATIC?.. In 2nd grade i was taught that Democracy treats everyone equally,showing no favoritism.But here isn't the government showing partiality to people who have money.Aren't people with less money entitled to at least normal bus instead of trash-able metallic junks.A government and a leader is like a mother who should give care to all her children equally.Is it happening today?.. Of course we don't want to be communistic but its important that we do not be capitalistic targeting profit alone.Do not classify people based on their economy.As citizens they are entitled to safe and comfortable journey irrespective of the money the are ready to sspend.
This is more of a moral question,how can you explain the social order which respects people by economy.
Finally i am made to look like a fool when people say that the ticket pricing is very less in TN compared to other south Indian states.If so,i think i will freak out and and write a saga of books on that if i live in those states..How funny... :P

Its been a long that i wrote in my usual style with a bit of  humor(lot of times juvenile but enjoyable i guess,who wants to be a sulking adult always :P :P) ..This time i have taken up something very different which was extracted from my experiences that i had/have.I got the  inspiration for this post from the little funny chat I had with my friends.By then this question crossed my mind, why wouldn't i write about this and i found time after two months to put it together.(Yup..this is one of those posts that is in my mind for a long time as i specified in my previous one)...Hope you understand the context of it and enjoy it... :-)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Before some thousand's of years...
After a long wait when the crown was placed on Rama's head each and every citizen of Ayodhya felt happy as if the crown was placed on their own heads and they are proclaimed kings recorded a poet about the sworn in ceremony of Lord Rama.People wanted him to be the king more than Rama himself for his virtues and courage.They also were dejected and depressed as if they were denied the crown and kingdom when Lord Rama was sent into exile by his father.

Today in 2010...
People of India,nope, i must people all over the world despite the language and landmark barriers celebrated one such milestone of  a person who is also as disciplined and as humble following an age old legacy of Indians exemplified by Lord Rama himself .When that man caressed a delivery from Dale steyn  through covers for a single the time rolled back and displayed  the imagery of exact unconditional  love and affection the people of Ayodhya had once on their king.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Hi everyone!!!..I just wanted  to share few things here on this special occasion.Special occasion??.. Yes it is the 50th(Well I am not talking about Sachin's 50 th test century :P).This exact post marks the 50 th mile of my little journey started a year and half ago..I,myself ,am amazed at this.This little accomplishment of mine may not be as fabulous as or as much awaited as the 50th ton of Sachin but in terms of the significance its huge (at least for me).Both 50s serve as a reminder which flashes the peaks and pits of  an unforgettable journey which was cherished by the performer most than anyone else.

It would not be wrong if i say blogging has been a constant companion all these days through all times quietly listening to all MY BLABS containing inspiration,creativity,innovation,appreciation, affection, frustration, anger,gently digs and tease at people and rage.The memory of blogging all these posts can be compared to a leisurely stroll across a beautiful garden on a spring evening.And the encouragement by you  people added luster to that moment like the sweet chirping of birds with the nicest of voice and flashing of  butterflies across the garden with  most appealing of  colors embossed on their wings .There are no words to describe that no matter how hard i try.

Recently (where i did not have anything better to do :P) i went through all my posts right from the very first one.When i finished skimming through them, i was able to sense the marked improvement for at least every 10 posts.There was a silent transformation which i could sense in both the posts and in my writing.It may be called  a kinda evolution.The evolution of posts from writings with lot of typo,grammatical errors with subjects handled in a weird way to the writings with less typo and grammatical errors and  the subjects handled in an acceptable way if not best of the best ways.During that i  kept on saying"Did I really write this?" in both surprised and frustrated tones.Some posts were out of my abilities and some were really naive.

Rather than growth and learning on which people usually focus on i believe this evolution is important where you metamorphose naturally into something better and go to next level.As a writer i write in the way i feel comfortable about the things that touch my heart(I absolutely don't want to write something that has more chances of getting lot of clicks).Obviously i'm not a kinda gifted one who sits before the computer and blog on the go writing whatever i want.I have to get a spark and feed it by thoughts.After i write, it undergoes numerous edits every time i read in a readers perspective.This is why it takes a hell lot of time for me to finish a post.Amidst all of this, i am fully aware of the fact that the writings in this blog doesn't meet the criterion of a normal blog.

