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Friday, December 24, 2010

Before some thousand's of years...
After a long wait when the crown was placed on Rama's head each and every citizen of Ayodhya felt happy as if the crown was placed on their own heads and they are proclaimed kings recorded a poet about the sworn in ceremony of Lord Rama.People wanted him to be the king more than Rama himself for his virtues and courage.They also were dejected and depressed as if they were denied the crown and kingdom when Lord Rama was sent into exile by his father.

Today in 2010...
People of India,nope, i must people all over the world despite the language and landmark barriers celebrated one such milestone of  a person who is also as disciplined and as humble following an age old legacy of Indians exemplified by Lord Rama himself .When that man caressed a delivery from Dale steyn  through covers for a single the time rolled back and displayed  the imagery of exact unconditional  love and affection the people of Ayodhya had once on their king.

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