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Monday, March 01, 2010

Hey everyone!!..How are you???... its been a long that i blogged..My bloody damn system gave trouble which prevented me from posting and sadly it is still under repair...Lemme just go ahead with the post...Frankly speaking i don't have any important thing to share in this post...You can ask "Then what the hell am i writing this post for"???..Well the answer is  that i wanted to share my opinion on some of the reactions i got for the posts recently...
Normally  what people (both my frns and other readers) would say is like the post is  nice or awesome or the way i have expressed and narrated is good ..Interestingly i never got any contradictory opinions on whatever i wrote all these days...But i can understand why, it is because i write about my personal experiences and  my takes, opinions on things..But virtually  i was expecting such a kind of frank and candid comments if it is gonna be even too critical.(I can not be always correct,right???)

And recently i got such frank and contradictory comments which showed that my writing is making impression .It was for the post  http://vishnu24.blogspot.com/2010/01/business-is-being-brutal.html .It was like as follows " i like your post for sheer brutal honest reflection of your mind.Its for this very purpose we write post in blogs.we dont have to be diplomatic." And i can say that he exactly got everything i wanted to say about that post.He said that he liked the way i honestly put such an content in blog.(Frankly speaking lot of people will not accept the way i narrated or the thing that was written)It seemed like he understood why i say rather than what was said...And that term "BRUTAL HONESTY" really was catchy and thats what my approach is all about.I really like it and that kinda really decribes my approach.(Atleast in this blog,Coz in real life you can not be  really frank and honest about everything ..People don't like truth and they give bizzare looks if someone is ture...Truth is always bitter).

And he said like that the purpose of blogging is to honestly write what you feel.Yup I totally i agree and thats the way i wanna write.Forget about blogging ,generally the  purpose of a writer should be to express what he feels in an unbiased way.Something should not be written to catch the attention of people or to impress people or to show your writing prowess or eloquence.Even for the previous review about 1000il  oruvan i got mixed reactions.But still i felt ,i honestly wrote what i felt and i don't bother if my opinion matches with others or not.
And for the former post i got a totally opposing comment for what i wrote and i feel these are the honest comments that will make me to blog in a much better way.There are some other really good readers and their comments that i wanted to mention.But unfortunately i am blogging this from net cafe and i am not in a position to check them and put it here.A big sorry for that.I'm just writing about the ones which come to my mind.

Two months back, one of the reader said the post was good and the look of blog was quite awful with black background and he said a light BG will be better.And i was really happy to get such suggestions.And one more  Irish blogger(she is a professional blogger) commented like the posts were really big for a blog reader and i should compress my posts..I'm trying for the past 2 months to do that.Of course it is because of this i was not able to make people understand exactly what i wanted to say in that http://vishnu24.blogspot.com/2010/01/business-is-being-brutal.html post.Its definitely a big challenge to strike the balance between writing short and saying everything you wanna say.But sometimes i even wonder did i really write some posts?..probably in both happy and frustrating tones despite their length.

Finally I'm happy the way this blog and my blogging has evolved.Few months back i wrote a post titled http://vishnu24.blogspot.com/2009/10/life-is-it-funny-paradox-or-pre-defined.html and the reactions which i got for that really made me  to believe that i also can come up with some good readable stuff.If someone would have said before a year that i will be blogging this much passionately i would have laughed at them.It is because i tend to get bored if i do same things again and again.I mean i can not fit into a routine.I hate the life to be all the same.But i wonder how i managed to  come up with 30 posts in 7 months time especially when i was not even getting time to sleep or sit back and relax( it was because of the nature of my job).I think that it is my passion that has kept me going.But no more reasons to worry since i gotten rid of that obstacle and now i have time to sleep,time to sit back and relax and above all time for blogging....So you can expect a lot in the coming days...

 Finally thanks for all those who read this blog(Even though i have given a title like Blabs,its very nice of you to read) and big thanks for all those who have commented and who are gonna comment.Above all a big thanks to all those who follow this blog(Noble souls :D)...No words to thank u people and i owe u a lot...Thanks for all your support... :)


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