This is not a conventional blog and i do not write in a conventional way.I mean who writes about untold one-week-one-sided romance with a girl in a stupid way, who writes about their personal disappointments dumping the frets in public,who has a dig at their friends by gentle teases insults in a public forum and who writes anything and everything in a personal perspective.Of course no body does that any where than in this blog.In reality one could not expect people to read this and accept, let alone approve it.This is one reason why i don't bother about the hits and comments i get.But that is the way i write and I am what i am.I simply enjoy it conscious of the advancements in the path i have set for myself than bothering over hits and comments.

Having said that i should accept that i do get comments(really rare and very few) which makes me happy.To be blunt people at times come up with comments that hits the bull's eye revealing the exact  read-worthiness of posts (many times they are not pleasing :( ).I would say those honest comments were colors in the wings of butterfly and the chirps of birds in my blogging garden than the standard stuff that people throw at me like "thats was really good","the language was good", "the post was funny" etc.(So honest comments even if it is negative are always welcome) I mean,i know the fact that I'm a Jerk who try to emulate Shakespearean and Shelli-an English( of course with out much success :P.Perhaps its quite spontaneous and coz of the love i have developed for the lang in school) but i believe there is always something more than the language in the posts.

One reason i have not left blogging (being a guy who gets bored with routines) even in times where i hardly managed to get time to sleep was the fact that the happiness and satisfaction i get out of this. Being a under performer in all other aspects of life i guess this is the only place where i be myself and try to give my 100%,enjoying myself completely.This is my recharger i can say.But sadly i don't blog much like before.But in a way I'm happy that from a time where i was wondering what to post i have grown into a position where i have to choose a post that is in my mind.I mean there are 3 to 4 ideas for some posts in mind for more than two months which needs to be written.It has become a kinda duty that i write frequently.

Even for this post i had lot of ideas,like i wanted to take up and review and share few of my old post and the way i wrote it.I have a lot to say about the way i blog and wanted to clarify few things but unfortunately i fear no more space is available for now and let me defer that.Finally i wanna flaunt a little :P(Like Karakatakaran senthil..Anne..chumma oru vilambaram :P ) about a recent piece of info from my tracker.It just says that the blog has gone global with visits from almost 44 countries. Thats really huge.(Africa,china and Japan has been missing for a long time but recently Africa and Japan covered up.China is only missing.Come on Chinese you don't afford to miss this blog..:p).

People say  which are their favorite posts to me but as the one who wrote, i enjoyed few posts more than other posts...The two below posts are the ones which gave a different outset to my writing and the ones i wrote very frankly...Business is being Brutal and LIFE- A HIDE AND SEEK GAME.There are some posts which came out well beyond my expectations than i intended to write, like Mera Dostho-My Friends...,Love-POISON OF LIFE,DOOMS DAY OR DUBAKOOR DAY.And movie reviews like Why Do i like Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya?,Angadi Theru-ONE MORE STUNNER FROM VB! etc got good reviews as well.Finally the two short stories also attracted few appreciations My first try at story writing!!!!! and 3 Days with a dazzling damsel raised few eyebrows :P.

Finally there were attempts which are aimed at exploring different stuff that could add some more skills to my writing such as I fell in Love with...???..huh..Mhm.. and the short stories.I wish i had more response for them since i put lot of effort and took lot more care when writing them.Two other such posts are about sachin which i really wanted to get responses and appreciations for the way o had expressed like Legendary Unending Era and Sachin:The history of batsmanship in one man .Even though all are my favorite posts these above were significant in one or the other way.

