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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Whenever i hate to go early to college or whenever i want to bunk the first hour of class she gets struck in traffic and makes sure i go to class late but she is swift when i bunk college and go home. When ever the day is too boring or with out fun/spice she takes me through Meenakshi  college when  good looking girls (still not to my range...yet good looking :P) cross the road. When ever I'm devoid of company she makes sure there is a stranger next to my seat who is friendly or there is a nice looking girl few seats away sitting in an angle where she exchanges occassional glances :P. Whenever i stand in the busstand having fun with friends she comes late for the purpose of not disturbing me.

She understands me like a very intimate friend..Her name is 27c,oops!!..Don't know, should i say, her number?:P. Yup 27c is a bus that i use to travel in, when i go to college.The bond between me and 27c is so strong.There is one more such Bus, # 3(Moonam number bus,as we call it :P) which i use to take,to go to school.My school frineds will be reminded of me seeing that even today.There are times in which me and my friend -(Harish,you remember that buddy?.)- use to wait for hours together (sometimes letting the bus to go :P not wanting to miss the chat we would have) for 3-am number bus very gladly discussing most trivial to most important things.

Except for the the spice and entertainment factor 27c had, i would have picked up #3 bus for intro as it has more evergreen memories.As it turned out, i found that not only #3 and 27c but i had developed a bond towards buses in general. Well, what ever bond I have with the buses I am just another guy like anyone (isn't it?) else who expects a window seat( thundu potu seat pudikra alavu  illanalum Jannal seat mela oru kannu :P) and some good looking girls when i get into bus.But we not only don't get whatever we expect in life but in bus journeys too. Let me say how buses and bus journeys have transformed over the years.Speaking about the transformation of buses...

Very frankly speaking 75% of buses today (except flashy AC,some new deluxe buses) would definitely fail to qualify and meet the standards that a bus should meet to run on the road.15 years back the buses were all the same resembling  mashed metallic iron junks.But today there are different editions ranging from the same metallic old junks to flashy ostentatious AC buses. And people get to travel in different version depending upon the amount of money they spend.

There are not a wide variety of categories too,only 3 which comprises flashy ones very much qualified to run and can make a big hole in the wallet for a middle class guy.Two,the ones which can be permitted to run on the road that  has doors(which were not closed in the peak hours where two more people are stuffed :P ) uncharacteristic and unnecessary  to chennai buses where foot board travelling is part of life given the muscle squeezing journeys.The third are the majority part of metallic junks which should have been exchanged for dates ( i mean perichampazham) long back (Like senthil" Anne pericham pazham saptu romba naal achu :P) .

In college days, looking at the condition of college bus we would call that "Naay vandi"-DOG VAN-( painted in yellow making our words true :P).I can swear that is 1000 times better than these.(Note:I never travelled in college bus :P).The Junk,trash category and travel-able category  has many variants that allows various versions. When i say various versions don't fancy too many differences.These are comedy versions.You will know how Tami nadu people are officially made fools.The variants are made possible by having different boards.Big deal?..(I already said not to fancy too much :P)..

Yeah if the board is white you get to pay  less and if the board is yellow the ticket price is bit higher. If they add M before the bus number then it is special service.Wait,its not finished yet.If they have that LED scrolling text boards in deluxe buses again ticket is higher.If the same deluxe bus has ordinary board then ticket is lesser.(ssss.. bbbbaaa.. kanna katudey...).Variable ticket pricing itself is unacceptable in that how come this stupidity (i don't know whose stupidity,our's or their's)  of different pricing for the same bus can be explained.I don't know whether this will be happening if transport is in private hands.Govt would have passed more than half dozens of bills crushing them.Are  people in power constitutionally have the right to bend and break the laws.

He he..I guess after seeing these confusions only many chennai citizens do not take tickets prefering without travel :P.That brings one more real torture.Suckers in the name of ticket checking making the bus to stand in the heavy traffic peak hours is one more intolerable torture.(Some times i feel like murdering them).How can one react to morons letting the crooks off the hook who rob lakhs of crores but holds the collar of a guy who had not payed paltry Rs3.50 rupees and wasting the time of people who took the ticket too.Ridiculous...

