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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I thought of coming up with this post much earlier but i couldn't,coz of  my tight schedule.I made up mind not to write about movies for a short while since i have written about a lot of movies in the very recent past.In spite of that i wanted to write about this one,since it left a lasting impression in me.And my sick habit of writing anything that touches my heart also is a reason:p :p.Basically i did not plan to see this movie when it got released(i already said my days are hectic) but power cut on a weekend(courtesy T.N.E.B...helllll man :( ) made me to look for an option to kill time.And thats how i decided to watch this movie.After watching i could not say whether it was good or bad but i was sure that the time i spent was worth it.

The film's title  should have been Ranganathan theru instead of Angadi theru since it had brought out the unforayed and unnoticed aspects of  this popular shopping destination of chennaites.(he he..i feel proud to say...Enga area...).When you walk  through this street, you can see  a lot of  people ranging from dedicated shoppers to kids with school bags,college students(both guys and girls :p )probably who had bunked :P college  and finally guys browsing through the street who never have any intention to shop :P :P(there are another set of people which we don't notice and this movie deals with it).You always could sense  a festive ambiance when you visit  this place.But there is always a dark and flip side for everything.Obviously this captivating place also has a cruel flip side and it is brought out in this movie well(ohhh!!! man its miserable to know that these kinda things  really happen).The movie is about a guy from a remote village who takes up a job in a popular textile shop.The movie simply shows how people are treated like herds of sheep in these places.

Lingam i.e Mahesh  is just like any other guy who completes his secondary exams and awaits his results.Fate brings  a huge twist in his life when his father(who is a daily labor) is killed in an accident.Due to this the responsibility of looking after the family falls on Lingam's shoulder and  he is not able to pursue his higher studies though he tops in the examinations.To earn bread and butter for his family he joins popular Senthil Murugan stores as a sales guy.(how people are recruited for this is shown precisely.Typical interview..:P)He moves to Chennai,rather to the popular textile shop with his friend.On the very first day he finds out ,through  the restrictions imposed,that he was caught in hell.

He becomes entirely unhappy when he goes to take lunch on the very first day(conditions are tat worse) and when he is made to sleep in a most congested place anyone could have seen.(really pathetic).But his responsibilities towards the family holds him back.When things were like this he is moved from store room section to the sales section where a demon in the form of supervisor karungali(Director A.Venkatesh) rests.There he meets Kani(Anjali),a prankster who also has similar bunch of sad stories under the belt.After some little fights and revenges love blossoms between these two in a place where even the Indian constitution's basic and fundamental rights were not in effect.How these two cope up the difficulties and how they overcome the sloppy karungali and what happens to their love forms the rest of the story. 

More than the normal romance the scenes which show the brutal treatment makes the film all the more unique.It is quite evident that this is an out and out splendid creation of the director Vasantha Balan.One can sense VB's presence throughout the movie.Full credit goes to him.(right from artist selection to story and making).Kudos for the drive he had to make such a film.(i appreciate the courage).One can also sense the amount of hard work that has gone in.Its quite interesting how the cameraman managed to shoot scenes in Ranganathan street(which is crowded 24 by 7).VB has once more proved that he is a maker of different caliber and one can expect critical acclaim for this film like the one which he got for veyil in cannes.(I feel that veyil is  his masterpiece.That stays my fav)...

Regarding the cast,Mahesh never looks like an debutant and he fits the bill where he has to play a role of a typical guy from south of Tamil nadu(the scene in which he beats up karungali is an apt example).He deserves a big pat.And Anjali has acted well in another off-the-track movie after Tamil M.A(she was awesome whenever she would ask "nejama dhan solriya" in that movie..I liked it :P) .She has one quality which other heroines don't have,which is acting(heroine acting well, rather than to dance and romance around, is definelty rare these days :P :P).If she chooses her roles well she can definelty shine well(the movie in which she acted with Sundar.c was terrible.Don't do such films for heavens sake... :P:P).Director Venkatesh,Pandi had acted very well.Sneha akka :P(tats how she is addresssed in the movie) too had given a neat performance(annachi and the ad shooting scene was quite funny).

This is not a kinda movie which should be judged or categorized but the one which is beyond judgment and criticism.(yet it is said that the movie is doing well in terms of collection) .I think this kinda movies should be watched by everyone(so that people who make good films will come up with more such films).It is better to watch these kinda movies rather than to be tortured by eras and suraas and kuruvis.(OMG give us a break :( ).Few people said they were moved to tears towards the climax when they watched the movie.Moved to tears watching a movie???...you must be kidding i thought.But i almost experienced the same when i saw the movie.It was mindblowing(i mean the climax).

Even though the movie  sometimes look like a patho story dumped with too much of sadness, no one can deny the underlying truths and watch worthiness of the movie.The imbalance in the society,where one section spend money out of proportion and the other section which really struggles a lot to earn money for the basic living itself  is wonderfully told through this movie.(Like Sivaji Rajini rich gets richer poor gets poorer...).Hope lot of many good stories springs out from the director like his name.Hats off!!!!And best of luck...Finally one question pops up as usual when you see such movies Where the hell the country is going???...

Sunday, April 04, 2010

You might have heard about guys who were left with broken heart coz of love..Have you  ever heard of a guy left with a broken heart coz of friends or rather friendship?(If dumping won't be considered inappropriate i would have used that)...Well if not...just go ahead..You are up for such a mind-blowing,stupid and completely weird story...(funny too as usual) :P.Everything was alright before two years and i was like 2007 T-20 world cup Dhoni by then(i judged people exacly and i associated myself with good people).But now I'm like T-20 2009 world cup Dhoni where all my judgement about people and circumstances are damn wrong.