I conclude by saying big thanks to show my gratitude which is in every cell of mine than in words for reading MY BLABS.Hoping to get your love and support in future too.I don't believe in promotion that too self promotion but here i would like to extend a request (i don't think a request would fall under a category of self promotion.) that you share the posts with friends,which you really like and which really deserve sharing .Because a few more encouragement and feed backs  would really help me in the way where i am heading..Yeeeaaa.. Time to slowly explore the next level... EVOLUTION NEVER STOPS.. :) :D

As usual(which is explained in the post:P ) i started this week before and took long time to conjure this up.I wanted to clarify few things about the previous short story(i actually wanted to post how it should have been really and how i mend it in the way i prefer but did not find time for that.Let me do that some time later) and wanted to share some other things about how i write (But as i have said no space available so i couldn't).I always enjoy to share things about how i write..Hope fully i will write about things i missed in my next posts(which includes a kinda remake of Kamaraj-Gandhi of the south and Love-Poison of life and few others..hope i come up with that quickly at least in few months aware of my laziness :P)..Bye for now with a wink.. ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Don't you  wish a girl friend who is hot like me "-Nicole scherzinger was almost shrieking in my ears  through the headset of my full volume maximized  mobile.But i took no notice of  her enticing flirtation. Instead my mind was hovering over someone else.Hovering over that sweet stupid girl who is definitely not as hot as Nicole. But yet my mind preferred her...over Nicole,the deafening music and the inviting sleep at 1.10 A.M.But who cares I'm just another jobless passed out who is hunting for a job.

She was just another girl in college until the day i bumped into her.But one thing i could sense was that there was an air of  mystery about her.That mysterious part had an impact than anything else.Often that expression that she wears on her face suggests that she is bit of an aggressor or it shows a minor arrogance.But some how my instinct said there is something more about her than the brashness that can be seen outside. But these kinda things doesn't attract a guy towards a girl ,right?.There are two kinds of guys in this world. One,the kinda guys who expect a girl like an angel in life, two, the kinda guys who accepts the girl they get and think that they are angel.If you ask me???...I may be one-of- a-rare- kind of guy who is cocky enough to look at an angel like girl and say -mokka figure machi- that she doesn't fit my league.

I did not know that the above said cockiness is gonna be shattered into nano-mini parts on that day.I was chatting with my friends as usual and got dazzled by the girl who just entered class.She wore a sophisticatedly traditional salwar which was in the shades of red and blue.A small streak of sindhoor horizontally deposited in her forehead added more to the charm and grace as opposed to  the usual brashness.Simply put she was more than an angel on that day.I could not deny that fact, definitely not on that day.I was wobbling in the class for more than few minutes transfixed like that and i had to make an immense effort to resist looking at her.

Few hours passed and to my bewilderment at one point of time i got an delusion that she was coming towards me.She came to me with a gentle smile, looking at my eyes she asked me something. It was perfectly like a dream and i was savoring that moment to the core.Everything looked strange,my behavior, my classroom,the girl and the people around.Hell am i dreaming?. Suddenly someone shook my shoulders and prompted me "Isn't she talking to you?. Answer her Man"..After some brief seconds i realized that it was my friend and everything that happened was not dream.She was looking at me peculiarly,virtually asking are you alright?. She said something which suggested me that she wants to know something about the project that i was doing and said it was interesting when she heard about that.

It was unreal for me.I was like a 8 point GP holder and she is a 9 pointer.But i tried to say few words about that uninteresting project obviously fumbling for words.And she left with a smile and a brief eye contact that radiated all warmth and euphoria.I felt like flying.I knew that minute that this is no joke and there is something more between us.Even though it wasn't a dream its impact was like a dream.Nothing much happened after that except few occasional smiles whenever we encountered each other.She did not come to college everyday like she did on that day and the this-is-my-girl kinda thought did not grew strong.Hmmm...Its been four months that i finished my college.It would be sensible to ask why the hell would i think about her after 4 months if the this-is-my-girl kinda thought did not grew strong in college itself.Reason is that,the previous day i unexpectedly saw her.She was with a girl and she too noticed me.No excitement or not even a gentle smile. 

