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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Life is like a horse race.Whether you are an untrained brute wild horse or a thoroughbred race horse or a highly sought after Arabian horse or a plain donkey,it makes really no difference. What matters is whether you touch the finish line first or not.You earn respect based on that.(If not how can you explain donkeys swaggering and Arabian horses getting abused in the society today).The horses which fall behind by just seconds are considered as losers no matter what potential they have.That's our world for you..That's how it works...But the unsaid truth is that there are always exceptions.Some gifted people falsify the above and make that horse race theory a-stupid-little-joke with the kind of influence they have on people despite their success or failure.These personalities can puppet the emotions of the masses with their slightest of gestures.People say the innate and inexplicable aura that surrounds them as a reason

As the dictionary meaning of the word aura suggests, these men/women have that distinctive  intangible quality in their very make that charms others.   What I say is entirely different from the the craze that people have when someone goes to top. This is rather more of a recognition given even before the world accepts them.It may be the charm and attraction that K.Balachandar saw in Rajni when he was working as a conductor,it may be in the manner Sachin Tendulkar was celebrated like their own dear child by the whole of Mumbai in the days of him playing for Shardha Vidhyashram. Even few contemporaries like Michael Jackson, Roger Federer and to an extent some pop stars like Selena Gomez too fall under the category of receiving excessive love from people.You might wonder,why am I suddenly talking about all this?.The reason is that this blog is about one such person.

He may not be as big or grand as the above people but on that front of enjoying unconditional love he more than fits the bill to be in the above league.He for sure has that distinct intangible quality that charms others that he is loved beyond what can be termed as admiration and affection.Its not even craze or frenzy.It is much more than that like a kind of madness or mania.His is a curious case where his fan base increased proportionally to the number of flops he gave every time.Even though he was not a winning horse lot of times and at times when he was the last horse in the race he enjoyed the treatment he deserved by fans and common man.Success or failure never had an effect on the love his fans had on him.May be being a professional racer himself,he knows what makes one tick in races, be it this horse race or car race. ;)

After all this, it is needless to say  whom I am talking about.Yet let me pronounce.This post is about Ajith Kumar as a dedication for his Birthday earlier this month.For those people not from Tamil Nadu and for those few people from Tamil Nadu who don't know to recognize talents and honest men,let me say who actually is Ajith?.Ajith is an actor(I mean for real,he acts) from Kollywood-the Tamil cine industry.He is a  modest person,a highly courageous and straight forward personality to an extreme extent,an honest gentleman, so daring personality who never backs off from calling a spade a spade,man of simplicity and above all a wonderful contemporary actor who can let his facial expressions and body language do the acting than employing stupid punch dialogues and insipid cinematic artificial expressions. Simply he is a cult figure to me and a million other fans.

First let me brief about Ajith as an actor and what aspects do I admire in him.He is one of the few actors who had done really a wide variety of movies in his growing stage of the carreer.But do not ask me whether he does it still after consolidating his position as a star.Sadly he doesn't.The different genres were spread across ranging from roles in movies like  Kadhal Mannan, Vaali, Amarkalam, Kadhal kottai, Citizen,Mugavari etc.Each of them brought different dimensions out of him.A person with out sheer guts and extreme belief on skills could not have chosen such variety,which he did effortlessly.Personally I was spell bound by 3 films in his different stages even though he has belted out mind-blowing performances in lot of his movies.

Mugavari was the first of the movie that made me notice him.It shed light on his deep and intense acting skills.There are two roles that are hard to perform even for a skilled actor.One is to do a role that is not ordinary like a mentally disturbed person and the other is to act as a very ordinary person.Oddly most difficult thing for a human being is to be human and be ordinary.That is why Vishnu's incarnation as Ram is respected a notch above as that of the incarnation of Krishna simply because Vishnu as Ram did not use his holy,divine power.Him being  normal human, which is difficult, made Ram a thoroughly worshiped and most revered god.As such Ajith with out punch dialogues and without his Sweet-teen like handsome look purely marketed his acting skills in that movie which made me follow him. Eventhough Vaali and Amarkalam were mutli-million grossers,in my opinion, I would say Mugavari was his turning point as an actor.

How far would one go and to what extent one would commit himself for doing something he loves?.Ajith simply answered that question after some 12 years of a carreer marred with ups and lows and an in-fame racing escapade that kept him out of cinema for a brief time through an epic movie Varalaaru aka Godfather.He came back with that movie all guns blazing revising the benchmark for class acting.He reaffirmed himself as a star,a star that is much more big and shiny than what it appears through 3 different roles including an-eyebrow-raising classical dancer (being a bad dancer )character with  a predominant feminine demeanor.Cross-Gender acting is not a famous form and not many have succeeded even internationally, but he did it in style .

That role, done with almost a near perfect technique by all standards was nothing short of a master piece.But personally I was astounded by the psycho character who wants to avenge his father.If you look at the above clip you will know it.Especially the close up shot from 3.13 to 3.53.Portraying  mentally disturbed characters demonstrates an actor's deep acting skills. Right from Guna Kamal to Moondram Pirai Sree Devi to Anniyan Vikram to Internationally acclaimed I am Sam(original version od Dheiva thirumagan) Sean penn everyone who wanted to go to the next level of acting did such roles.Ajith has done that twice in Varalaaru and in Villain with greater poise.

More to add, in the above clip with regard to the close up shot one can notice the tapestry of emotions displayed like rage,frustration,childish joy, hardheadedness, sense of revenge expressed in a 7-8 year old child's mannerism.Out and out his face and its expressions induces all those emotions without any annotation or any other external emotions.Ajith slowly transfigures close to 4 emotions  in a matter of 40 sec .That is what you call real acting.If there is one thing for which I'm his die hard fan then it would be for this kinda depth and complexity in his acting.

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