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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Long back i read about the story of  pyramids.It  said that 1000s of people  were made slaves after being kidnapped from various African countries and they were forcefully employed  in building  pyramids.(Similar to that of  10,000 BC movie story).The story i read and the movie gave me the exact picture of  how people were exploited  for the sole interest of then Egyptian kings.There is a same kinda legend about building of  Taj Mahal.It is said that the hands of the engineer who built the Taj was cut and many died in the process of building Taj.U might well ask whats the connection between Taj.Pyramid and the topic...Well,lemme explain...

Whenever you see an advertisement as, so and so company has earned this much profit or that company has become No.1 you can decide that the story of pyramid and Taj has been staged once again where a group of people's interests would have been crushed for individual interest(which i feel is brutal).You might ask what makes me to write this kinda post.Well,I'm a direct victim of this.(Thats a big story.I'm planning to give a separate post on that in a few days).When i sit and think i really feel whats exactly happening.

Today the  success of business( not only business but also individual success) depends upon how well you are smart(even if it is unfair or cruel).Smartness ,nowadays ,means not being making an extra ordinary plan or innovating some damn good thing but it is how well  you are good in killing your conscience.Don't think that this brutality and exploitation happens somewhere and you don't have anything to do with this.

Basically everyone is exploited in one or the other way like in salary or in amount of work being extracted or amenities,facilities that should be provided.There are people who work for 12 or 16 hours.There are people who are made to work in underprivileged conditions. And people are employed for low wages coz of  heavy competition.cheap labor,cost-effectiveness and cost-cutting are various versions of this business brutality.But the pathetic thing is people undergo these brutalities willingly for money or to get promotion (nothing wrong from their part,the competition is so high).The organizations make use of this and they call it business strategy which is totally capitalistic than democratic.

From the story of Ambani to Bill Gates(no offence meant and this has been part and parcel of business)  this forms an important chapter.None were democratic in approach,success in business required capitalistic approach.The degree varied from minor toughness to extreme cruelty.Why is it so??.It is because people work basically towards money.(once again the intention and purpose counts).The greed towards money makes them blind and pushes them to run down or utilize anyone who come across.

Above things give an idea that everything revolves around money and of course  it is a true fact.No humanity or no compassion, only money matters.In movies with social movies messages you might have heard them saying THE SYSTEM IS SO CORRUPTED.but what i think is THE SYSTEM ITSELF IS TOTALLY NONSENSE.You born as a human ,you get education and you run for money  for whole life.In the meantime you marry and you have off spring and finally you die after securing your off-spring's future.I don't know what kinda of life is this.It simply sucks.(the concept is bizarre which highlights money as a prime necessity and which is self-centric).

At times these things bring bitterness on capitalism and it makes me to think that this is why people like Carl Marx and Lenin pursued Communism.If the exploitations in corporate level is this much brutal, then think about the exploitations on  daily labors and ordinary people.It must be 1000 times worse than this.No wonder Marx and Lenin emerged in this world after seeing them.

Today business has become something  like building  Taj and Pyramids, where many individual interests are crushed in the process of  promoting business. Which means, ultimately the outcome  does nothing for the people(except that they are drenched by currency notes) and it purely aims at individual profit and growth.

Finally there are two ways to handle a thing,If u can not accept a thing,just change it or if you can not change a thing just accept it.Of the two i would like to go with the first one. Be it anything... Personally i have aspirations to pursue business  in future and If i do that i won't run business this way and i think this has been brought to my attention so that i don't do that.I will try to change the way business is done.

I don't know how you are gonna take this piece of writing.You can take it as a mere emotional outrage or a sensible unanswerable question.Or I'm not sure whether I'm magnifying a common thing.Even. in retrospection, i myself might find this as a totally weird writing but the fact is i feel the pinch of this subject right now and trust me,  it feels so bad when i think about this.


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