Again that brashness with a touch of  unpredictable expression in her face.I did not know whether to walk towards her and have a word.What if she doesn't recognize me?.Her do-i-know-you kinda look did not please me and i stayed away. Few mins went and she too started to move, turning and looking back at me twice or  thrice.From then on the old feeling has been frequenting me.When joblessness couples with this feel its perfectly normal to be awake at midnight 2 and think like this.But a sense of pain was there in  a corner about the encounter we had the day before.So finally there could be 2 possibilities, one,  i am obtuse enough to not  understand the magic  god is weaving. Else god is trying to deceive me through her probably wanting to test my temperament. The more i thought the more the second one made sense.How would she walk away if there is Magic?.
It dawned on me that night and i slept after deciding to put an end to this madness when it was at its rudimentary stage.
Hell same old thing..When  would i understand her...This morning suddenly she called me and said she wants to meet me.I reached coffee day 10 minutes earlier.It turned 6.She did not come.I texted  her" Wr r u?...Am waitin here.."She finally came by 6.10.Guess what?she was wearing the same old outfits that stumped me earlier when i was in college.I was staring at her as if asking what are you trying to do?...She came and sat opposite to me...She started..

"Are you alright now?"..With a glow on her face...
"What is this?.Trying to impress me?",I demanded eyeing her Dress...
"I knew i hav more than impressed you the day you blinked like a culprit before a cop when we first spoke"... She teased...
"If not trying to impress me, why this outfit now... Trying to cajole me or what?"...
"cajoling..would it happen with you?...I know how hardheaded you are"...
The reality of those lines made me laugh,"None has understood me better than you...you know I'm hardheaded ,then what is it with this meeting,outfit and talks about?...Any special occasion???"...
"Really you don't know??..Did you forget???.Consider that this is the day i made my worst mistake of my life couple of years ago",she said teasing me with the tongue in cheek.
"Ohhh...I remember only my mistakes...Better tell me what this is about?.."..I played along...
"Enough is enough..Have you really forgotten?"..turning very serious...
Realizing that i have teased her a bit too much i stood up..Went near her and sat beside her,"hey look..I was kidding don't get upset"..
"Keep quite...Don't talk to me anymore.."She was spitting fire...
Finally i just put my arm around her shoulder -(?????...wait a sec i will explain this in a few mins)- and said 
"Darling!!!...Can't you even find that I'm teasing you...Its just a  prank...how the hell on earth would i forget this place...That outfit and the day..I do remember that this is the place where we met couple of years ago and  i proposed you..This is the place where you mesmerized me for the second time with this outfit..This outfit does have that effect still on me for the 3rd time today. Most importantly i would never forget that this is the place,the date and the exact time where you accepted my proposal".....
I know you are wondering how the proposal took place.Here it is..A flashback...After that night where i decided to let her go,her call woke me up the next morning and she said she wants to meet me.I was completely astonished.But i accepted to meet her at coffee day 6'o clock.They say history repeats itself,but today i saw that.Because everything that happened today was the reiteration of that day.That time she was waiting for me.I was late by 10 minutes  and upon entering i saw her at a corner table wearing that outfit that has stunned me always.I went near her,almost my heart pounding.
"Hay hi..How are you...Good to see you"...
Wasn't it good to see me couple of days before,i wanted to ask.But looking at that eyes and the face with a broad smile i couldn't.So i had to succumb."I'm fine..Great!!!... to see you too"..
"Are you saying I'm looking great or its great to see me?".
Perplexed,"Sorry if i had sounded that way..I just said it was good to see you after a long time"...
Noting my change of tone,"hey i was kidding...cool...chill out.."Then the conversation was more formal and we asked about our lives.And suddenly i asked.
"why you wanted to meet...is there anything?"..
"well",She said,"I am looking for a job too and as you know very well that i got quite an impression with your project in college days itself.So i thought it would be good to add that to my resume if you can share that with me."Now that is a real heart breaker i thought that the magic theory worked and i got a chance to meet her but now she says all she wanted was a project.Damn it..Its sure as hell god is trying to deceive me.But hiding my frustration i said "yeah..why not...Thats okay with me"...and not wanting to stay there any more"well,now thats settled right?.Shall i move?".
How much ever i tried not to show emotions it went in vain.She read that and said with a teasing smile, "Enough!!!..i would not eat you,sit down for a while."..
"No its not that..I really have some work to do" ,I said...
"what ever it is..That can wait when something very important in our lives has to be decided  now".
"In our lives?..I don't understand",I queried.
"Hey are you really stupid or pretending to be a stupid?...I don't really understand...".she declared with out any second thoughts..
"What??...Stupid???...Excuse me!!!"..
"Aren't you that much clever enough to find out that under the guise of project I'm trying to get near you from that first day i spoke?.."..
I was like..."ahhhnnn....??????...!!!...."...totally speechless..
"okei let me be frank...I like you a lot and that is the reason why i wanted to get introduced to you in the name of  inquiring about project.And that's where i found that you have a soft corner for me.I was like waiting for you all these days.But you were clever enough not to understand that. Even day before yesterday i came to meet you but you turned your face and avoided me.So i wanted to put an end to this and decided to ask you".
"Ask me what?"...Still not coming to grips with what was happening...
"Ask that,When are you going to say 'I love you' to me?"... she quipped casually..
I was like flying in the air and felt like i got an ultimate honor in the world while  trying to pinch me to make sure that it wasn't dream.After that sweetest seconds of my life i said,"I love you will be too small a word that can describe what i feel for you"..!!!!.."I will make you realize that i more than love you a lot every nano second that you spend with me than by taking help of those three letter words".Not stopping i added."I don't have anything now..Not even a job,no money or nothing.But yet i feel like the richest person and the king of the world simply because you are by my side".
After that her eyes spoke a lot than her lips.....
"Is this the way you treat your wife(now you know why i put my arm around her :P) on the anniversary..???...You better go to hell..."..yes when we met on Day-2(That has to be logically day-3) we have gotten married and before this meeting we had an argument and stopped talking with each other.Two days passed and suddenly this morning,as you already know,she called me for this evening.
Finally to convince her i said what i felt about her...
"Honey!!!..Right now am in heaven..See i have an angel by my side...Doubtless..this is heaven.. Heaven is where you are"....
Now a shy smile spread across her face...

