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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DESERTED,in-spite of the enthusiastically jumping and leaping prolongation of  water, in the name of waves, that constantly makes an attempt to conquer the land which always ends in a sweet calamity.SECLUDED,even then it hides a heaven made up of  mere sand, the seashells & oysters,  and the most intriguing of all the elements of the whole universe,water.The blue heaven,where the most prolific of  poets or most skilled creative artists can not exactly predict or describe at which point the blues of water and the blues of  the illusionary sky diluted at the horizon to paint the entire surrounding with blue.How can such a heaven  be secluded and deserted?.But in reality it had a constant company of some sparrows and other birds,some coconut & other species of trees rendering greenness and a small contingency of humans poisoned by the madness called love though this heaven largely seemed out of human intervention.

Relishing  each and every nanosecond of the fascination and amazement,instilled by this blue lady i sauntered as slow as possible through the fine grains of sand to reach her out.Marching inch by inch i encountered her eventually after some measure of time which i never cared to count.I was electrified the moment she embraced me, i could almost feel the flow of electrons when the first few drops of water touched my feet.Some more minutes,I was drenched up to my knees which circulated chillness through the veins targeting my entire body to feel the coolness.

As time passed,the lady brought out the analyst in me,I was able to see a pattern in which the waves struck the shore.They disguised to be normal for 4 to 5 cycles but subsequently rose unexpectedly to cover more distance than i predicted and threatened to gulp and swallow me.I left the pattern to be identified by some geeky scientist to discover.I wondered how can something which caught my imagination few minutes back can menace me in a matter of  few  seconds.Is this the exact nature of beauty all across universe to inspire and to invigorate fear at the same time?.But then it was a sweet threat that one would love to undergo always.Its been a long time that i did,to get drenched up to my waist and to play like a child in water,out of the so called maturity(which has meaning in ones perspective and is ridiculous in anothers perspective) imposed on individuals.

 In the course of events it also popped up a question.Which mechanism or which power or whatever made the choices in this wonderful heaven.The color of sand,the exact amount of light which penetrates the water droplets to make the aura romantic and eye candy,the amount and formation of sand on the beach,the trees standing here and there at right places with the enough amount of green,little seashells swept out of the sea fixed in precise positions to give a delicate addition to the beauty it already had and the right force,at which the little and rare big waves  struck the shore so that this affair of waves hitting the shore doesn't cause any catastrophe.

As the water drops brought me out of my fantasy i was able to conclude with my rationality that this question of mechanism or power is out of grasp of the human mind.If one understands that power he will become the god.I said to myself ,why ask unnecessary questions when you have every bit to enjoy?.It was sensible and i again dropped into my fantasy world.I underwent the sweet threat until i felt I'm done and moved back to the shore halfheartedly as if i am forced to go to real earth from heaven. 

My Notes:
I don't know about people who read my blog but i was almost bored and exhausted to write about the same old posts saying my experiences,criticizing,making fun of people or things and the mockery and the movie reviews.Even though that was my style of writing i looked for something very new to gratify my curiosity to explore the unexplored.By then this one struck me.I went to ECR(East Coast Road ) recently.(team outing he he..:P).I have  traveled through ECR before but never had the chance to gaze at the beach.(i traveled through ECR mostly at nights sadly ).This time when i got a chance to see the beaches i really fell in love with that.Oh my god it was wonderful.(i don't know whether my hectic and  freaking days  made me to enjoy that moment a lot more than usual).
You really feel the meaning of life in these moments where you amaze at natures splendor and charm.The moment you stop on a SO-CALLED busy day and look at the elegance of a small flower and smell it,the moment you stop and look at the smile of a few months old baby which brings a fulfilling smile on your face,the moment at which you look at place where the entire surrounding is covered with green trees are the ones which makes you feel that you are living the life you have been given and not the the moments in which you get a damn 10,000 grand at the month beginning or in which you overtake some wretched souls to attain a momentary victory.This must be one such moment. 
Even I'm bitten by the busy bug.Caught in the turmoil of this routine,I nearly lost my ability to think and I have to put lot of effort these days to think(especially when i have to write :() and concentrate.This trip rescued me a bit from those crazy times and i decided to write about it.Being a chennaite i have never seen a beach so clean and without people and this interesting fact also contributed for my decision to write.Even though i went along with 170 people for the team outing i felt  a privacy and  i was able to enjoy.People say that ECR is a destination for lovers and all that.But I'm truly wondering how those guys can love a mortal girl when they have a heavenly immortal lady(i mean the beach and the nature) in-front of them  to love and admire.poor souls.. :P..I pity them.:P
Finally,the writing style is coz of the fact that i wanted to be little poetic.The experience nearly brought the poet out of me.(sadly me and poems are miles apart :( so just came up with this writing which could resemble that).Drop in few comments... :)


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