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Monday, August 01, 2011

Today is Friendship day?.Oh,man never knew it..Anyways,I am  not interested to say things like Friendship is this,that and all..Not gonna say  those cinematic dialogs like distance and circumstances can not make difference in friendship coz I learned that reality is, it badly does..Will never say there should not be expectations in friendship since It has been always proven that human nature always focuses on what it gets in return when it invests something be it time,love,money or care or anything for that matter..And there is nothing wrong in it...One can/should never restrict friendship to the words given to us by strangers..Its what we feel inside and it varies from individual to individual.. 

On a personal level wanna say that ,Of late I have pissed off lot of guys and lot have antagonized and upset me as well. On a broader level it is very much part of the bargain..My outbursts,my silence and my differences with others as a result doesn’t mean I don’t like them...It means I have my own way of dealing things and I have my own way to love and care..Not often hugs and kisses is love and sometimes slaps and kicks also constitute love. And my strong repulsion to “Public display of affection” thing doesn’t help much either and I don’t believe in exhibiting what I feel for people .I believe that there is a certain sanctity to each and every bond and it doesn’t stay the same when it is manipulated into words and silly deeds(You see I have my own vices :P ). But in the end against my PDA(I mean public display of affection ) policy I would like to let every soul out there  know that I love you guys with all your frailties,with all your strengths and weaknesses and your differences even if  we  keep silence,even if we are  not on speaking terms, even if we are being a jerk to each other,even if we do not have time or don’t want to spend a couple of minutes to ask how we are and our lives.  Doesn’t matter,YOU ARE LOVED,just get it.

In the end ,I never expect others to do the same and accept me or like me for what I am..There is no obligation.  I do not expect anything in return or expect others to reciprocate anything.Its  not because I have become too matured overnight or I have just been enlightened under a bodhi tree..Its simply because few of the noblest souls,of late, have shown me that “Friendship is all about accepting someone for what they are without ever bothering to change them.  Its about accepting and loving them with all their shortcomings.Its about giving love even when you do not receive it.”..They loved me with all my defects and they never bothered to change me...No words to thank them for being in my life..They really rock..They really do..HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY FOLKS... :)




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