First time ever trying my hands at two things that  doesn't identify my writing,fiction and romance. They say that you grow when you try to get out of your comfort level and try something.This is one such effort like a tentative shot that a batsman plays on the first day of wicket to know how the pitch behaves.And like everyone else i chose to open my story writing account with a love story since that easily reaches people :P.Even Gautham menon had to do Minnale when he had a powerful script like Kakka Kakka with him simply for the fact that romance reaches fast than other genres..:P...I just wanted to test my presentation and the ability to say things in a chronology that can make the story interesting.(something like screenplay).I'am aware of the fact  that its not really a strong intense story and i checked my ability to make a ordinary story interesting which defines what kind of writer you are.Hope you like it and drop your comments

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Comeback!!!.When that word is uttered, many people in cricketing fraternity cite MohinderAmarnath's string of comebacks (which includes heroic comeback and the subsequent on the top performance in 1983 world cup) and Sourav Ganguly's comeback to the Indian squad after he was sidelined by controversies.But wait a sec how about this one?.

After amassing hundreds of thousands of runs as he is born to do exactly that,all of a sudden his golden touch and dominance of 18 years is questioned and blasphemies were hurled at him to stop breathing runs.Two years pass and then the same man unleashes a pinnacle array of impeccable displays.The best part is how and at what rate he scored runs in the recent times.He has shown the morons who called for his retirement by implicitly saying that they should retire from speaking non-sense.

Not only that, he also managed to show that "A lion is a lion no matter whether it is 16 or 60" by tantalizingly massacring foxes by his mere stare.(Well,2 foxes now have confessed that they are sick of seeing this phenomenon piling up runs). What augurs the mania on him and his sort-of-comeback is the fact that he has floored down a red-hot batsmen like sehwag (who is redefining test cricket) to reclaim No.1 spot in ICC test rankings.While talking about many of his golden attributes like his fabulous dominating presence for over two decades,his unbelievable statistics that reflects  all that a batsman can achieve and his repertoire for playing innings that would be possible for others only in their dream and his range of shots,one important thing must not be forgotten that distinguishes him.The class and the quality!!!!..That should be the one reason why he is so mesmerizing and spellbinding.

