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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The title of the post looks like the  proverb When the student is ready,The teacher appears. yes,it is. And i found a master when i got ready for something.This post is all about the master and why i perceived him as a teacher. I always had a lot of questions and doubts which were answered by a book which was written by Paulo coelho (many of you will know i think). I  believe i can write, whether i write well or not is a different story,but the point is i can write.Nevertheless i never knew how far i can write and how well i write.I always doubted whether i had enough imagination to write, say a story of a single page.I also knew that whenever i wrote something out of my heart it made sense to me and it made sense to other people.And the teacher who appeared in the form of this author(Through this book) has proved that,that is what required for a writer not any wild imagination.

How the doubts i had got cleared?.Here it goes...As i said earlier one of his book (The Zahir)which I'm reading now enlightened me.The pages unfold like this...The protagonist is a famous writer and the author of many best selling books.He is released from the prison since his wife had gone missing and the suspicion falls on him.He comes out of the jail and analyzes each and every moment of his past to find what went wrong.That forms the story.I have not finished the book as i said.In that flash back part where he analysis his life form the start of his career, the protagonist describes about his book and the circumstances that made him to write the first book.He also says that he had no faith that his book would sell,knowing the zero percent readership of books in his country(Argentina).The emotions and the sufferings of the hero because of love for his wife invokes a inexplicable doubt that its not an fiction and its a real story.I just  googled about the real author Paulo coelho.And as i suspected "The Zahir" is not an imagination and the story of the writer in the book and the real author(paulo coelho)are the same.Paulo coelho's start of the career as a lyricist with a pop star and his journey to a church in Spain by walk which made him to write his first book and every other thing fits in.This book is a virtual auto-biography of this man.

Okey...Fine..By that how he becomes my teacher?.I have already said about my doubts and questions about writing.Those were answered in the way he explains how he suspected himself in the early days and how difficult he found it to write a book.In short his life itself was a lesson.He shows that without sixth sense imagination one can write book if he is ready to leave a part of him and his life in that book.He shows its not important to write which others like neither important to write which you like but to write which moves you,to write about things which can no longer stay inside your heart.You don't write to get mere diminishing applause or to show that you in your own rights can write great epics.You write simply since the thought in the mind occupies you and you are no longer able to keep it inside.

I will now tell you my writing style when i blog.For example let me tell you how i wrote my previous post.I started it on a Wednesday night.I chose the title and made a mental not of what are the things that I'm gonna write.Then i write the first paragraph and then i just think why don't i hear some songs.I open media player and i jump to some movies.I come back to blogging write another two lines and this time i open up orkut or gmail.And at the end when i go to bed,i manage only 1 paragraph and two lines.The next day i start blogging,writes another paragraph and this time i search for c sharp book since my career comes to my mind this time.After that i come back,deletes the two paragraph i wrote since i feel that is not i wanted to write and i start from the scratch.This goes for two more days and suddenly on Saturday night i sit in the desk,switch off the speaker,close all the application  write until 12 and finishes the post Sunday noon.This is more odd when people blog on the go.They just sit and write whatever they want in minutes.

When i read the above author's book it was more or like the same as mine.(it is always good to know that some one else is also imperfect like you...And if its someone who is at he top,its an added joy).He describes about his writing style as follows.He thinks of writing his book and sits in front of the type writer after he gets up in the morning.He feels why don't we go to bar and meet some old friends.He goes there and comes back home and has his lunch.He looks at the typewriter but this time he feels like sleeping.he goes for a small nap and wakes up in the evening.He spends time with the family and the day passes and before he goes to sleep he looks at the typewriter out of a sort of guilt.The days repeats itself like this.Suddenly he sits down out of  guilty to write at least a page.The words,paragraphs flow and then he shuts himself from the outer world for weeks until he completes his book.

All these days i was  having an viewpoint which said that writers are those who are naturally talented(something like a talent by birth) from whom the story flows at their will.But he shattered those myths and has made me to realize that great writers are also humans who are like me and you and they don't always write at a stretch about whatever they want(only few talented people might do that but not me).Above all, he has showed me that mere ordinary imperfect guys who scribble in their notepad can also write books which the world  would see with mouths wide open.(His first book THE ALCHEMIST sold a record 70 million copies and holds a Guinness record for being published in more than 82 languages by  living author).

