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Saturday, March 06, 2010

I thought of sharing my experience with the job i had.I decided to write about it long before and only now i got time.As far as the title is concerned i don't know why( it might be coz of that famous 1 night in a call center book title's influence :P) i chose that.Anyhow i did not work for 30 days(it was more than 30 days) and it was neither a call center (it was actually a  BPO :p).

 Well,the process i worked was for troubleshooting computers and we worked for the United States clients.I was with a team which was full of freshers and the training was more or like college(Teasing,ragging and everything will be there)..Inside that training campus everyones' attention will be on us where ever we go.(That much pranks and antics will be staged :P).Once training got over we moved to real working environment.With the experinece i had, have to say really that Americans are good (Even if you see in this blog,i have lot of visitors from US next to India.I feel like its a kinda second home to me and I'm thinking of settling over there in future :P :P)One thing i like in them is their frankness, and  patience as well ( 3 mani neram pesa sonnalum tension eh agama pesuvanga).Most of them(about 65%) will  be professional while they talk.Frank,in the sense they will say what ever they want to say to your face.(won't bother about anything,konmjam kooda koocha padave matanga).For example if you speak normal English and if they don't understand they will ask to repeat that again.on other hand  if you try to show your peter they will directly say like "Can i talk to someone who knows English?"(Apde kalasiduvanga).

Since we worked for consumer section, people who use systems in home will call us.To start a conversation  they will normally ask"Are you from India?" and in reply we would say yes and welcome them to India as if we were working for tourism department...And if it is a girl or an interesting customer (chumma oru frndhsip vera onnum illa :P) we would start like "How is the weather over there?". And the duration of the call  will be based how the conversation shapes up.Sometimes the call may extend to 2 or 3 hours.(avlo tensionlayum indha madhiri sila groundnuts :P dhan ore time pass,but sadly :( this happens very rarely).Sometimes people tend to get friendly and speak well.(caller would address you SIR at the beginning at end she'll call you honey or dear at the end of call ).Personally i can still remember some people i spoke with and those experiences were cool. And as the time passed we saw the real nature of the job.It was too demanding where you have to be on your toes every second.Not even a moment you can relax.And night shifts too started having effect on us.(it was not even night shift...We go to work by night 1.30 and it will end by morning 11.30.So its a kinda semi night shift.We will be always in a kinda hangover.)

As the time progressed,due to the inner working of the process and mounting pressure i developed a disliking towards the job.Especially due to heavy call volumes we had to work 6 days a week(virtually we lived there and often visited home :p) and most pathetic thing was we even did not have leave on Christmas or new year or pongal.And during that point of time when i was irritated  i spoke with a lady, she spoke well and she asked about me and what i did and all.She said about herself and her business.After that she asked how many girl friends i have?.Did i spend my time with them on  the new year?.(Like karunas Ada neenga vera Andha madhiri nalla kariyam edhuvum innum nadakala..i thought Epdi adhu girlu friendsss ah??..inga onnuthuke vazhi illayam idhula girl friends am..EKSI. :( .Nane new year anniku inga ukandurukume nu vayitherichala iruken).And i explained her that if i spend my whole life here how would i get girl freind and told her about my pathetic  new year.(should have told the usual dialogue "innum en rangeku yarum kedaikalanu ":P).

 And i had one more customer who spoke really well and said that he liked India very much and the people.He said that he was in Bangalore two weeks before and said that he was about to go to Mumbai on Nov 26 on which Taj hotel was attacked.But luckily trip got canceled. And went on to add that his daughter is now in India.(ponna thaniya vitutu nee anga enna da panra).Said that she was on a tour with her boy friend.(I thought Wow..nalla appa..nalla ponnu..nalla kudumbam.ennamo pannunga da).

U know what is the most difficult moment of this job...It is when you talk with a nice girl for quite long time and at the end when she says "Just a moment i will give the phone to my husband he wants to ask you a doubt about his laptop"(Husband?Real heartbreaker.. :( :()Finally i had a funniest experience .The manwho called  said that he is retired and he can't access a particular website.He said that the name of the site was Ftv girls.(Ada nadhari.Dai nee avana da.unnalam yenda Katrina  thookala.This  katrina is a tornado that struck US in 2005  :P)Said that he is 65 and it was his fav site.(Dai nan inga 22 vayasula nite 2 maniku ukandhu kadupula vela pakren nee ennadana 65 vayasula ftv girls site theriyalanu solra...ellam nera koduma da).During further conversation he  said that he learnt a bhajan when he visited a krishna temple which was soul stirring.(enna da thidirnu bhakthiman madhiri pesura,enna dhan da un prechana).Finally said that he was in a ashram and it changed his life..( ada pavi!!! ippo dhan puriyudhu nee evano oru poli samiyar kitta sikki ipdi seerazhunjiruka pola.Ada veena ponavangala oru American citizen vazhkaila ipdi vilayaditingale :P)

Normally this kinda funny moments and the moments in which some people say like, "You really made my day and I'm thankful for your help",are the reasons why i spent sometime there.Especially it feels good when you help old people and when you  identify real happiness in their voice.These kinda ,moments will bring happiness than the moments in which you get a grand 10k bucks.

After a certain point i left the job since our superiors wanted us to earn money rather than to earn customers satisfaction.(It was not wrong on their part, that is what they were told by management). Finally i felt like the customers' innocence was used in making revenue and it was completely unacceptable to me.They implicitly told us to run down the  customers and earn more incentives (basically i don't give importance to money and this kinda things brought a sort of hatred on money itself,i thought why some people are too materialistic and self centric). I did not like it and due to this and some other reasons i left the job.And this kinda experience made me to write a harsh and rude post about business some days back.(you have to be in my shoes to really understand this and what i have written is only 0.01 % of what happened or whats happening).

At  the end of everything, i was left totally exhausted (physically,mentally and emotionally).Even though i felt bad towards the end of my stint in that bpo,i knew that it was a good experience and i needed it badly.I learnt a lot.I saw a lot of people and i learnt how to handle them.I thought working in that bpo will have a lot to do with my future career.It improved me a lot.So no regrest at all and I'm happy that i worked there for a few months.
I'm really sorry for making this post this lengthy.Frankly it took 2 hours to recollect and write and another one and half hours to cut short  alone :P.And at the end this was  shortest possible length  i could come up with.perhaps i had a lot of things to say.(I thought i might have written it like a novel :P and might have published).Anyways kindly tolerate this time.And comment for sure if you really like. :)


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