Normally guys say that being in love is difficult coz u can never predict a girl.But if you ask me i would say that maintaining  a friendship is more difficult than maintaining  love with a girl.You 'll know why i say this at the end of this post. :( .The most important things in friendship, rather in any relationship  for that matter,are trust and respect.Well let me not baffle you much and proceed.Here it goes.....

To justify why i feel friends are daunting i will give an instance of two of my close friends..To say about him.He is the most peculiar and interesting character that i have ever come across in my whole life.(deserves to be kept in madame Tussuad's  museum :P).One of his striking feature is he kinda  fears to travel alone(as if any girl would kidnap him).And most of the times i would be the victim to give him company when he travels.When things were like this we joined the same concern.We were having training by that point of time.He was in a different team and  my bus route was different.One day i saw this guy standing at the bus stop with his team(With a guy and two girls).As i went near to him he started acting differently(I knew something was wrong) and kinda blinked like a culprit who has seen a cop.:P. As i approached i heard a voice prompting him to board the bus.(Needless to say that its his new busmate's vioces..I mean those two girls..)This guy promptly complied and started to walk towards the bus.The best part is he walked past me as if I'm from venus and he never knew me. God!.figurea(that too a mokka fig. :X) patha frienda kazhati vidrathu idhu dhana?.

My woes never stopped there and not with him alone.There is one more such a good soul.(pain in the neck :P:P:P).This is one of many other peculiar creatures that i met in college(there are lot many out there) :P :P.One day when i was in college with this guy i gave him his own medicine(i said and did what he usually does :P) saying that  "I'm seeing a girl and I'm interested in her".(This was just part and parcel of our pranks and nothing serious... :( unfortunately :P).He just listened to it.The next day we were sitting in the class and he was very seriously texting someone.I asked"whom  r u  texting during class hours?.Throwing a trademark disgusting smile he said"Your figure only buddy".

I said," What??.Which one?(...is it Megan fox or Julia Roberts...It can't be...you don't look like the one who would send international SMS..idiot:P :P) lets talk  about that later...Why are you texting her suddenly,I haven't even seen you both talking before.He replied"Yeah true dude!.Thats why I'm trying to develop a friendship."(friendship??...One more abuse to that word).I simply retorted"SMS?..That too to  a girl sitting in the next row?.Whatever...Keep couple of things in mind.One she is a wise girl..jus remember it..And don't u never text ur anni(sis-in-law :P :P) again.After that his favorite pass time was to text,chat and talk to her in my presence solely for the purpose of  teasing me.Finally  i was glad that a lie saved me and revealed who these guys are:P :P.(Lesson No.1:Don talk about ur girl friend or don't introduce ur girlfriend to these kinda guys..:P :P.Don even invite them when you get married :p).(EKSI :P)

These are my friends for you!!!(i mean these are my only noble friends who were from college).(Engamma appove sonnanga oru moonji kooda urupadra madhiri theriyala...ivanga kooda seradhanu...Nan ketta dhane.. :( :P :P).Such noble the guys around me were.If close friends themselves are like this i don't think i have to explain about others.When i told about respect,it  is not how you address neither the usual respect.But it is how you treat your friend,how you respond and how much importance you give to him.And why i said that maintaining a friendship was difficult for me is because you never know when people will turn being  good to you and when will they start behaving otherwise.And this particular unpredictable nature gives me whiplashes sometimes.Trust me sometimes i don't get sleep in nights.I'm little bit sensitive in these kinda things and at times i introspect whats wrong, forgetting sleep.

I feel like kicking out some people forever but my stupid mind brings all the flashbacks about the good things they did and the memorable moments i spent with them.(Bloody mind :X..i think i forgive  too much these days.).At the same time after saying all this  I don't wanna portray myself  as a angelic person either.I also did mistakes.But i guess i never slap or slapped  anyone virtually(i mean i didn't insult people).Sometimes i might knowingly do things coz i just can't be nice if I'm upset with someone(I'm very bad in pretending :P) and secondly coz i forgive anything and everything but i don't forget things.There are two ways in which you can handle these situations. One to be yourself.Two, to speak to people in the language which they best understand. And in the name of speaking to others in their language i think i have wavered from my principles for the past few months.I don't know how others feel when they act differently but i feel bad and guilty when i have to do few things.So I'm introspecting right now and i am making an attempt to be nice.At least for a selfish reason to feel good about myself.

Whatever happens people who are meant to  stay will be there forever.But what i wanna clarify is, being  friendly is not about sitting together for hours enjoying and having fun by teasing someone, its not about going to movies and cheer,its not about chatting about silly things to pass time,it is more than that and most importantly friendship is not something which is built but the one which flows from heart.If you feel it for someone befriend them and be trustful and give them the proper treatment.And please don't change over time and don't be a fair-weather friend.(it feels like hell when you realize all the past good times were just a mere joke.That thought need not be true and it might be as a result of frustration but don't even let your friends think like that for even a single second)Trust me I'm very bad in being sentimental and bad in being romantic :P :P so these are what i felt and i don't mean to offend anyone.I conclude by saying that There are two kinds of relationship one,in which you value your ego more than the relationship and the other in which you value the relationship more than your ego.Before involving just decide which one yours is.Thats all I wanna say!!!!....

Hard times are part and parcel of life.I understand that and this is also one such instance.But i just simply wanted to record and give shape to my thoughts which resulted in this post.Nothing else.I was quite critical about the way i described about my friends and i realize that.To keep the element of frankness and fun i wrote that way and I'm sure with the kinda of bond we share they won't mind this.(no other go :P you have to endure atleast this time.).One last thing i want to add,as i said earlier this noble friends that i got were from college and not any other(I'm quite happy with the troubles they give i don't want it from any other. )
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