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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I had few topics in mind when i wanted to blog this time but this one which i have taken up might prove to be relevant to the present season.One would have heard a lot of  WOMAN(Women's day,33% reservation to women and all ) for the last 10 days .So ,I thought, why not i come up with a post on this.When i heard this concept of Woman's day i had a question which might be little stupid.But you know what?, you end up discovering wisdom( ???)  when you start finding answers for this kinda stupid and silly questions.(True!!!..Believe me :P :P).The question was why there is no Men's day?.And if  March 8th is Women's day then does the rest of the 364 days belong to men. :P :P

When i seriously asked few friends (Journalism???) why Women's day is celebrated,they said that Women suffer a lot (coz of men...Thats wat my friend meant...) and they have to struggle a lot to come up in life in this chauvinistic society.And to honor them(for succeeding despite having to face a lot) this concept of women's day was found.(hmmm...splendid explanation i thought).But what about guys who suffer a lot(coz of women... What about husbands who get beatings from wives :P :P) and the struggles they have to face to come up in life.And eventually i wanted to bring the difficulties and turmoils of guys in 2010 to the fore. :P

I give you an instance which would reflect the above lines.The other day,i was waiting for a bus.When the bus came  i saw a girl who was sitting inside( not so gud looking...Jus kinda Okey only :P) when i was about to get in and she was looking at me.she did not take her eyes off me even after getting on to the bus.I always keep low profile and i wear simple looking outfits.(I'm no Hrithik or Shah rukh).She would have seen for at least 2mins without even blinking her eye. (Being a guy even if some world beauty crosses me i won't see her more than half a min..To the max not more than 1 min :P).

I was puzzuled and felt embarrassed for the way she looked(I don't know what the heck she looked at me  like tat?.I did not have slightest idea until now).My mind cautioned me something is fishy and made up mind not to turn towards her for the rest of the journey :(.Gandhi said India is really a free and independent country  when a beautiful girl wearing costly jeweleries walks in the streets at midnight without any fear.But today a guy can not travel independently in mid noon...so sad....(OMG...Is there no safety for guys :P :P)..

In olden days(not so long ago) Women were perceived as the symbol of patience,virtue and the protector of culture.Thats why people honored them by giving feminine names to rivers.They believed that like rivers the women are also sacred. But today if i walk across T.Nagar on a sunday i see a mini Lakme India or Milan Fashion week.Such is the culture.sometimes i have to turn my face away  coz of  embarrassment.An embarrassment which they should feel for the outfit they wear. (I don't like these kinda things.I'm a very good guy,you know :P :P).Speaking of culture Sometime back i went to Bangalore(it was a very short trip :( )...
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I thought of just checking out the city and i was waiting for the bus.By that point of time i saw a guy and girl walking towards a shop.Girl stopped few yards before and the guy went to shop and came back smoking.After couple of minutes that girl took the cigarette from that guy and started smoking...(Adi  paavi...unnalam yen kalli pal oothi kollala :X)..Even though seeing a girl smoking is not new i have never seen such kinda incident in the middle of the road and too sharing cigarette with a guy.(holy heavens whats happening :( ).You might ask, what about men,don't they do any such things.Yes they do and even then that stays wrong,no change in it.

But honestly speaking,on a serious note, these days we can not/should not expect people to live out their stereotype image(girls should be like this and guys should be like that).Being good and being bad never don't really depend upon gender.And the other common view is women don't get equal opportunity.when it comes to opportunities being a guy or girl doesn't give  upper hand.To succeed you have to work hard.But yes,sometimes women were oppressed and they don't get equal opportunity.Coming from a rural area i have seen a lot of this.Girls who study in Government schools can not take up a professional course even though they would have scored 80 or 85 %.Their parents won't be ready to spend money on their education and they would be resorted to settle for a arts and science course.

And it is sensible to say that these kinda people don't get equal opportunity and they are discriminated which is quite unfortunate.And you  know what,you never improve this by giving reservations.These 33% reservations are not gonna do any good for them.A reaction of a woman in a magazine comes to my mind,which was "This 33% is not gonna do anything for the common women.It only open gates for politicians to bring in their spouses like Rabri Devi and daughters to politics.

