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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hi Friends...Actually i had decided not to write for the V-Day (something which has not got much importance for guys like us :P..Ada irumbu adikra edathla kosuvuku enna vela..:P) as i have plunged myself  too much into the subject through two short stories.Yet,here I am to write on that..(Who d hell can question us?. :P). The reason is one of my friend's blog post.Yup,that inspired me to ask what is Love? and this is just the outcome of what came to my mind after the little analysis....

What is Love?..The following lines by Vivek comes to my mind instantly whenever this question is put forth...
ஒரு கழட்டி போட்ட செருப்பு 
சைஸ் கரெக்ட்டா இருந்தா 
யார் வேணாலும் மாட்டிக்கலாம்.
Means,Love is like a footwear and if the size fits anybody can wear it..:P..

Well,that might sound funny or it might be little bit on the offensive side to compare love with footwear.It is said that there is a little truth behind every lie and there is a tinge of lie behind every truth.Going by that, behind this stupidity of terming love a footwear there is a nice thought.It implicitly says that If a heart finds another heart which is ideal for it and which complements and accepts the other just like the foot accepts the footwear of the right size then that is love.(Vivek really meant this..:P)..I don't know how funny or true or fair is the comparison,but in a way love is treated like footwear these days. I am not  intelligent,let alone be a  genius to define love.However to define what is not love(to say how love is treated like footwear)  a guy like me is more than enough.
  • Simply, Love is not what people do in beaches,parks, theaters and buses offering  free romantic shows to others.(Even it can be tolerated as long as they are not classified as adults only and pornographic.yappa Ivanga panra attuzhiyam iruke..Thangalada sami.).
  • Love is  definitely not what one feels when they see a hot guy/girl. If a feel is based on physical attraction then there are various terms to describe it ranging from attraction to infatuation to lust , but not love.
  • Its not the words that a guy or girl just say for the sake of  being with someone whom they are attracted to.
  • Most importantly its not that changes over time especially when a better guy or better girl turns up around the street corner.

It might sound somewhat cynical but by and large the truth is love has lost its meaning.These days there are lot of lovers but less love.If you say those old cinema dialogs like true love looks at only heart and it is divine and all people look at you and ask,"Are you nuts?".Few others say that its really good to hear these dialogs but it is impractical and hard to follow in real life.Its a pity to see that love has been categorized by younger generation as an archaic material which only deserved to be kept in museum and admired through the glass window than to be passionately pursued in real life.Its the guys who take advantage of the concept love and misuse it, would be the argument some years back.But now girls have also got a large part of reservation (for sure not 33%..more than that :P)..

Like every other aspect they prove intelligent equally to boys in this aspect of playing games in the name of love.(to the extent that couple of years ago a girl with the backing up of ex-lover pushed her husband from hill and killed him during honeymoon..EKSI.. Aarambinga da aangal padhugapu sangatha.. usuruke uthravadham illa..that too in honeymoon..:P).Not only this some are mighty successful in making guys loonies.(in old words. no girl becomes mad coz of love).Have heard this dialog lot of times when old people feel pity for the mad guys saying "Yar petha pillaiyo ipdi kiruku pudichu thiriyudhu..".What few people have not understood is the fact that there are some values that are in love more than the compatibility between two minds.(few cultural aspects that has to be followed too).In toto its not the guys or not only the girls but everyone is at guilty.(Evanum sari illa :( ) .

Love is demeaned the most when it results in meaner and cruder actions such as hurting parents & friends,when it is used as just time pass and more worse  when  it is used  by people to quench hormonal thirst.The last part is simply the implementation of  the western concept of one-night-stand in a modified version.The value part when forgotten leads to this kind of stupidities.By the time the emotions and desires run out,the intensity of the bonding  decreases and people start to move out of relationships.These kind of things will happen less when the values in love like selflessness and sacrifice is understood.In a way west is better where people know what they want in a relationship by defining their being together in a variety of ways including just dating to one night stands to living-together to Love&marriage. But here whatever crap they do, people do it in the name of  love.

