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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I had few topics in mind when i wanted to blog this time but this one which i have taken up might prove to be relevant to the present season.One would have heard a lot of  WOMAN(Women's day,33% reservation to women and all ) for the last 10 days .So ,I thought, why not i come up with a post on this.When i heard this concept of Woman's day i had a question which might be little stupid.But you know what?, you end up discovering wisdom( ???)  when you start finding answers for this kinda stupid and silly questions.(True!!!..Believe me :P :P).The question was why there is no Men's day?.And if  March 8th is Women's day then does the rest of the 364 days belong to men. :P :P

When i seriously asked few friends (Journalism???) why Women's day is celebrated,they said that Women suffer a lot (coz of men...Thats wat my friend meant...) and they have to struggle a lot to come up in life in this chauvinistic society.And to honor them(for succeeding despite having to face a lot) this concept of women's day was found.(hmmm...splendid explanation i thought).But what about guys who suffer a lot(coz of women... What about husbands who get beatings from wives :P :P) and the struggles they have to face to come up in life.And eventually i wanted to bring the difficulties and turmoils of guys in 2010 to the fore. :P

I give you an instance which would reflect the above lines.The other day,i was waiting for a bus.When the bus came  i saw a girl who was sitting inside( not so gud looking...Jus kinda Okey only :P) when i was about to get in and she was looking at me.she did not take her eyes off me even after getting on to the bus.I always keep low profile and i wear simple looking outfits.(I'm no Hrithik or Shah rukh).She would have seen for at least 2mins without even blinking her eye. (Being a guy even if some world beauty crosses me i won't see her more than half a min..To the max not more than 1 min :P).

I was puzzuled and felt embarrassed for the way she looked(I don't know what the heck she looked at me  like tat?.I did not have slightest idea until now).My mind cautioned me something is fishy and made up mind not to turn towards her for the rest of the journey :(.Gandhi said India is really a free and independent country  when a beautiful girl wearing costly jeweleries walks in the streets at midnight without any fear.But today a guy can not travel independently in mid noon...so sad....(OMG...Is there no safety for guys :P :P)..

In olden days(not so long ago) Women were perceived as the symbol of patience,virtue and the protector of culture.Thats why people honored them by giving feminine names to rivers.They believed that like rivers the women are also sacred. But today if i walk across T.Nagar on a sunday i see a mini Lakme India or Milan Fashion week.Such is the culture.sometimes i have to turn my face away  coz of  embarrassment.An embarrassment which they should feel for the outfit they wear. (I don't like these kinda things.I'm a very good guy,you know :P :P).Speaking of culture Sometime back i went to Bangalore(it was a very short trip :( )...
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I thought of just checking out the city and i was waiting for the bus.By that point of time i saw a guy and girl walking towards a shop.Girl stopped few yards before and the guy went to shop and came back smoking.After couple of minutes that girl took the cigarette from that guy and started smoking...(Adi  paavi...unnalam yen kalli pal oothi kollala :X)..Even though seeing a girl smoking is not new i have never seen such kinda incident in the middle of the road and too sharing cigarette with a guy.(holy heavens whats happening :( ).You might ask, what about men,don't they do any such things.Yes they do and even then that stays wrong,no change in it.

But honestly speaking,on a serious note, these days we can not/should not expect people to live out their stereotype image(girls should be like this and guys should be like that).Being good and being bad never don't really depend upon gender.And the other common view is women don't get equal opportunity.when it comes to opportunities being a guy or girl doesn't give  upper hand.To succeed you have to work hard.But yes,sometimes women were oppressed and they don't get equal opportunity.Coming from a rural area i have seen a lot of this.Girls who study in Government schools can not take up a professional course even though they would have scored 80 or 85 %.Their parents won't be ready to spend money on their education and they would be resorted to settle for a arts and science course.

And it is sensible to say that these kinda people don't get equal opportunity and they are discriminated which is quite unfortunate.And you  know what,you never improve this by giving reservations.These 33% reservations are not gonna do any good for them.A reaction of a woman in a magazine comes to my mind,which was "This 33% is not gonna do anything for the common women.It only open gates for politicians to bring in their spouses like Rabri Devi and daughters to politics.

Finally what i conclude is  no one should be denied an opportunity  based on not only gender but also coz of caste,color and background etc etc.Basically for this to happen the society's mindset should change.The narrow mindedness of discriminating other people(especially women) is pathetic and people should start behaving like  human with conscience.These kinda people should change for the better.Generally anyone who achieves should be appreciated and respected(Be it a guy or a girl).But still ,there are few women who had emerged victorious in spite of many oppressions and who had rock solid determination and resolve .I bow before them and hats off to their spirit.I would say that these kinda women should be celebrated in a more special way not only on March 8 but every day of the year.Why do you need a single day?.

Personally i  always hold women in high regard and my narration in the first part is just for showing the flip side of this story and it was an attempt to  show funny side of things and i seriously don't mean any offense.More over i think femininity is something which has positive and good effect on the world and when i see some girls humiliating that i feel bad.And some of the above reactions might be the outcome of that.once again i was not able to express everything i wanted to say but yet i suppose i came up with a decent writing.Hope you enjoy.


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