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Sunday, May 08, 2011

In 2007 he elevated his acting skills into the next level with Billa.Billa and acting?..What did he do in the movie than donning a sun glass and ramp walking here and there with babes on his side might be your comment.But if you take a closer look Ajith as David Billa is more than a style-icon.Of course his looks and mannerisms were exotic and it redefined style in Tamil cinema.But more than style his silent awe-striking display of hidden negativism in action than through hysteric venting of  emotions made the character all the more watchable.

Perhaps his role in Vaali had assisted him.I have seen Billa portrayed by a number of artists like Amitabh,Rajni,Shah Rukh,Ajith and Prabhas.In that I can say Ajith's was the best Gangster Billa performance among his contemporaries like Shah Rukh and Prabhas.of course he can not be compared with giants like Amitabh,Rajni and his brilliance of not letting Rajni's performance cross the spectator's mind while watching Billa 2007 itself was a big success.Its laudable to give a new dimension to a role already done by 3 to 4 established heroes. What I mean is he has not tried to imitate Rajni in an era where Jeyam brothers and our "Remake hero" insist on wearing the same color underwear that was donned by the hero in the original  Telugu movies while remaking them.Coming back to Billa, its huge setback that Vishnu Vardhan has dropped out of Billa-2 who is the master mind of Billa-2007's success.(No big deal Vishnu's always rock... :P :P).

Finally let me say about Ajith as a person.To be candid in the initial days he was a blunt  hard- spoken guy depicting a tough brat.But as the time progressed he seemed to have changed a lot and in his every action and word there was an intense maturity and sense.At the same time he has not lost his subtle arrogance,the best part is he has beautifully channelized that arrogance to use it at right time ,at right place and for right cause.His honest and courageous talk against the ruling government's continual pressure of asking Actors to participate in all functions, in the presence of karunanidhi was one such.That speech was nothing more than a tight slap in the face of shameless manipulative people.

Even the recent installment of disbanding his fan club was one such decision that shows his subtle arrogance used in an appropriate way.To do such a thing knowing that he gets grand,unprecedented opening for his movies only because of his fans is valiant. The reasons he gave as press statement on disbanding exemplifies his belief in action than mere sweet talk.It is a selfless example setting deed which other actors would even fear to think about.

All positives about Ajith has been discussed and if I say I don't see any negativity in him then it will be an utter lie. Let me do justice by sharing them too.One of the things I really hate about Ajith is,his choice of competition.Not only friends, its very important to choose your enemies or competitors as we are judged by our competitors too.I mean if you wanna be the king of the jungle you have to compete with Tigers and cheetahs not with rats and pigs.If you wanna be the King of sky you have to compete with eagles and vultures not with crows.But Ajith unfortunately indulged or was pushed into such a worthless contest.

I think movie like Thirupathi was as a result of this contest, especially the decision to work with perarasu.I think he should have someone like Vikram( who can act) as a competitor.I would have suggested Surya too,had he not lost his way by sinking to the bottom of commercialism.And one more thing is his choice of scripts.Even after his 15 years of being in the industry he seems to not have picked up the knack of selecting stories.Especially movies like Asal showed his wrong notion of ramp-walking and exotic looks will make the movie a hit like Billa.It will be good if he does movies with good acceptable scripts and characters that brings out the best in him rather than tiresome commercial movies.

I have titled this as "Thala-The race horse" not because he is a racer but because he is one such horse that is racing well in defying the horse race theory.A horse which is racing hard to be a good actor and to do good movies.A horse which is racing to top in becoming a good human being and a responsible person in the society.Like they say,"the older the wine is ,the better the taste is", Ajith is becoming more matured and sensible with his age.Let this addition of one more year to his life bring him more success and laurels.Wishing him a wonderful year ahead so that he keeps on entertaining us and set example for his peers.HAPPY BIRTHDAY THALA...THALA POLA VARUMA...Hu-hmmm.. Varaadhu...Varavum mudiyadhu... :)..Proud to be an Ajith Fan.

Apart from the occasion of his birthday there is one more reason which contributed in writing this post. Already couple of months before I decided to write a post about Ajith(and how he is better than his fellow actors) when few senseless comments were passed on,in Facebook.I had plans to bring out what makes him the actor he is and what his real caliber is.But by then I could not give a slot to this with my foray into short stories. Now with his birthday around I revived the idea.And half way through writing I was confused on how to proceed. In a birthday special post what would I write on him?..Should I write about him as a person or as an actor?.He is one of those rare breed of actors who has credentials as an actor and as a persona well.Big deal,Do we have rules here in this blog?..Hell no,so finally I decided to write on both his dimensions.Hope you like it.. :)


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