Finally what i conclude is  no one should be denied an opportunity  based on not only gender but also coz of caste,color and background etc etc.Basically for this to happen the society's mindset should change.The narrow mindedness of discriminating other people(especially women) is pathetic and people should start behaving like  human with conscience.These kinda people should change for the better.Generally anyone who achieves should be appreciated and respected(Be it a guy or a girl).But still ,there are few women who had emerged victorious in spite of many oppressions and who had rock solid determination and resolve .I bow before them and hats off to their spirit.I would say that these kinda women should be celebrated in a more special way not only on March 8 but every day of the year.Why do you need a single day?.

Personally i  always hold women in high regard and my narration in the first part is just for showing the flip side of this story and it was an attempt to  show funny side of things and i seriously don't mean any offense.More over i think femininity is something which has positive and good effect on the world and when i see some girls humiliating that i feel bad.And some of the above reactions might be the outcome of that.once again i was not able to express everything i wanted to say but yet i suppose i came up with a decent writing.Hope you enjoy.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Some one said that The best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature.Writing books is old school so Simbhu gets over a woman by depicting her on the celluloid screen here.(whether he gets over or not is a different story) This is what VTV is all about.Well,i need not say about the success of the movie,everyone knows it.(I went after 2 weeks of the movie release and it was a near full house crowd that too on a Monday noon,the film is that much successful.).After hearing all the buzz i went to the movie and the rest is as below.

Ethanayo ponnunga irukanga ana nan yen Jessie ah love panren?(There are lot of other girls but y do i love Jessie?) simbhu keeps on asking this question through out the movie in different tones.Trisha is a Malayali girl brought up in Chennai.Simbhu is a typical chennai guy who has completed his mechanical engineering and wanders jobless.(oh my god!!! BE graduates don't get job even in films these days :().But he is good enough to find that his graduation will not fetch him a job and decides to pursue his passion of directing movies.

He  falls in love at first sight with Trisha  who has only seen 5 movies in her lifetime.The funny irony starts here and simbhu has to cross many obstacles to succeed in love  like the 1 year age difference,their religion,Trisha's adamant father and Trisha herself who  is unpredictable and not so clear.At last he proposes her and she right away denies the proposal citing the above reasons and says it would never workout.But the hero who is very determined stalks her all the way to kerala(this is why u should not love a girl from other state,U have to travel a lot :P) and apologizes and  promises to be a  good friend to her.

But to his amazement while talking he senses that she is also in love with him.How Simbhu brings out the hidden love from her,whether he convinces his would-be father-in-law  and what happens to his directorial venture forms the rest of the story.As far as the cast is concerned Simbhu has been adorable through out the film for the first time.(personally i only liked his Kovil and Thotti jaya and it would be good if i don't talk about rest of his films).He has done a great job and he scores as a crazy lover and in the scene in which he meets Trisha in New-york.And the maturity he shows in climax is superb(But i think the credit for this should go to the director).

As far as Trisha is concerned she looks unusually beautiful in this movie.(Like Karthi in Paruthiveeran..Chitthapu Gautam paduthla nadicha Trisha kooda azhaga therivanga pola".Coz the heroines look good when they act in his films like Reema in Minnale, Jothika in kakka kakka.:P :P).She has done well in a character where she has to keep the hero always guessing and she acts well in scenes where she is trapped between love and family.But it looked stupid when she ditches the hero yet it looked pragmatic.(Hero must have said Indha ponnungale ipdi dhan boss).Ganesh the Cameraman of Kakka kakka has lent a good performance especially in the marriage scene in church and in police station where he asks,Thambi Ethanayo ponnunga irukanga..nee yenda Jessie ah love panna??)..It was really funny...

