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On MODIfying, Developing and Changing INDIA

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What is the real measure of people ?. What reveals their true colors?.Can they be measured by achievements and accomplishments?. Or is it in the good nature or honesty?. I guess, none. Accomplishments and achievements amounts to nothing.Good nature and honesty may break in the face of adversity and desperation. If so, what then?. The age old cliche,A friend in need is a friend indeed can give a good insight. The moral of this is, adversities are the measure of people and nothing reveals their true colors than that.Not only humans but this applies to nations communities, cultures and other entities as well. The 1930's US depression and the holocaust can be quoted as examples which were defining moments for the respective entities.In Indian context Jalianwala Bagh massacre can be an example which christened revolutionaries like Bhagath Singh.

Recently there was one such instance which revealed the other sides of someone when I read a book about Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose and a speech by an assassin during his trail. When exposed to few other facts after googling the dilemma got consolidated. At the end I got a feeling that People are good, decent, respectable and dignified as long as you know less about them and you see them from a distance. When you get near,take a closer look and dig deep, all you see is dirt and filth.It almost applies to everyone.Only the amount of dirt varies. Perfection, like in other cases, is an abstract concept in humans too.Okay, Enough of opening lecture I guess.Let me jump on to the real episode,

The revelations that I referred were about Mahatma Gandhi.We all know about Nethaji and Gandhi's ideological differences and contradictions in their quest for freedom.It is not a big deal.Violent or Non-violent, their goal ultimately was freedom.Principals and paths are like branches of rivers flowing into the same ocean.But it came as a shock when I was exposed to the political games that were played by the very Mahatma who advocated the concept of loving even enemies.It was disheartening to learn that his repulsion and clash with SC Bose was to the extent that when Nethaji won congress presidency elections against Gandhi supported candidate Sitaramayya in 1939 he,Mr.MK Gandhi, publicly declared that Sitaramayya's defeat was his own defeat.Some people cite this as Gandhi's intolerance for Bose's growing influence and the fierce competition that Bose gave. MKG viewed Bose as a threat (not clear whether to him or his ideologies).As it is the curse of Indian politics there was also factions and separatist Politics prevailed then too.But this time it was inside congress itself and the larger part, as one can guess, was formed by Gandhi worshiping group.

The other part was radical wing(communistic and radical parts) which respected Gandhi but had questions over his ahimsa methods.(Let us get back to these factions later).Even in that Gandhian ideal obsessed time SC Bose won,as his vigor and zeal for freedom inspired faith and belief in many.But one can empathize Gandhi on this one too, given Bose's radical and militaristic ideas.(It is said that Nethaji wrote in a book that India should take up a fusion of Fascistic Mussolini and Communistic USSR approach instead of democracy once India is freed. Even he went on to say that the first 20 years after Independence should be followed by dictatorship where the country can be stabilized economically and be industrialized soon.Personally I don't think this was a bad idea given what we have seen of democracy).All these facts and Bose's inclination towards Mussolini,Hitler could have made MKG do such things in a fear that country should not wind up in wrong hands.But things, sadly, doesn't stop here.

Most upsetting part was the little episode that eventually got Nethaji expelled from Congress.In 1939, Tripuri congress session which was held at the brink of a precarious national separatist politics at its bitter height and international imperial powers' rivalry good enough for a world war.Nethaji brought a motion that the Congress should serve a six months' ultimatum to British to leave the country and in the event of their denial the country should go for Poorna Swaraj (through armed methods if it calls for) taking advantage of the War clouds surrounding Britain.But Gandhi opposed that and said he will not embarrass the British during the war and said demanding a Dominion status was his idea (giving administrative power and not the complete freedom).The moderate wing was even ready to send Indians to world war 2 in support of Britain to get favors from English.

Even in world war-1 similar thing happened where Gandhi approved Indian soldiers usage in the belief that Britain will favor India after the war.But Britain had only time to gratify itself than to look at India or to listen to MKG.Due to this spat Bose was removed from presidency and was expelled from congress by MKG's influence.Personally this was the most disgusting part for me.Being a fighter for the cause of freedom for over 25 years(from 1915 to 1939) Gandhi (or the moderate wing ) was so defensive that he was politely asking favors from the indecent robbers for our rightful liberty which was voiced as our birthright by a revolutionary(Thilak) in 1906 itself.I mean they had no necessity to beg for favors,privileges and concessions when we rightfully deserved full freedom.The same defensive approach has been captured by a letter that is doing rounds in the name of Godse's speech during his trial.Here goes the copy of that..