If there are guys/girls who use love in immoral ways on the other side there are few people who waste their life mindlessly.Funny and pathetic characters are there to the extent where a guy  has proposed a girl 17 times and all the 17 times she rejected him giving a look as if she is seeing a stray dog.If you ask him,"Dai unaku konjam kooda vekkam manam soodu sorana illaya da" (meaning don't you feel ashamed) they say its common in love and one day she will understand him sounding  like old tamil movie hero  (thousand periyars vandhalum Hu-hmm.. mudiyathu da). Lot of times it is not only irritating to the girl but for the guys like us who witness this.(EKSI.. manatha vangradhukune irukanga.).. These guys don't understand that stalking and disturbing only increases the dislike on them.(Idea ve illadha pasanga).These guy makes me wonder,is there something more important than self-respect?.I guess there is nothing..

Sometimes few guys have genuine affection without any wrong intention but girls are always girls.They have bit of  low IQ(with only few exceptions) to understand good guys :P like they say the Goat believes the butcher. In short true love is not recognized or respected mostly.Not by these guys who stalk girls,girls who can't recognize true love and to some extent parents. If love had been taken in the right sense as it should have been then all these mean things will not happen and parents will not make faces when they know that their son/daughter is in love.Even people who approach love in the right sense are looked upon as culprits by parents due to these things.

If all this look cynical,pessimistic and hard-hitting then i guess its because of the predominant nonsense that is displayed which overshadows the real love and true lovers.This just summarizes the fact that many individuals are pissed off at these mindless things. If there is something that has to change it is the people who involve in these nonsense. The fact is there are people who has the exact opposite approach to love than what is discussed. (But sadly they are less in number.)Yes,how much ever i feel bad and write about today's love i guess i have the consideration for love as purely divine magic.And here goes my opinion on that (this is the little analysis on love that i referred initially)..

To be frank,trying to define true love is like trying to explain the taste of water.There is no taste,no color nor odour to water,as such there is no definition to Love.Its picture-perfect to compare love and water as life springs because of them.They are unique and the basis of life.One doesn't drink water for the taste of it and thus trying to focus on taste is pointless .It holds true in case of  definition of love too,trying to explain or to define is futile.

Like water, love is also present everywhere and it is free of cost which,i guess, should be the reason why it  has lost its worth.People don't appreciate something when it is free and easily available. Ironically it can be explained that a bottle of wine is much costly than a water bottle.Today the condition of love is also like that of water(in comparison with wine) where mere flashy attraction and lust indirectly get more recognition than true love.Whatever it is, true love can be never replaced by anything as water can never be replaced by any other thing,not even elixir for that matter...

To add more Love is the one which doesn't have starting and ending.(Like energy it is transformed but not destroyed).The one which flows out of heart without any reason.If your heart  loves a girl without the interference of brain's logic and if  you can not explicitly state the reason then that is genuine love.In a nutshell Love is not invented but discoveredSimply,What is left after taking out expectations,desire as a result of hormones, attraction and  reason  in a relationship is true love.

Finally everything boils down to one thing.The society has to change or evolve a bit.There is a dire need for social maturity to wipe out these immoral things..Technology wise or innovation wise we may be marching forward with pride but our ways to deal with culture and social justice dates back to Ice age.Its important to achieve advancements in that rather in rocket science and IT as people can survive without rocket science and IT but not when hatred,selfishness and malice replaces Love in people's mind.Its not important to decipher mysteries of universe but to decipher the darkness and ignorance in our minds.In short the Gen-X is trying understand what people easily understood 1000 years before and yet the so called Gen-x call themselves the neo-advanced generation..Funny paradox...Isn't it?

After a long time feeling like i gotten my old touch of writing..Good.. :D..Words and sentences and thoughts just flowed(words and thoughts which i never knew existed in me:P)..Actually ,I was gearing up for a special cricket world cup post.But as i said this came to my mind and i took this up and as i have said in my 50th post let this be the revision of my previous LOVE-A Poison of life(though i wanted it to revisit in a funny manner)..How ever the post for world cup special will not be abandoned..As usual it may be late but won't disappear..See you next time..Hope you enjoy this.. ;)


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