Another strong point of the movie is music...Well,simply you can say that ARR has proved once again  why he got Oscars and why he is celebrated this much...Hosanna and Omana penne were awesome which are my favorites( the locations and picturisation are good).But when i watched the movie i also liked Mannipaya (sherya Ghosal was at her best as usual) because of the feel and the situation in which it comes.Before when i heard it in home i thought it was a overdose of melody and i felt it was just good.

And finally the show-stealer is Gautam(seems he has a lot of knowledge in this subject :P and shows great comprehension about people and their nature).It is not because he has given a hit or a enjoyable movie  but for the way he penned the story and the dialogues. Story is so simple no big twists and turns ,no exaggerations and no non sense. More over it reflects real life and it can be easily related to real life.He has showed what love does to a guy's life.(Finally Simbu's character must be saying unna love pannadhuku oru padam eduthathu dhan micham).

The tag-line of the movie says that its a different love story but what i think is its a story about love.He has showed how love is approached by people these days.And one more reason why i liked this movie is because of dialogues (not all of them but some stood out from the rest). Especially the questions Simbhu asks when Trisha says that her parents are looking  alliance for her and the scene in which he proposes,their meeting in New-york. And many other one liners were really good.

As i said its a simple feel good movie and you will like it for sure if you like practical movies and if you go with out any big expectations.Its about  how a guy struggles to get over a girl and how a girl easily gets over a guy.This is  one more feather to Gautam's cap and a breakthrough for Simbhu and awesome treat for viewers.Finally what i asked is There are many films which i watched this week but why do i like VTV a lot?(it was a kinda question that popped up and i picked it for the title as well :))

Saturday, March 06, 2010

I thought of sharing my experience with the job i had.I decided to write about it long before and only now i got time.As far as the title is concerned i don't know why( it might be coz of that famous 1 night in a call center book title's influence :P) i chose that.Anyhow i did not work for 30 days(it was more than 30 days) and it was neither a call center (it was actually a  BPO :p).

 Well,the process i worked was for troubleshooting computers and we worked for the United States clients.I was with a team which was full of freshers and the training was more or like college(Teasing,ragging and everything will be there)..Inside that training campus everyones' attention will be on us where ever we go.(That much pranks and antics will be staged :P).Once training got over we moved to real working environment.With the experinece i had, have to say really that Americans are good (Even if you see in this blog,i have lot of visitors from US next to India.I feel like its a kinda second home to me and I'm thinking of settling over there in future :P :P)One thing i like in them is their frankness, and  patience as well ( 3 mani neram pesa sonnalum tension eh agama pesuvanga).Most of them(about 65%) will  be professional while they talk.Frank,in the sense they will say what ever they want to say to your face.(won't bother about anything,konmjam kooda koocha padave matanga).For example if you speak normal English and if they don't understand they will ask to repeat that again.on other hand  if you try to show your peter they will directly say like "Can i talk to someone who knows English?"(Apde kalasiduvanga).

Since we worked for consumer section, people who use systems in home will call us.To start a conversation  they will normally ask"Are you from India?" and in reply we would say yes and welcome them to India as if we were working for tourism department...And if it is a girl or an interesting customer (chumma oru frndhsip vera onnum illa :P) we would start like "How is the weather over there?". And the duration of the call  will be based how the conversation shapes up.Sometimes the call may extend to 2 or 3 hours.(avlo tensionlayum indha madhiri sila groundnuts :P dhan ore time pass,but sadly :( this happens very rarely).Sometimes people tend to get friendly and speak well.(caller would address you SIR at the beginning at end she'll call you honey or dear at the end of call ).Personally i can still remember some people i spoke with and those experiences were cool. And as the time passed we saw the real nature of the job.It was too demanding where you have to be on your toes every second.Not even a moment you can relax.And night shifts too started having effect on us.(it was not even night shift...We go to work by night 1.30 and it will end by morning 11.30.So its a kinda semi night shift.We will be always in a kinda hangover.)

