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Thursday, April 07, 2011

I thought of  posting this immediately after India owned the World cup.But I was too dumbstruck, completely dazed and immensely stunned to do anything.Just a plain joy prevailed.Happiness found shelter after a long time in my heart.I was having a hectic week and was dead tired at the weekend but yet the overwhelming joy never let me to sleep or eat properly. Such was the experience and I am here to share that.

A capricious team,a formidable batting unit from which you can expect anything.A nation which is called cricket-crazy where the love for the game is actually more than what one can call craze or passion or madness.Kind of fans who take something other than victory as a disgrace.State of affairs in which the 50-over game virtually is in its death bed fighting for survival . A nation that had not seen happiness in the recent past other than the torrents of headlines in Televisions about corruption,disaster and dirty politics
To top this all, a legend touted as god who has carried the burdens,hopes,desires of a billion for 20 long years keeping his fingers crossed to snatch the cup that had always eluded him and his list of achievements. Things were such when the CWC-2011(cricket world cup 2011) started. Can there be a single key to many locks?.Can there be a single solution to many different problems?.Practically not. But it proved true when India won the world cup and the key being a thunderous  heave over Nuwan Kulasekara's head by MS Dhoni.Even the greatest of writers or poets would find it hard to portray the scenes that unfolded afterwards which by all reasons and purposes was more than a victory celebration. 

Tears of joy rolling down the cheeks of players( including the coolest of all captains MSD and a veteran like Sachin),people untied by a religion called cricket and a bond called patriotism screaming in joy on the streets celebrating the moment more than a diwali or Christmas,texts and calls flooding from families bragging as if  a son/daughter in their family has secured state rank in final exams,players doing a lap of honor with the tri-color draped on them and with the country's  proud son-deservingly-being carried on their shoulders  for his contribution .It was the rare rendezvous of  a billion dreams and  the reality.Its a once-in-a-millenium phenomenon which had every flavors in it.An attempt to capture it in words is absolutely far from human intelligence.

India came into the event with two extremely different previous world cup performances in 2003 and 2007.In 2003, we were not able to do anything than to drool over the world cup after crossing all the hurdles when Aussie's held us back and stopped us with their iron hands in the finals.We were like Om Shanthi Om Loser Shahrukh saying " Agar kisi Cheez ko Dil se chaho tho puri Kaynath use thumse milane ki koshish mey lag jaathi hai" meaning that when you love something by heart the entire universe conspires for you to attain it.It was said in the hope that 2007 will bear witness to the great Indian dream.But in 2007 nothing happened except for a sore lose at the Bangladeshi and Lankan hands.We then sounded like dieing OSO shahrukh saying  "Ending achi nahi ho tho woh the end nahin..(if the end is not good  then it is not the end)"  with a pool of tears filling every player's eye of that infamous pavilion..
And then the much anticipated, 50-over game's life reviving contest began in the Indian-sub continent with India being unofficially adjudged the clear favorites by cricket experts.The initial stages mocked the so-called experts with India's below par, average performances.Then after swimming an ocean of hurdles, doubts ,ties ,selection debacles India landed in the quarter finals against the same old  Iron-fisted Aus.Except that this time the fists were rusty and it wore a I-can-break-at-anytime glove.Having said that iron is iron no matter what.They proved hard to be bent and cut when they ended  Dhoni's another ordinary innings at a critical stage.Moments later Yuvi stepped into the middle and owned not only the 22 yards but the 11 Aussies who were scattered all around the ground as well.
Before the short-lived joy of dismissing Dhoni sinked in he smashed a boundary off  Lee saying "Picture Abhi bhi bakhi hai mera dhosth"(Friends,the movie has not ended it has still some scenes left).True to those words MSD showed that "Baki" picture with a sensational 91 that comprised a ominous 6 for the winning shot saying "I feel like the king of the world".The special part being, a billion felt like the kings apart from Dhoni & Co.Needless to say that film is a super-duper hit and an epic..
The moment and the scenes followed were such that it deserved a big round of celebrations for days and  months.But being in a country of contradictions (or in decent terms diversities)  there were second opinions  which murmured and complained that cricket is looked upon as more than a game which personally upset me to an extent.The media-hype,political shade and  cricket being dubbed as war when we played against Pakistan were quoted as prime examples.If I have to answer that,the media, the politicians and others have to be blamed for that and not cricket fans.

Its really hypocritical to question the maturity of the nation or to simply term the the overwhelming enthusiasm as frenzy because of few senseless people.In India cricket is more than a game.For common people cricket has become a way of life which is not a thing to be ashamed of as long as it is in a acceptable level.Other than that I am not sure what cricket is for the politicians who watch the game from a room with a bullet proof window with their counterparts,using cricket stadium as a conference hall for peace talks.I can not say what it is for the cricket experts who slams and analyze games and individuals as if they have personally won five world cups.I don not know what it is for the media which goes by the saying "Make hay while sun shine" pouncing on the craze to manipulate cricket as if it is a war.The respective people have to answer that.

But for the common man especially children its an glory and good news where their parents will not give a long lasting stare when they take a wooden plank and say "I am going to play cricket" on holidays.More than that, for the aspiring cricketers its an inspiration as same as the one that Sachin got when he saw Kapil's devil lift the World cup.For a true cricket fan it is the ultimate feast of top notch cricket and for the common man its simply a license to celebrate something despite language and religious barriers.Its also the reason to dance in streets and wave the Tri-color and let out screams of joy for a day.A day which comes once in every two or three decades that unconditionally unifies them.

Poor souls,let them be happy at least for some days where they don't have to know a dim-witted politician has robbed a crore and half lakh rupee from their tax money.Let them not know the fury of nature has stolen few more lives and let them not know that one more drama has been staged by dirty politicians.They have all the time in their life to listen to these creepy things and let us allow them to be happy for a day,a single day.Lets not spoil it by establishing a code of conduct on how to behave or celebrate a victory.

Personally,I would say watching and following cricket is tantamount to reading a spiritual  book that teaches you moral values of life.I start to believe that hard work never fails and god never fails to  fulfill desires of a deserving person when I see Sachin's dream come true.I learn how one has to be grounded and be humble seeing Dhoni and Sachin handle themselves after winning the worldcup.I learn how far can one be magnanimous when sachin asks one of his Die-hard fans to come to the pavilion and  pay his love back by giving the fan an opportunity to hold the world cup. I come to know the value of the team and the importance of sacrificing your goals for the bigger cause when individuals giving up their personal ambitions.

More than the learnings out of the individuals there are more that you can learn out of the game.For example from England Vs SA game I take out a message that 75 overs of stupidity can be compensated by 25 overs of brilliance.It teaches that you haven't really lost unless you believe that you have lost and that any moment you can turn things up,provided you have the faith.So how can something be just another game when it teaches so many things and guides you.It can't be,at least for people like me.

Being such a hard core  fan
I feel India winning the world cup is a moment of Salvation..An eternal state of bliss..A dream day to gift the god of cricket his most coveted life time present..I am cherishing every bit of it and hope you also do.Finally thanks to the Indian team for giving reasons to celebrate.You guys really made us proud.:)..proud to be an Indian fan and a follower of God of cricket.
They say that 2012 is going to see the end of the world,dooms day.After I have lived through such a moment what more can I say to that"Bring it on Baby,Who cares?".. ;)


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