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On MODIfying, Developing and Changing INDIA

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I 've always made it a point to write something on special occasions and I guess i don't afford to miss out the I-day (Independence day :D)...Last year around i posted the most lengthy article(poor souls had to read that :P..jus kidding..) of my blog for I-day.But this time  a bit of physical ailment and my obsession towards my new mate Samsung Corby (Dis blog might turn into a photo blog soon coz of that :P) prevented me from writing on I-day.But not a big deal,don't i have the liberty(let me celebrate I-day this way at least.:P) to post an article on I-day 2 or 3 or even 4 days :P later.With that in mind I.m starting to type whatever i feel about Independence and the day marked to celebrate that.

Honestly speaking I-Day is much needed these days,like Fathers day,Mothers day,Friendship day,valentines day and and all other days.Guess why?.These are celebrated for a reason, for instance Mothers day is celebrated to show care and affection to ones mom at least on that day and to remind some people that there is someone called mom and she needs attention and care :P. valentines day is celebrated these days to remind that there was something called true love,once in place ,long back and to commemorate its memory :P. Similarly we Indians need I-day to remind ourselves we are living in a free INDEPENDENT India amidst  situations which would give an otherwise opinion (to remind v r in India too).Patriotism also needs promotion nowadays EKSI.

As a matter of  fact no one can be blamed .Basically peoples' mindset has changed and this has become a kinda way of life.I myself don't give a damn about certain things like politics nowadays. Earlier when i was in school i use to watch news daily and i would keep track of all that happen in the country.But now the only  reason i get newspaper and see TV is for a movie or for sports.They are by and large biased in political viewpoint.Not only me but most of the current genx guys are like this.This mindset is  as a result of disappointment and frustration.It forms only when you know things are messed up around you and you have only the choice of spectating it silently unable to do anything.The faith and confidence goes off and it has gone.

Particularly i get irritated to the core when i hear about politics and i have completely lost total faith in it.Its like the age old cliche about the politics "This thief is better than that thief".No one is good.One party say that they are communal and they kill(or allow others to kill) the other sect.If the people choose the other party after seeing all this.what the other party does?.They are secular right so they kill(or allow others to kill) everyone without religious bias.Wow what a political portfolio these guys have.These idiots spend almost 60 % of the time trying to blame each other and pull each others leg.And the remaining 40% of the time they spend in making plans,wait a sec plans for not the betterment of the country,but for the ways to bribe and corrupt.When a common man has to work hard for a mere few thousands for his monthly expenses these guys just deals with 1000's of crores in a matter of few months.

Now  60,00,00,00,00,000 is the leading corruption figure by a former IT minister in 3-G spectrum scandal..(sorry i don't know whether the amount 60,000 crores  specified above has exact num of zeros.Enna koduma sir idhu oru engineeraye maths la confuse panitanungale) . When this kinda scandals happen and the culprits  walk away just like that how would one believe in politics.I accept that no country is perfect and corruption exist in every part of the world.The system is corrupted in other places too but not like India.If their systems are corrupted to30 to 40 % our Indian systems right from politics to administration  (oh god do not ask abt that.Thats another nightmare) to education to business all are corrupted to 70 to 80%.Then how would a guy believe in politics and the people who run it.

When we talk about infrastructure and the other spheres like technology  we are way behind living in stone age .Govt offices still use age old procedures to carry out a thing when the rest of the world has digitalized and computerized everything. We have a hell lot of good sportsmen even then we have to stretch hard to win a gold medal.Why?.its coz we don't still have enough good practices to groom them.When other countries spend 20 to 30 crores for sports we spend only 6 to 7 crores and that too is pocketed by jerks.We very clearly missed a great leader since Independence who could have really change the fate of India (yes there were great but none were really formidable to change things drastically. we had good leaders but not best leaders).Forget about that if we believe in politicians even after all this then there could not be any stupidity than that.

For the things to change people should change their mindset.People should take side of  those who are honest in politics .Please do not vote for 500 and 1000 bugs.And my dear educated intellectuals please do not spend your time on criticizing the country and its great leaders.Try to vote on election day than to sit in home and hang out with friends.And try to contribute something to the country coz when you start doing it there can be a ray of hope.Even very small changes like obeying traffic rules can bring about a change.When an initiative from ordinary man from Porbandhar and bravery of a courageous Punjabi boy of  20 can inspire a revolutionary freedom movement  and change the fate of the country why not all the above things are not possible.

Simply as the title suggests The system is corrupted with a lot virus and it badly needs to be formatted in one or the other way...:PNothing is impossible...Its time to realize the dreams of those people who gave their lives for the country and those guys who tolerated inexplicable tortures for the sake of country.Lets salute them and lets try to make them proud..

Actually i was kinda writing very personal things over the past few days.Its good to look into one self and discover himself but there are few obligations and duties.And now i feel that the country,the society and everyone has given me a good  life(if not a best life..:P)..Fair enough..Thanks for that... But i can not be a taker always  and demand more things.At some point of time i should be a giver and start contributing and i guess time has come for me for that.I should start contributing at least in meager level if not worthy responsibilities.This post is one such thought on that.May be i have explained the problems well and i don't know about the solutions that i have given.they might be crazy or impractical but i was able to come up with that for the time being.


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