The inseparable words in all his books are dreams,destiny, suffering,the female divine power(i.e holy Mary),miracles,good and bad omen and more importantly the signs.He always insists that when a man follows his dream to reach his destiny there would be signs in the path and if he is good enough to look for them and interpret them he will reach where he wants to go.The signs according to him are the clues by god to reach our destiny.Perhaps this one is such a sign.I wanted to buy his book Warrior of light when i went to the shop but i ended up buying this book.I could have interpreted the story in some other way but i did not.I could have just read the story and left it but why did i Goggled about the author and why did i find that its his own story.And this is what makes me think its sign or a co-incidence(my friends would know what is co-incidence according to me ;) ) .(The pic and the lines in that will tell you more about what i say)
There are two kinds of writers.One who narrates an ordinary story in a splendid way.And the other,who says an extraordinary story in a conventional ordinary way.Only few writers have managed to possess both the qualities.In these,Paulo coelho falls under the first category(There is a part in the book Veronica decides to die where a advocate who had turned mad accuses god for responsible for Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit..Its a mind-blowing part!!!) .His stories are good but what makes it the best or what makes others say that he is writer of different standard,is his narration with the philosophical and spiritual touch.After saying all this i wouldn't ask you to read his books.Because  i don't know whether everyone will like it in the same way i do.More than that his creations are like any other creations just with an added flavor of  sensible thoughts.I overlook all things for the core content of the book.And if you also can do the same you 'll like it for sure.

I never took anyone as role model until now in life(Not even the great great Sachin Tendulkar whom i admire the most).I even uttered this in an interview and the guy who interviewed me was startled by the answer and my response for that floored him(I cleared that interview too..:P I'll write about my interview as well sooner or later not because it was funny but also it could help someone crack the interview.At least it ll show you how not to take an interview..he he..).A guy of such mindset is now in the brink of taking someone as role model,not in life but in writing...a kinda mentor i could say.

Even though i have read his books earlier(Like The Alchemist,By the river pedra i sat and wept,Veronika decides to die and the warrior of light),this one (The Zahir) showed what an amazing writer he is and his source of writing and a glimpse of his personal life.His earlier books left an impression that he is a good writer and only some 30 or 40 pages of his book made the difference.If you take out those pages from the  book its just another ordinary book.Story wise it might not be great.But those 30 or 40 odd pages  are the differentiating factor from other books.Now i feel that "he is the man".

His great plus is he can capture minute,very delicate feelings of the heart.When something happens there will be a mind voice always saying something to you and he is a pro in catching that.I wondered how one can perfectly write that for a imagined literary character?.And i got the answer for this question today.I found that the protagonists in his stories are always him and the stories were part of his experiences in life.For example Veronika decides to die deals with an mental institution and about a girl who is sent there.The basis of the story traces back to his teenage.Paulo coelho said to his parents that "he wants to be writer" in his teens.Their parents suspect that something had happened to him and they sent him to a mental hospital where he spent 3 years.That provided him an opportunity to understand the mad world.His greatness lies in the fact that when you finish reading that book you end up thinking why i don't be little mad?.

And if you ever want his book,do drop a comment or leave me a message.I have almost all his books in E-book form and i 'll be more than glad to share it with you.....

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Friends I wrote this post like a story and it went for pages.I was in a fix whether to post a long post or to cut short.If i cut short it won't come out as i expect and also I don't afford to steal your time.So i have posted both original content and my compressed versions.Below you can find the compressed one,but i would highly recommend you to read the entire story which would be entertaining and i had done my best to make the time you spend a valuable one.More over it will be an encouragement for me to pursue my aspirations in writing.Kindly go thorugh it and comment.Your comments are valuable.Find it at the top titled My first try at story writing or by clicking this VICTORY FROM JAWS OF DEFEAT - FULL.There is the original version.

In my previous post i said i am quite occupied.Yeah its true and  the situation got worse...Life is very dry and I'm looking for reasons to cheer up.In instances like this  blogging always helps me out.So I am here.I just wanna dedicate this post to all those lazy guys who procrastinate things.(Same pinch if you are also one such guy).In short,guys who mess up things which should have been done in an easier way.(like the Indian team which complicates things no matter which team they  play.Be it Auz or Zim) and these are the ones who pull out victories from the jaws of defeat(little build up since  i am also one such..kindly tolerate ;) ).Okey.Lemme go ahead.The story starts here....