In those days,for a journey 10km i had to pay Rs.1.75.But today i wouldn't know until i see the bus.For journey of  20 km i may be charged 5 to 50 depending upon the bus i choose.These days i choose AC buses more.Not because of the comfort and luxury it has.How can you talk about luxury when you find it difficult to get space for planting your feet in a crowded bone crushing journey. There may be 1000 differences but when it comes to crowd,buses are all the same (esp in peak hours)  no matter AC or metallic junks. I take AC buses solely for the amount of travel time. (you get to see rare good figures too :P ). Its comparatively fast and ahead, at least a good 30 minutes , suiting my needs for the kind of laziness and punctuality i have.

In short AC buses are costly share autos.They will even stop every tamarind tree if you want them to.And these are guys who know how to cash in on the circumstance.For example when i travel in 19b(AC edition :P) during  peak hours,Karapakkam stopping  becomes Karapakkam TCS where bus exactly stops opposite to the TCS. Similarly Thorapakkam changes to CTS,Navalur becomes ETA or CTS.What to do,the OMR itself has been renamed to IT expressway right?.So can expect this kinda things.The brand on the tag of people's ID card matters.No respect for ordinary people. With tag you are addressed "sir" with out that you are just a man.Even girls look at you when you have the tag.(Personally the day i noted this ,i stopped wearing ID card outside office.A girl has to look at you for the kind of person you are not coz of the brand/company you work for,right?).

I don't know politics and i am a very innocent kid who doesn't understand much about the inner workings.So these are the questions i wanted to ask. (can anyone enlighten me). Will the same metallic junks be allowed to run on the road if the transport corp had been in private hands.Will this variable ticket pricing would be tolerated?.The difference might be very meagre so that we might not give it much of thought.But what about poor and financially not so much strong people,not everybody is Ambani's progenys right?.More over robbery is a robbery whether it is 50 paise or 5 rupees or 5 lakh crores.Some 2 years ago there was a bill or something like that which said theaters are collecting excess of money. The govt intervened and fixed a highest amount that can be collected.If the high end multiplexes are expected to be affordable what about buses which people use everyday?.

Second ..ARE WE DEMOCRATIC?.. In 2nd grade i was taught that Democracy treats everyone equally,showing no favoritism.But here isn't the government showing partiality to people who have money.Aren't people with less money entitled to at least normal bus instead of trash-able metallic junks.A government and a leader is like a mother who should give care to all her children equally.Is it happening today?.. Of course we don't want to be communistic but its important that we do not be capitalistic targeting profit alone.Do not classify people based on their economy.As citizens they are entitled to safe and comfortable journey irrespective of the money the are ready to sspend.
This is more of a moral question,how can you explain the social order which respects people by economy.
Finally i am made to look like a fool when people say that the ticket pricing is very less in TN compared to other south Indian states.If so,i think i will freak out and and write a saga of books on that if i live in those states..How funny... :P

Its been a long that i wrote in my usual style with a bit of  humor(lot of times juvenile but enjoyable i guess,who wants to be a sulking adult always :P :P) ..This time i have taken up something very different which was extracted from my experiences that i had/have.I got the  inspiration for this post from the little funny chat I had with my friends.By then this question crossed my mind, why wouldn't i write about this and i found time after two months to put it together.(Yup..this is one of those posts that is in my mind for a long time as i specified in my previous one)...Hope you understand the context of it and enjoy it... :-)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Before some thousand's of years...
After a long wait when the crown was placed on Rama's head each and every citizen of Ayodhya felt happy as if the crown was placed on their own heads and they are proclaimed kings recorded a poet about the sworn in ceremony of Lord Rama.People wanted him to be the king more than Rama himself for his virtues and courage.They also were dejected and depressed as if they were denied the crown and kingdom when Lord Rama was sent into exile by his father.

Today in 2010...
People of India,nope, i must people all over the world despite the language and landmark barriers celebrated one such milestone of  a person who is also as disciplined and as humble following an age old legacy of Indians exemplified by Lord Rama himself .When that man caressed a delivery from Dale steyn  through covers for a single the time rolled back and displayed  the imagery of exact unconditional  love and affection the people of Ayodhya had once on their king.

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