Certainly its great to see him scoring hundreds and making all those records.Nevertheless, the real treat is not in watching his tons being scored or in seeing him crossing mile stones but in relishing this artist's every move and every stroke he plays.Yup.He is more of a artist that appeals most to me and the million others than his unrepeatable heroics. There is more about the artistic style than the substance he has.The spectator is more transfixed to watch him belt down a Brett Lee delivery  down the track with double the amount of speed it was delivered and defining a new kinda shot (named Bullet drive as the ball traveled like a bullet ) than watching him score a century.

Leaving this comeback and all that aside one more thing which forms the best part of his recent times is his contribution in taking India to top of the Test Rankings and making Indian ODI side a more tough competitive side.As he himself puts across, he is satisfied when India wins than in instances he piles up runs. Perhaps its the finest thing happened to Indian cricket in recent times.And in that,Sachin Tendulkar's part is one of the considerable one with some sort of contribution.The record which shows that he has scored 50 or above in last 11 matches epitomizes that.Lot of times his stay at the crease has helped India in the recent times.

Yes,one of the considerable one!!!. Because I understand that this golden era of Indian test cricket had not happened over night and not because of a single person.It all started with Sourav Ganguly who started winning matches abroad and it was carried over by some of the throughly incredible displays from the likes of Dravid and Laxman in the early part of 2000s.The seeds sown by these guys have been reaped now.Having said all this,i also should say Dhoni too is maintaining what was left to him.He is doing pretty well to make the most of it.But to say MSD is the best captain of all time and all,it should take some time.Long way to go.

Coming back to Sachin,A lot has been said about him.He had not won matches for India,he perishes under pressure,talks surrounding that he is next only to Don bradman etc etc.But I personnaly have not seen Don Bradman scoring runs for 20 years all over the globe,I have not seen Viv Richards or Clive Llyod treating the best bowlers like Shane warne a club bowler,I have not seen Gavaskar skillfully scoring 500 or 600 odd runs in two world cups ,I have not seen any other batsman of any era who had scored 10k runs in both forms of cricket and still keep on scoring.And in reality i don't wanna know or i don't wanna see any other player, for a simple reason.You know what????...I HAVE SEEN SACHIN TENDULKAR..THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF BATSMANSHIP IN ONE MAN...Period...

As usual I'm a bit late here.Thought of posting this a week before but as usual my laziness got the better out of me.And as usual i could not stop writing.when i looked after writing this one,it was going for pages.It took me a while(equivalent to the time i took to write :P) to edit this.The one you find above is the edited version.check out the full length original article here at  http://sachinmaniacs.blogspot.com/

Check this out about the stats that says his redemption. http://www.cricinfo.com/magazine/content/story/450014.html

Monday, October 11, 2010

The film is grossing millions in the box office and has set record first week collection of 117 crores,surpassing best box office collection  of movies like 3 idiots and Gajhini.From a South Indian dictating superstar, Rajni Kanth's stature has grown in to a mesmerizing National superstar.But you don' t rate a movie best based upon the collections nor by the star-cast.And in my opinion good movie is the one which pleases your senses and which is a treat to watch  without compromising much towards the commercial elements.

Talking about the movie,the movie opens up with Dr.Vasi in the process of making a Andro-humanoid Robot.Finally he succeeds in making one(chitti) and the first half of the movie is occupied by the antics of the robot when an attempt is made by Dr.Vasi to check how the robot handles outside world.Interestingly  chitti doesn't comply to Asimov's 3 laws since its the ambition of Dr.Vasi to contribute it for a special purpose.Dr.Vasi finds an enemy in his mentor and coz of the troubles given by him to hinder Dr.Vasi's realisation of his ambition vasi decides to give emotional logic and feelings to chitti.

And this turns out to be a real path breaker which leads to unimaginable circumstances.What happens to chitti and Dr.Vasi forms the rest of the story.Many people said Rajni without his usual punches and mannerisms is a plus to the movie.But i guess to ask Rajni to act without  those elements is like asking sachin tendulkar  to bat at No.6.It never pays off,this scientist's role is too ordinary and in that Rajni's role is to merely  yell out at the Robot or to do tiresome dull romance with Aishwarya rai.Dr.Vasi fails to catch the imagination.

