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Monday, November 29, 2010

Hi everyone!!!..I just wanted  to share few things here on this special occasion.Special occasion??.. Yes it is the 50th(Well I am not talking about Sachin's 50 th test century :P).This exact post marks the 50 th mile of my little journey started a year and half ago..I,myself ,am amazed at this.This little accomplishment of mine may not be as fabulous as or as much awaited as the 50th ton of Sachin but in terms of the significance its huge (at least for me).Both 50s serve as a reminder which flashes the peaks and pits of  an unforgettable journey which was cherished by the performer most than anyone else.

It would not be wrong if i say blogging has been a constant companion all these days through all times quietly listening to all MY BLABS containing inspiration,creativity,innovation,appreciation, affection, frustration, anger,gently digs and tease at people and rage.The memory of blogging all these posts can be compared to a leisurely stroll across a beautiful garden on a spring evening.And the encouragement by you  people added luster to that moment like the sweet chirping of birds with the nicest of voice and flashing of  butterflies across the garden with  most appealing of  colors embossed on their wings .There are no words to describe that no matter how hard i try.

Recently (where i did not have anything better to do :P) i went through all my posts right from the very first one.When i finished skimming through them, i was able to sense the marked improvement for at least every 10 posts.There was a silent transformation which i could sense in both the posts and in my writing.It may be called  a kinda evolution.The evolution of posts from writings with lot of typo,grammatical errors with subjects handled in a weird way to the writings with less typo and grammatical errors and  the subjects handled in an acceptable way if not best of the best ways.During that i  kept on saying"Did I really write this?" in both surprised and frustrated tones.Some posts were out of my abilities and some were really naive.

Rather than growth and learning on which people usually focus on i believe this evolution is important where you metamorphose naturally into something better and go to next level.As a writer i write in the way i feel comfortable about the things that touch my heart(I absolutely don't want to write something that has more chances of getting lot of clicks).Obviously i'm not a kinda gifted one who sits before the computer and blog on the go writing whatever i want.I have to get a spark and feed it by thoughts.After i write, it undergoes numerous edits every time i read in a readers perspective.This is why it takes a hell lot of time for me to finish a post.Amidst all of this, i am fully aware of the fact that the writings in this blog doesn't meet the criterion of a normal blog.

This is not a conventional blog and i do not write in a conventional way.I mean who writes about untold one-week-one-sided romance with a girl in a stupid way, who writes about their personal disappointments dumping the frets in public,who has a dig at their friends by gentle teases insults in a public forum and who writes anything and everything in a personal perspective.Of course no body does that any where than in this blog.In reality one could not expect people to read this and accept, let alone approve it.This is one reason why i don't bother about the hits and comments i get.But that is the way i write and I am what i am.I simply enjoy it conscious of the advancements in the path i have set for myself than bothering over hits and comments.

Having said that i should accept that i do get comments(really rare and very few) which makes me happy.To be blunt people at times come up with comments that hits the bull's eye revealing the exact  read-worthiness of posts (many times they are not pleasing :( ).I would say those honest comments were colors in the wings of butterfly and the chirps of birds in my blogging garden than the standard stuff that people throw at me like "thats was really good","the language was good", "the post was funny" etc.(So honest comments even if it is negative are always welcome) I mean,i know the fact that I'm a Jerk who try to emulate Shakespearean and Shelli-an English( of course with out much success :P.Perhaps its quite spontaneous and coz of the love i have developed for the lang in school) but i believe there is always something more than the language in the posts.

One reason i have not left blogging (being a guy who gets bored with routines) even in times where i hardly managed to get time to sleep was the fact that the happiness and satisfaction i get out of this. Being a under performer in all other aspects of life i guess this is the only place where i be myself and try to give my 100%,enjoying myself completely.This is my recharger i can say.But sadly i don't blog much like before.But in a way I'm happy that from a time where i was wondering what to post i have grown into a position where i have to choose a post that is in my mind.I mean there are 3 to 4 ideas for some posts in mind for more than two months which needs to be written.It has become a kinda duty that i write frequently.

Even for this post i had lot of ideas,like i wanted to take up and review and share few of my old post and the way i wrote it.I have a lot to say about the way i blog and wanted to clarify few things but unfortunately i fear no more space is available for now and let me defer that.Finally i wanna flaunt a little :P(Like Karakatakaran senthil..Anne..chumma oru vilambaram :P ) about a recent piece of info from my tracker.It just says that the blog has gone global with visits from almost 44 countries. Thats really huge.(Africa,china and Japan has been missing for a long time but recently Africa and Japan covered up.China is only missing.Come on Chinese you don't afford to miss this blog..:p).

People say  which are their favorite posts to me but as the one who wrote, i enjoyed few posts more than other posts...The two below posts are the ones which gave a different outset to my writing and the ones i wrote very frankly...Business is being Brutal and LIFE- A HIDE AND SEEK GAME.There are some posts which came out well beyond my expectations than i intended to write, like Mera Dostho-My Friends...,Love-POISON OF LIFE,DOOMS DAY OR DUBAKOOR DAY.And movie reviews like Why Do i like Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya?,Angadi Theru-ONE MORE STUNNER FROM VB! etc got good reviews as well.Finally the two short stories also attracted few appreciations My first try at story writing!!!!! and 3 Days with a dazzling damsel raised few eyebrows :P.

Finally there were attempts which are aimed at exploring different stuff that could add some more skills to my writing such as I fell in Love with...???..huh..Mhm.. and the short stories.I wish i had more response for them since i put lot of effort and took lot more care when writing them.Two other such posts are about sachin which i really wanted to get responses and appreciations for the way o had expressed like Legendary Unending Era and Sachin:The history of batsmanship in one man .Even though all are my favorite posts these above were significant in one or the other way.

I conclude by saying big thanks to show my gratitude which is in every cell of mine than in words for reading MY BLABS.Hoping to get your love and support in future too.I don't believe in promotion that too self promotion but here i would like to extend a request (i don't think a request would fall under a category of self promotion.) that you share the posts with friends,which you really like and which really deserve sharing .Because a few more encouragement and feed backs  would really help me in the way where i am heading..Yeeeaaa.. Time to slowly explore the next level... EVOLUTION NEVER STOPS.. :) :D

As usual(which is explained in the post:P ) i started this week before and took long time to conjure this up.I wanted to clarify few things about the previous short story(i actually wanted to post how it should have been really and how i mend it in the way i prefer but did not find time for that.Let me do that some time later) and wanted to share some other things about how i write (But as i have said no space available so i couldn't).I always enjoy to share things about how i write..Hope fully i will write about things i missed in my next posts(which includes a kinda remake of Kamaraj-Gandhi of the south and Love-Poison of life and few others..hope i come up with that quickly at least in few months aware of my laziness :P)..Bye for now with a wink.. ;)


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