As the time progressed,due to the inner working of the process and mounting pressure i developed a disliking towards the job.Especially due to heavy call volumes we had to work 6 days a week(virtually we lived there and often visited home :p) and most pathetic thing was we even did not have leave on Christmas or new year or pongal.And during that point of time when i was irritated  i spoke with a lady, she spoke well and she asked about me and what i did and all.She said about herself and her business.After that she asked how many girl friends i have?.Did i spend my time with them on  the new year?.(Like karunas Ada neenga vera Andha madhiri nalla kariyam edhuvum innum nadakala..i thought Epdi adhu girlu friendsss ah??..inga onnuthuke vazhi illayam idhula girl friends am..EKSI. :( .Nane new year anniku inga ukandurukume nu vayitherichala iruken).And i explained her that if i spend my whole life here how would i get girl freind and told her about my pathetic  new year.(should have told the usual dialogue "innum en rangeku yarum kedaikalanu ":P).

 And i had one more customer who spoke really well and said that he liked India very much and the people.He said that he was in Bangalore two weeks before and said that he was about to go to Mumbai on Nov 26 on which Taj hotel was attacked.But luckily trip got canceled. And went on to add that his daughter is now in India.(ponna thaniya vitutu nee anga enna da panra).Said that she was on a tour with her boy friend.(I thought Wow..nalla appa..nalla ponnu..nalla kudumbam.ennamo pannunga da).

U know what is the most difficult moment of this job...It is when you talk with a nice girl for quite long time and at the end when she says "Just a moment i will give the phone to my husband he wants to ask you a doubt about his laptop"(Husband?Real heartbreaker.. :( :()Finally i had a funniest experience .The manwho called  said that he is retired and he can't access a particular website.He said that the name of the site was Ftv girls.(Ada nadhari.Dai nee avana da.unnalam yenda Katrina  thookala.This  katrina is a tornado that struck US in 2005  :P)Said that he is 65 and it was his fav site.(Dai nan inga 22 vayasula nite 2 maniku ukandhu kadupula vela pakren nee ennadana 65 vayasula ftv girls site theriyalanu solra...ellam nera koduma da).During further conversation he  said that he learnt a bhajan when he visited a krishna temple which was soul stirring.(enna da thidirnu bhakthiman madhiri pesura,enna dhan da un prechana).Finally said that he was in a ashram and it changed his life..( ada pavi!!! ippo dhan puriyudhu nee evano oru poli samiyar kitta sikki ipdi seerazhunjiruka pola.Ada veena ponavangala oru American citizen vazhkaila ipdi vilayaditingale :P)

Normally this kinda funny moments and the moments in which some people say like, "You really made my day and I'm thankful for your help",are the reasons why i spent sometime there.Especially it feels good when you help old people and when you  identify real happiness in their voice.These kinda ,moments will bring happiness than the moments in which you get a grand 10k bucks.

After a certain point i left the job since our superiors wanted us to earn money rather than to earn customers satisfaction.(It was not wrong on their part, that is what they were told by management). Finally i felt like the customers' innocence was used in making revenue and it was completely unacceptable to me.They implicitly told us to run down the  customers and earn more incentives (basically i don't give importance to money and this kinda things brought a sort of hatred on money itself,i thought why some people are too materialistic and self centric). I did not like it and due to this and some other reasons i left the job.And this kinda experience made me to write a harsh and rude post about business some days back.(you have to be in my shoes to really understand this and what i have written is only 0.01 % of what happened or whats happening).

At  the end of everything, i was left totally exhausted (physically,mentally and emotionally).Even though i felt bad towards the end of my stint in that bpo,i knew that it was a good experience and i needed it badly.I learnt a lot.I saw a lot of people and i learnt how to handle them.I thought working in that bpo will have a lot to do with my future career.It improved me a lot.So no regrest at all and I'm happy that i worked there for a few months.
I'm really sorry for making this post this lengthy.Frankly it took 2 hours to recollect and write and another one and half hours to cut short  alone :P.And at the end this was  shortest possible length  i could come up with.perhaps i had a lot of things to say.(I thought i might have written it like a novel :P and might have published).Anyways kindly tolerate this time.And comment for sure if you really like. :)