But Rajni as Chitti has rocked truly, especially towards the end he has belted out a fantastic performance in the bady robot avatar.If there is something that is completely  flawless in this movie,that has to be  Rajni's acting.Going forward one more plus is the visual effects.It needs a special appreciation and that too towards the climax it at least lives up to the build up given for the movie before the release.With out that movie would have been  much more somber jinx.ARR's music is handy with his usual brilliant numbers and a handy bg score.2.0 bgm towards the end is good.Shankar's meticulous approach shows in some parts like the usage of terms like Robo-sapiens,Andro-humanoid etc etc.

Moving to the negatives of the film i would say there two major components.One,weak storyline with lots of masala, commercial elements and two the build up.Talking about the storyline there is really nothing that is captivating.one can see lots of scenes inspired from I-Robot(a major part),bit of terminator and some say  from Matrix too.Dr.Bhora's death and the robot taking control looks like  pure adaptation from I-robot.One can't accept that its a sci-fi movie given the fact that it has been stuffed with this much commercialism.(No wonder why few of my friends updated that the movie was not that much good in Facebook after seeing first day show).Its coz of the fact that they  are made to see this half cooked commercial sci-fi flick after they have seen pure breathtaking sci-fi movies.

I wonder when Shankar says this is his 10 years dream.I thought he would have spent lot of time on the story and fine-tuned it.Thought that this would be his Masterpiece considering the repertoire he has.But this is not even close to his first flick gentleman in-terms of script.If the masterstroke had lied in the script then i think this would have forayed into international scene without doubt.His brilliance as an script writer has stopped after Mudhalvan i guess.

Coming to the second part i.e the build up given,i could very well say that has proved to be a niggle  for this movie.Over the top build ups has given a lot of expectations and when the movie doesn't live up to it,it proved to be a negative.More than these build ups about the movie,which one can live with and tolerate,there is one more annoying build up about the production house.In 1940s there was a producer called S.S.Vasan who set up Gemini studio's.He took a film called chandralekha with a budget of $600,000 which can be like 28 million in 2010.Even that great man never would have promoted the film portraying he is the face of the movie.Neither did i hear any other great producers like A.V.Meyyappa chettiyar nor the the likes of yash chopra doing those things.Even the highest budgeted movie King kong had not been promoted in such a way.But here the story is opposite.

Here MD(thats what they call) has been the man most sort after.He hogs limelight similar to Rajni.Another torture is from Sun Tv which -frankly- is quite understandable.They are habituated to give build ups to epic movies like sura,vettaikaran,singam etc etc(mokka padangaluke ipdina?) and why not to a Rajni flick.But they ought to consider that people watching are also human. Man!!! a function for audio release,one for trailer release, documentary for 1 hours on the opening day and the list goes on.(As premji says in saroja tamizh nattu makkalu romba pavam).

The peak is the cheap promotional stunt of Rajni visiting Bal Thackrey and calling him god has gone on to show how low these promotional tactics can go.Rajni in the trailer release said that he was asked to give interviews to north Indian medias as a part of promotion but he said he was embarrased to talk about his own movie.If he has that much unliking towards cheap publicity how the hell on earth he would explain this?.Being a hardcore rajni fan i personally lost my part of respect for him  when he apologised  some goddamn nobody so that his film kuselan can be released in Karnataka following Rajni's remark on Hogenakkal row.What ever...Finally after coming out of theater i knew two things.One this doesn't fall exactly under the genre of sci-fi film may be a kind of beta version of sci-fi commercial.Two this is not the best of Indian Movies absolutely not even near to the best.May be in terms of making and technicalities it might be a step ahead.But not the best Indian movie and all that.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My posts these days,reflect my moods which had pre-occupied me sometime earlier.Its better that way, when i write about stuff after i get over or after i let go the steam simply coz  my presentation will be less intense.Wat to do?. I'm bit emotional and impulsive some times(?).Perhaps I have that restraint to keep everything inside the four walls of my heart.When i wrote the last one,i went overboard (just a little :P) just to desperately make myself cheered up and to deviate myself from bothering or pondering  over things that goes around.And now i am writing about one of that stuff which bothered me few days back..And let me start without boring you any further...