Nathuram Godse's Final speech in Court

With regard to the letter one has to look right from the early genesis of Congress to have a clear idea.In the early part of 1900s the freedom movement was scattered.The resistance to the British rule were less intense and sporadic in the form of minor mutinies and uprisings which the British controlled without even moving a muscle.The hatred and repulsion was not channelized to be utilized for the cause of freedom.Even though congress was formed in 1890s, it was ineffective as a result of factional politics with in.But,with Gandhi entering the scene in 1915 situation changed.He provided a face to the movement and found a strong,reliable leader in him whom the masses can count on.But for his presence there was no way the nation would have fought together for the freedom.(I mean one part of India would have been doing one form of struggle and the other completely opposite. For instance due to this lack of Co-ordination the Sepoy mutiny of 1857 failed pathetically.Had it been coordinated and the attack been made in unison the results would have been different).

Having said all that,the nation had to pay for the solidarity that Gandhi gave.(One of the few rational points that the letter makes). Gandhi with his magnanimous sanctified methods charmed the millions and helped himself to be the man who was beyond questions,doubts and arguments .He enjoyed monopoly in deciding the fate of the country and his belief and methods were perceived as an holy mantra.In 1920s Gandhi declared Non-cooperation movement in which millions of people participated.(1920-1930 was the golden period which saw all the factions and parties-including the materialistic Muslim league-joined forces with congress and fought).The movement was going well and it was about to make cracks in the British but due to a minor incident in Chauri Chaura where a group of villagers burnt a Police station with officers trapped inside, the Non cooperation Movement was called off by MKG citing that people are not ready for non violent methods.

Many from Non-congress factions noted this as a mistake and thought that the movement should not have been stopped when it was gaining momentum and making impact.Many such following incident involving MKG and his decisions made the other factions unhappy.In gave a question.It was the question of what gives a single man the right to decide the fate of the country of a millions and jeopardize their chances to taste early freedom(by stopping them by taking arms) which at the end resulted in increasing loss of thousands of lives with every postponement. A nation can not suffer because of the outdated, oldfangled and primitive thinking of a single man was the opinion of some people in 1940's.It was told that Sacrifice is something which is done at one's own cost and not with the lives of others.(Even though these comments are not well thought and narrow minded I guess there is nothing wrong in questioning someone or their ideologies and trying to establish the credibility/understanding. Only intense censure and abuse is what I don't accept).

Godse's letter reflect few of these points about Gandhi being the own judge and jury for his cause.Asking for credibility of his doctrines is in a way tolerable. Other than that I feel that his speech is more of a hypocritical cry of a communalist who had spewed his blatant hatred on the other religion and bragged his less evolved,primitive understanding about Hinduism.It is more of an attempt to insinuate himself as a sacrificer and dub him as some hero of sorts as opposed to a cold blooded murderer who mercilessly shot a 70 year old man who can not even walk on his own.In that letter apart from Gandhi's approach and the alleged adamance there is one other thing which is cited as the reason for contempt on him not only by Godse in 1940s but by some people even today in 2011.

Many people that I have spoken to argue and note this one thing as the reason to disapprove Gandhi.The allegation is on the lines of below verses, Who is responsible for partition?.Mohd.Ali Jinnah?..No,he was a tamable communal force and not the representative of the entire Muslim population in India.Is it the British who did not want India to prosper after they left?..No,British even though have sown seed for this in 1900s,did not have much to say at the fag end of their rule over India..If so,then who is the reason for the partition?..The one and only man responsible for partition was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi with his pacifying approach towards the Muslim league.

Partition and the subsequent Hindu-Muslim rivalry and few others even go on to say that the current reservation system based on caste is because of him.Ah..Partition?..Its a never ending story.It surfaced in 1940s and its story is still going brisk with people pointing each other across countries and borders as a reason for the historic event.Still there has been no solid theory of the truth and the account of real guilty.Given these facts, to analyse MKG's role and to pass a judgement on him is no ordinary thing.It requires a deep analysis.Let us see in detail in the next post with answers to these questions and also about the analysis on riots,violence as a result of partition,MKG's assassination and the communal politics(sadly the thing which never ended and which is very much alive today.There can be no politics today without this communal element) which is responsible for everything.

Find out in the next post whether these reasons and the reasons in the upcoming post are good enough to answer the question in the title," SHALL WE KILL GANDHI?

I do not believe in writing my posts in parts and publishing them in different time intervals as my writing largely varies and changes with my moods.But this time my laziness got the better of me.This post was supposed to be published by August 15.But after writing few parts of the post ,it never went forward and got stuck.Blame my concentration span. Yuck,my concentration has become like that of Indian batsman in England.Very short and poor.. :(.So I learnt that If I wait to finish the entire post then I will post probably by September 10.Or else I might altogether drop the idea after sometime.(The review for Deiva thirumagal is in one such condition.).On the other hand If I publish the initial part then I will be obliged to write the remaining as well out of duty and commitment.(Epdilam plan panna vendi iruku..Aiyo Rama..Sorry..Hey Raam..with relevance to the topic..:P :P)..Kindly tolerate for making you wait.See you in the sequel post shortly.. :D


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