1.35 P.M
29th April 2010 AD
He was nearly waging a war with the mouse.He clicked the mouse button relentlessly twice or thrice.Nothing happened.A sudden frenzy ran through his mind to crush the pointing device and the associated components which after all  costed three months salary of his dad.He was trying to submit few important documents online which are gonna decide his fate."what the....!!!..Why this goddamn mouse gives me all the trouble now? ",he ferociously clicked that optical mouse as if the mouse would take every tap he gives  without complaining.Added to his misery with the mouse, the page started throwing  an error and the computer hanged for a moment to shrink some more muscles on his face.As the clock ticked to reach the stipulated time 1.53 P.M, his heart pounded and his breath rate increased as if he is facing a  fiery fast bowler in a  World cup final .

He had to join the firm next day which hardly was 17 hours away.He  tried to be optimistic but he has to admit that the  mistake was his and he was the one who made a mess .After all this  dialogues he looked at the clock,it showed 1.51P.M and finally for the very last time  he clicked on the button praying all good angels .It said the document has already been submitted.Those words gave him little relief from the anxieties,he let out huge sigh of relief saying "My god,you saved me"unaware of the fact that he has to go through  more nerve-wrecking moments.Confused of whats going on?..This guy got selected for a job that he wanted so badly after a great deal of struggle.Hmm good!.He got a job that he wanted,then what?.but there is one more menacing thing which makes guys to think whether they have to take a job really???.. Here comes the twist whenever a guy takes up a  job.

Guess what it is??.Its commonly called service agreement if you wanna give a descent term else you call it  plainly bond.A document which says the unsaid line you gotta be my slave hereafter.But this wasn't the problem in his case.He was ready to sign that goddamn bond knowing all the facts  but the formalities that he had to undergo were daunting which were ready to give him terrible nightmares in the subsequent events.Lets hear what happened after this from the man himself..Let him speak...It was 1.58 P.M when i almost experienced a Bollywood movie climax laced with all thrills and excitements.I said Bollywood climax since it had a All is well kinda ending,nothing else.

But its over now,i was all set to trade off my life with a Multinational firm.By then my eyes were begging  me for sleep since i had not slept for the past two days.I slept after 10 mins and got up reluctantly by  6.25 PM.As usual,i opened G-Mail which is my untold custom.With out G-Mail and its services( like orkut,blogger )life is nothing man.Larry page has won a place in my heart.Of course with out them many guys' life will be without any spice.No social networking,no chats,no new friends and no flirtings.But on that day it was not so.When i opened the mailbox a good real shock was waiting for me.There was a mail with the subject "Released Service Agreement".

It  had to be signed by my parents.They must guarantee that they will pay some 1.5 lakhs if i quit from the company .This SA i.e service agreement part was the most funniest part to be honest. .My parents were just 100 Kilometers away and it is 7.00 pm in the evening.How would i get their signature?.The technology has not improved so that  my parents can digitally sign the documents online and i can take the print out .(Mr.Gates I bring this to  your notice.Do something).I was left with the only option of going to my native over night sacrificing my sleep to get the signature.I thought this is turning out to be a test match, 3 rd day of sleepless night,Wow that is fantastic.But it was not the time for worrying or laughing at myself?.I knew that i made a mess of everything and i had more than  10 days to submit those proofs.I thought"Had i did that on time they would have sent me this wretched service agreement early.

And i would have been in a relaxed mindset now".I took print out of SA and i started my sacred journey in a typical T.N.S.T.C bus, which by all means would fail to qualify to run on the road.But what to do?.Sacred journeys have to go like this.The bus  had a T.V and  hardly 25 passengers.Obviously not many people would be going to their native over night to get a single signature,isn't it?.I was not getting sleep since i had slept in the noon.Its an universal truth that  when the mind is free,thoughts conquer mind.I'm no exception and My mind hovered over the SA.Why do these companies have such things like Agreements and bonds?.That too everyone knows that it is absolutely one sided.Why do they insist upon that,when it is  not legally valid?.

Do they think that they can puppet us by this white blackmail.I remembered a really mind blowing explanation for this SA stuff that i came across.When asked what is an Service agreement,the following  was said  by some born intelligent Agreements!!!.They are like marriage between a boy and a girl where the guy has conditions as follows. No.1,The guy can kiss his wife and she should not ask why. No.2,The guy can slap her whenever he wants and she should not ask what for?.No.3,He can divorce her if feels like doing so.No.4,Even after divorcing he has the right to kiss her or slap her.She should not ask why?. But the girl has no such rights both inside marriage and in divorce.Replace boy with company and employee with girl in the above statements.It was funny but some harsh truths were hidden in that.However my mind did not bother about those restrictions that are gonna be imposed on me as a result of the bond..Slowly the subject under analysis moved from Agreements to the present scenario.One good part of mind asked "Do you need all this.Why should you be traveling like a ghost in mid night?.Can't you do things on time?Why don't you save your self from all these troubles?.