Monday, March 01, 2010

Hey everyone!!..How are you???... its been a long that i blogged..My bloody damn system gave trouble which prevented me from posting and sadly it is still under repair...Lemme just go ahead with the post...Frankly speaking i don't have any important thing to share in this post...You can ask "Then what the hell am i writing this post for"???..Well the answer is  that i wanted to share my opinion on some of the reactions i got for the posts recently...
Normally  what people (both my frns and other readers) would say is like the post is  nice or awesome or the way i have expressed and narrated is good ..Interestingly i never got any contradictory opinions on whatever i wrote all these days...But i can understand why, it is because i write about my personal experiences and  my takes, opinions on things..But virtually  i was expecting such a kind of frank and candid comments if it is gonna be even too critical.(I can not be always correct,right???)

And recently i got such frank and contradictory comments which showed that my writing is making impression .It was for the post  http://vishnu24.blogspot.com/2010/01/business-is-being-brutal.html .It was like as follows " i like your post for sheer brutal honest reflection of your mind.Its for this very purpose we write post in blogs.we dont have to be diplomatic." And i can say that he exactly got everything i wanted to say about that post.He said that he liked the way i honestly put such an content in blog.(Frankly speaking lot of people will not accept the way i narrated or the thing that was written)It seemed like he understood why i say rather than what was said...And that term "BRUTAL HONESTY" really was catchy and thats what my approach is all about.I really like it and that kinda really decribes my approach.(Atleast in this blog,Coz in real life you can not be  really frank and honest about everything ..People don't like truth and they give bizzare looks if someone is ture...Truth is always bitter).

And he said like that the purpose of blogging is to honestly write what you feel.Yup I totally i agree and thats the way i wanna write.Forget about blogging ,generally the  purpose of a writer should be to express what he feels in an unbiased way.Something should not be written to catch the attention of people or to impress people or to show your writing prowess or eloquence.Even for the previous review about 1000il  oruvan i got mixed reactions.But still i felt ,i honestly wrote what i felt and i don't bother if my opinion matches with others or not.
And for the former post i got a totally opposing comment for what i wrote and i feel these are the honest comments that will make me to blog in a much better way.There are some other really good readers and their comments that i wanted to mention.But unfortunately i am blogging this from net cafe and i am not in a position to check them and put it here.A big sorry for that.I'm just writing about the ones which come to my mind.

Two months back, one of the reader said the post was good and the look of blog was quite awful with black background and he said a light BG will be better.And i was really happy to get such suggestions.And one more  Irish blogger(she is a professional blogger) commented like the posts were really big for a blog reader and i should compress my posts..I'm trying for the past 2 months to do that.Of course it is because of this i was not able to make people understand exactly what i wanted to say in that http://vishnu24.blogspot.com/2010/01/business-is-being-brutal.html post.Its definitely a big challenge to strike the balance between writing short and saying everything you wanna say.But sometimes i even wonder did i really write some posts?..probably in both happy and frustrating tones despite their length.

Finally I'm happy the way this blog and my blogging has evolved.Few months back i wrote a post titled http://vishnu24.blogspot.com/2009/10/life-is-it-funny-paradox-or-pre-defined.html and the reactions which i got for that really made me  to believe that i also can come up with some good readable stuff.If someone would have said before a year that i will be blogging this much passionately i would have laughed at them.It is because i tend to get bored if i do same things again and again.I mean i can not fit into a routine.I hate the life to be all the same.But i wonder how i managed to  come up with 30 posts in 7 months time especially when i was not even getting time to sleep or sit back and relax( it was because of the nature of my job).I think that it is my passion that has kept me going.But no more reasons to worry since i gotten rid of that obstacle and now i have time to sleep,time to sit back and relax and above all time for blogging....So you can expect a lot in the coming days...

 Finally thanks for all those who read this blog(Even though i have given a title like Blabs,its very nice of you to read) and big thanks for all those who have commented and who are gonna comment.Above all a big thanks to all those who follow this blog(Noble souls :D)...No words to thank u people and i owe u a lot...Thanks for all your support... :)

Thanks for visiting!