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Monday, February 08, 2010

It is said that, Quality of  ones life depends upon the friends and books he chooses.Both should be of high quality and less in number.But if you ask me i would say that it is important to choose and see good  movies as well since it also has a profound effect on life these days.Recently i saw some movies and thought of sharing my opinion with you all about the experience i had.I'm a kinda person who would prefer to  read a good book ,watch a good(i mean really good) movie or i would prefer to  strike a conversation with a buddy during leisure times and holidays than to go out and wander.Personally i would go to theaters only to watch  kinda movies which can make me forget about everything and make me laugh and kinda of movies really grips me with the odd and mind blowing content.

Recently i saw some movies which claimed that they are taking cinema to the next level.But i never believe that there are levels in movies, what i know is there are only two kinda movies one good movie ,two crap movie.Thing is that a film shouldn't be called successful or a good movie based upon how much business it does.(After all this is a peculiar country where movies like Mozhi,Anbe sivam,Bharathi and poo will collect less money and movies like thirupachi and sivaji will hit the box office.).I call  movies which are simple,practical or at least which has some element in it as good movies.

Let me tell you the movie watching experience that i had recently.Contrary to what i said earlier, i happened to see 5 to 6 movies in the past 3 weeks.Couple of movies really had a lasting impression.One mind-blowing and the other was mind numbing (it  was  not so good according to me).Those two movies were Avatar and Aayirathil oruvan.Apart from that i also saw 3 idiots,Goa and Asal which were quite normal.As far as Avatar is concerned James Cameron must be given a big round of applause.The entire 120 minutes takes you to a different world.Not a new story line though.However its a good entertainment.When trailers got released i thought  "Another alien movie!!!!..Jeez, Not again".But i was proved wrong when i saw that.

And the next path breaking movie  which i saw was 1000-il oruvan. After seeing trailers i thought this will be like a historic or a epic movie and i did not want to miss it since the historic and adventurous  subject line always fascinates me.With all those reviews and talks i was confused whether the movie would be a fantasy movie or an adventure or a historic or a classic or a  real story.With all these loads and loads of  fancied expectations i went to theater...Guess what?..Even after coming outta theater i could not come to conclusion about the genre of the movie.It was never a fantasy movie neither a adventure nor a classical.(Mothathula idhu oru padame illa.).My friends said that  the second half  is  not understandable.But as far i know there was nothing in that part(story wise) which is out of comprehension.(Edhachum irundhadhane da puriyaradhuku.). Those pure tamil dialogues were nothing but unnecessary build up.

The first half goes somewhat well which has some funny scenes.Karthi's desperation to seduce both heroines and graphical adventure scenes keeps the clock ticking.As far as the cast is concerned,karthi is a big victim,he has no big scope other than romancing two B..B... i mean beautiful heroines :P :P.(for that he need not have wasted 2 years,poor soul).As far as Andrea is concerned she got 2 nice numbers to sing in the movie and her voice is more hot than her on-screen appearance(coz people said that she looked cool but i never got such an impression).And the song she has sung in the Movie Goa is also good.Metallic voice!!!.Perhaps Reema has some importance in the movie but her characterization is not that  much appealing and it is quite disgusting to some extent.

During the trailer launch of this movie  Kamal said" when people in the other part of the world were hunting and lived uncivilized,We Tamilians wrote silapathigaram and Thirukural".I don't know whether the way the director portrayed the chola's present generation did justice to what Kamal said.He has shown like they are a pygmy  or a cannibal group.The best part is that some scenes have been censored when i went to theater after two weeks of the movie release.

When i was talking about this movie with my friend he told me about some scenes and asked me whether i saw them.From what he said i was glad that those parts are censored and if i would have seen them i would have used all profanity in the world.The funny part is people say that this is next level of movie ( I wonder in what way it is???).The movie like earlier Selva's movies hasn't frustrated audience. This also has lots n lots  of double meaning dialogues and some nasty scenes.

All the above said movies except 3 idiots and Avatar majorly failed in the story part.But Goa was good even though there was no meaningful story.It would be a two and half hour laughter treat if you  forget about logic and story.In fact i saw that with my buddies and with the inspiration of the movie we have decided to go to such a trip to Miami beach as the guys in the movie do.Even though it is not for picking up girls or  for gazing at bikini-clad women,it would be just for fun. (namma range inational illa so Miami will be apt :P :P :P).

And through this what i ask is ,please stop making sadistic movies in the name of off-beat themes.people like Bala,Ameer and Selva are famous for this.Even though they make box office hits ,as a spectator i personally like movies which gives me a good feel when i come outta theater and i don't want a sad classic. There is a difference between sadism( for instance this movie, paruthiveeran climax,nanda climax) and off-beat  theme.Whatever !!!After this i won't dare to watch a movie of this sort without suggestion from friends.(Theater ku padam pakka ponadhu oru kutthama da..kadaisila ipdi polamba vittutingale  :( :( )


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