My another funny part of mind replied"Buddy life will be boring when you are perfect.So you need all this thrills and downs in life.After all, what life will be like if you follow a syllabus and a curriculum.You have to take things as it comes.I said them to both "As long as the thrills doesn't wreck havoc in life,everything is fine.All is fair"i quipped."Nobody can save you man",my good part of mind said,"if you keep on being lethargic and take things for  granted you will reach no where.I will tell you what?.Even if you love a girl you would end up proposing her at the end, when she is about to get married with another guy because of this procrastinating habit".

My funny part countered,"Buddy as long as you are able to charm her and convince her you don't have to worry.Think how thrilling and fantastic would it be to propose your lady love on her marriage day and win her".Thrilling and fantastic??...Damn it!!!.i said.I was not able to tolerate and i started abusing  my mind for coming up with such ridiculous thoughts.But yet it was  nice and quite enjoyable, right?.May be i should try that..he he..I was kidding myself.I reached my native and my uncle had come to pick me up.For the first time i really felt bad because i was causing trouble to my uncle.By 12 i reached  home.My dad asked me to take and dinner and sleep and told that the rest of the things can be taken care of next morning.I got up by 3.45 after snoozing the alarm thrice.

My uncle was ready to drop me and i took the documents that had to be signed.Gave it to my mom to sign it.She signed every page and  she asked what's this banker's signature?.When are you intending to get it?. For the very first time i looked at the document and it said  that  a banker must endorse and confirm that the signature is by a authorized person who has an account in their bank.Oh my god!..how the hell on earth could i get signature from a bank manager by 3 in the morning.My situation almost  proved the saying " So near yet so far".When I'm about to finish off ,a hindrance crops up.What would i do now?.Forget about it my mind said.So i just got necessary signatures form my mom and left ,deciding to get excuse for submitting the form a day later.My uncle dropped me at the bus stand and i reached chennai by 7 A.M.

30 March,2010. 9.00AM
Some Hotel...
After showing some presentation about the company  and its recent soaring revenues for the past quarter, the main aspect came to the fore.By 10.30 they told everyone to submit the certificates and Service agreement.I was looking for some company hoping that some one would say that they have not got the bankers signature.(Really terrible i felt like a kid who has not completed the homework).But to my wonder there were lot of good souls who had incomplete service agreements.Since we guys were large in number ( in the sense that we would have formed the majority, had it been a vote of confidence in parliament) they gave two more days of time for us.But even after two days i was not able to submit, thats a different story...he he..The day went quite normally without any hiccups.From this episode i learnt a lot.I made up mind not to procrastinate things thereafter.But like other resolutions this also was never implemented and of course to write this itself it took me 4 to 5 days because of the habit i'm talking about.But never mind,it has become one of my inherent trait.What to do?.But having gone through all this i would highly recommend that you don't do that.Its a very  nasty thing which will always put you in jeopardy....So like bollywood movies this story also had an All is well kinda ending.

 Lemme give the finishing notes,you should not feel that the story is incomplete, right?
This induction and all other formalities went for 3 days and the guy successfully went into the company.Then his training started which had more funny incidents than this.(If you are lucky enough, the next sequel of this story would come and the plot would be training).When he got selected itself he had a doubt that the online test had few bugs and that's why his selection was possible and after attending the training sessions it was confirmed.On the opening day itself the  other guys were nearly debating whether Java is a purely object oriented language or not, when this guy doesn't even know alpha and betas of Java...(sss..bbbaaaa..vitta salaman pappayya va kooptu vandhu patti mandram vaipanga pola..Ada rama!!.. Enna koduma!!!Aarambame amarkalama iruke..but you know its all in the game..(namma pakadhadha..su na pa na evvalavo pathuta idhaiyum pathudu..he he...)..Life is all about standing with your head held high when things go against you,right?.Just try to do that and never ever be lethargic like this guy for heavens sake.
Kindly go through the entire story if you liked this one and comment.Your comments are valuable.Find the entire story at the top titled My first try at stroy writing or by clicking this VICTORY FROM JAWS OF DEFEAT - FULL.There is the original version.
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