I have to start this one with one of my usual grumble, that the things flood into my life and they prove overwhelming .Cut-short,(here it goes) Why the heck things are always in the extremes in life?.This time what suffocated and led me to that was Death.More precisely,death slash suicide. Probably you don't really wanna hear these words and never continuously you want them to be resonating in your ears reminding you that someone who was with you or someone who you know is dead.How one feels  is hardly explicable in words.That too when death was chosen and embraced with open arms.

Frankly, this is not the kind of topic i would like to talk a lot about.Only thing what i can say is that suicide is the first and last resort of a coward that too a foolish mindless coward .If you ask me there is nothing in the world that one can kill himself  for.Yes there are things to die for i mean few things that you can risk your life and fight for something and get killed.Once again there are only very few things like honor,country and right principles etc etc.Other than that nothing is worth dieing for.In a way,killing someone is better than getting oneself killed. Murderer tag won't be that bad than a coward tag or an idiot tag.

What those people forgot is the fact that nobody is gonna give a damn if  they kill themselves.It might be cynical but that is the hard brutal truth .The loser will be the one who dies not the others.Surely his friends and relatives and their parents will miss them and feel for them.But for how long?.A friend might get struck for your loss for a week or a month and he will move on.His parents might curse themselves to have seen their son dead and feel dejected for two months or three months or may be a year but they too have to/will move on.Coz they have one more kid to look after.They will be remembered on death anniversaries and will be missed in some occasions. Thats all.Nobody is gonna die along with you when you die,everybody has their bloody hell business.

People who know this won't even think about such ridiculous ideas like suicide.More over if someone/  something makes you unhappy and depressed its just better to hang on and wait for one's time and then screw those people back.Thats where the real fun is.There are only two things that can avoid such stupid things.One,you have to have someone who you speak your heart out.It might be a friend,your mom,your brother,your colleague,your sister or anybody for that matter.Two,one should have a confidence or hope in life or else at least a smug arrogance that says nothing or nobody can make me feel small.

Many times when i had thought about people taking this hard decision of ending their lives, one thing always (for a very long time) intrigued me.From where do they get the courage to end their life?.I mean when i think about death or what death would be like i really get scared to death.This fear had led me to read on subjects like life after death,death-bed experiences,re-incarnation etc etc.The fear is due to the fact that after death you don't feel anything,you don't/can't think,You are not even aware of yourself.You unite with the unknown ever prevailing darkness synonymous to sleep where you don't feel anything.Simply there is no identity to you and there is no YOU.I don't think a hell or heaven is waiting for us after one dies and we don't know what happen to us after death.But contrary to that, as someone said May be Earth is some other planets hell and the question is which hell we go to after we die.

Besides the fear of what happens after death or where you go, i feel disgusting  when i have to  leave all the loved ones.I may not be a best son to call my parents every week,i may not be a best friend to catch up or visit my friend every month and i may not be a best brother to be a nice and never-quarreling sibling.But still i hate to leave these people that too forever.I may be a bit retarded,not to be the way i should be as a son or a friend or a brother but that doesn't justify that i can live without them.Even though people don't see their loved ones daily they don't bother much coz they know the fact that their loved one is happy even though they are not  with them.There is a difference between somebody dead and somebody living elsewhere happily out of sight.I am quite okay with living out of sight but never out of world.I wonder what makes someone overlook all the above fears of unknown and fear of departure when killing himself.

I end up convincing my mind that "May be a good night's sleep that we experience everyday is a dress rehearsal for death".But oddly my power booster is sleep and at times i hate the world when i have to get out of the bed.What ever it is I don't believe in hell or heaven when i think with my rational mind and i don't wanna think about this anymore.At very young age when i was like 13 or 14 these kinda questions comes to my mind.That is the age which explores and tries to understand the world right?.When this question of death arrives i think hard about that and i get puzzled with everything that i shared above and finally end up having a headache desperately needing sleep.Well that is not exactly happening now i am not in the verge of getting headache and all.But before it can happen let me end it here.....Coz this is not something that i cherish talking long about.....
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