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Monday, March 08, 2010

Some one said that The best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature.Writing books is old school so Simbhu gets over a woman by depicting her on the celluloid screen here.(whether he gets over or not is a different story) This is what VTV is all about.Well,i need not say about the success of the movie,everyone knows it.(I went after 2 weeks of the movie release and it was a near full house crowd that too on a Monday noon,the film is that much successful.).After hearing all the buzz i went to the movie and the rest is as below.

Ethanayo ponnunga irukanga ana nan yen Jessie ah love panren?(There are lot of other girls but y do i love Jessie?) simbhu keeps on asking this question through out the movie in different tones.Trisha is a Malayali girl brought up in Chennai.Simbhu is a typical chennai guy who has completed his mechanical engineering and wanders jobless.(oh my god!!! BE graduates don't get job even in films these days :().But he is good enough to find that his graduation will not fetch him a job and decides to pursue his passion of directing movies.

He  falls in love at first sight with Trisha  who has only seen 5 movies in her lifetime.The funny irony starts here and simbhu has to cross many obstacles to succeed in love  like the 1 year age difference,their religion,Trisha's adamant father and Trisha herself who  is unpredictable and not so clear.At last he proposes her and she right away denies the proposal citing the above reasons and says it would never workout.But the hero who is very determined stalks her all the way to kerala(this is why u should not love a girl from other state,U have to travel a lot :P) and apologizes and  promises to be a  good friend to her.

But to his amazement while talking he senses that she is also in love with him.How Simbhu brings out the hidden love from her,whether he convinces his would-be father-in-law  and what happens to his directorial venture forms the rest of the story.As far as the cast is concerned Simbhu has been adorable through out the film for the first time.(personally i only liked his Kovil and Thotti jaya and it would be good if i don't talk about rest of his films).He has done a great job and he scores as a crazy lover and in the scene in which he meets Trisha in New-york.And the maturity he shows in climax is superb(But i think the credit for this should go to the director).

As far as Trisha is concerned she looks unusually beautiful in this movie.(Like Karthi in Paruthiveeran..Chitthapu Gautam paduthla nadicha Trisha kooda azhaga therivanga pola".Coz the heroines look good when they act in his films like Reema in Minnale, Jothika in kakka kakka.:P :P).She has done well in a character where she has to keep the hero always guessing and she acts well in scenes where she is trapped between love and family.But it looked stupid when she ditches the hero yet it looked pragmatic.(Hero must have said Indha ponnungale ipdi dhan boss).Ganesh the Cameraman of Kakka kakka has lent a good performance especially in the marriage scene in church and in police station where he asks,Thambi Ethanayo ponnunga irukanga..nee yenda Jessie ah love panna??)..It was really funny...

Another strong point of the movie is music...Well,simply you can say that ARR has proved once again  why he got Oscars and why he is celebrated this much...Hosanna and Omana penne were awesome which are my favorites( the locations and picturisation are good).But when i watched the movie i also liked Mannipaya (sherya Ghosal was at her best as usual) because of the feel and the situation in which it comes.Before when i heard it in home i thought it was a overdose of melody and i felt it was just good.

And finally the show-stealer is Gautam(seems he has a lot of knowledge in this subject :P and shows great comprehension about people and their nature).It is not because he has given a hit or a enjoyable movie  but for the way he penned the story and the dialogues. Story is so simple no big twists and turns ,no exaggerations and no non sense. More over it reflects real life and it can be easily related to real life.He has showed what love does to a guy's life.(Finally Simbu's character must be saying unna love pannadhuku oru padam eduthathu dhan micham).

The tag-line of the movie says that its a different love story but what i think is its a story about love.He has showed how love is approached by people these days.And one more reason why i liked this movie is because of dialogues (not all of them but some stood out from the rest). Especially the questions Simbhu asks when Trisha says that her parents are looking  alliance for her and the scene in which he proposes,their meeting in New-york. And many other one liners were really good.

As i said its a simple feel good movie and you will like it for sure if you like practical movies and if you go with out any big expectations.Its about  how a guy struggles to get over a girl and how a girl easily gets over a guy.This is  one more feather to Gautam's cap and a breakthrough for Simbhu and awesome treat for viewers.Finally what i asked is There are many films which i watched this week but why do i like VTV a lot?(it was a kinda question that popped up and i picked it for the title as well :))


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