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Saturday, September 17, 2011

I can't remember the last time I wrote something funny.When this thought came over  I decided to write something satirical and personal as satire comes easily to me and it has worked out well too in the past.But later to widen my writing skills I consciously avoided it so that I can try other styles.You can see that,of late posts were kinda serious,critical and hard hitting which is as a result.But now I needed a break and thought of sharing something funny  that happened few months back.But then, the post on Gandhi needed attention with August 15 approaching and I went with it.I said to myself that I will finish it off and lay my hands on the funny post.But unfortunately the post on MKG was/is not over and that particular post had to wait.While things were like this a week ago something happened and I can not stop myself from reacting to that.This one is not satirical nevertheless I thought I should write on it. So despite MKG,despite the need for satire here I am.

Life is all a search.As one grows up the number questions about human life and the world increases.Life is an eternal persuasion for answers in which most questions go unanswered or vaguely answered.But each time one finds an answer and get nearer to the truth, he tends to become a better person and get enlightened.The collective amount of answers by one's own analysis paves the way for what is called wisdom..End of the day not every time one finds an answer and not everyone is lucky enough to find answers.Having said all that, the point is one has to ask questions about the world,about what is right & wrong no matter what.Seeking the answer, finding it,attaining wisdom and all is secondary and it hardly matters because once a question is put forth, it is bound to transform into answer at some point.I can hear you saying, "Alright,so what is your damn question that makes you blabber and torture us like this?". But wait,before getting to the real question which formed the reason for this post let me tell you how it came into my mind.

It was just another day.And I was on just another travel to office in a MTC bus(I owe a big deal to the MTC buses.I don't know where else will I get ideas for my posts :P :P).What happened after that was also just another incident.But the effect it left was not just another experience.It invoked thoughts on a lesser explored domain.Let me stop building up and get to the act.As the bus which I was commuting in stopped near a SEZ ,which sheltered more than few IT firms,a bunch of crowd climbed up the bus.The bunch also constituted a section of girls. Among them one was extra bright good enough to catch my attention.She got into the bus and stood few feet away from me. She was simple,of normal complexion without much adornments and showy make-up. To be frank, she was not very attractive but the way she carried herself was very different.There was a certain elegance in her personality.(This is what I meant by extra brightness.Nothing else).

Look wise,the half-up casual braid was good on her.It lent a traditional look.And to be frank I was bit pleased if not completely impressed by her.Yeah,its me who is saying this.One has to take a break from saying range and all that at least once in a while,right?. (Evlo naal dhan nanum nallavanave nadikradhu).Moreover, not only a guy who keeps on looking at every girl he comes across has something wrong with him but also a guy who doesn't see any girl at all too.A few flirtations here and there won't harm.So that was my moment of violating my convictions where I was admiring a girl after a long time.But call it misfortune or some unknown sabotage,  it did not last long.The place where I have to get down was approaching. Hell,it was hardly 3 or 4 minutes that she got into the bus.I cursed god,fate and luck etc and  half- heartedly prepared to part from the brief romance.But to my surprise she also moved forward to the door to get down.Now what the hell is happening,I thought.

I was elated.She moved towards me and I was standing near the steps.She looked at me.I understood and moved to the side making some space.The bus stopped.We both got down.And again in a minutes the crisis came.I had to cross the road.I turned and looked at her.She was heading straight down the road.I was heart broken and  stopped for at least a consolatory farewell look or a momentary hesitance or at least an acknowledging gesture.But she had no time for any of it and walked past without any turbulence. There came the first question,How can girls just break a guy's heart,shred it into pieces and walk away just like that without giving a damn as if nothing happened.

I felt too bad.Won't anyone, if they see a girl slightly of their liking after a long time and end up walking away just like that?.What that girl would have lost if she had passed on a smile.That may be too much to ask from your point of view.But If I can take time to write a blog post on her and If I had admired her to that extent why shouldn't she smile at me or say a 'Hi' or even ask my mobile number.Is it a big deal?.I mean I am not expecting her to propose me or something which will be definitely too much.Even if she did I would not have accepted right away,you know.Why didn't she see or apprehend the worth of my brief romance?.

Forget about her,it might be too much to bring her and this incident into the analysis.But in general looking at things happening around,you tend to ask why the girls are so comfortable in breaking a guys heart.Do they know what it is to be a guy?.And how difficult it is?.(Indha bit ah thane avanga poduvanga saying,"Do you know how difficult it is to be girl and all that?).Yes,being a girl is difficult and also being a guy is difficult too.

Yeah,it is very difficult to be a guy, not just a guy but to be a good guy or say an adequately-mediocre good guy like me :P.How many hardships a guy has to fend off from this scrutinizing world.Even I run the risk of damaging my image(which hardly exist) by writing my admiration for some random girl.Yes,If a guy says he was attracted by a girl then the look that follows him is like "You criminal!!"  whereas when a girl says "I like Surya.He is cute/sweet( or any other term which the boys exactly don't like) " or "I like John Abraham.He is very handsome " etc sitting in her living room in front of  parents, no judgments are passed.I am not emphasizing on the freedom girls enjoy but the way boys are Stereotyped.(This last point is not for fun..Trust me I am damn serious). Even though stereotyping is entirely different I brought it here to underline the difficulty of guys.The point is  if there are good girls there are good boys too.If girls have honor,principles boys have that too.(I guess I am digressing..Let me stop this here).

Hm-mm..A mini listen-hour has been staged.What else to say?.Is there anyting left?.Wait, even though the post is funny there has to be a message,right?.(Msg illana box office la nikka mudiyathu :P :P).Ok!.here goes one,

Dear Girls,

                Know that guys are not all the same.And don't break a guy's heart just like that.Even if the circumstance demands breaking it do make sure that there are less cracks.Especially if the guy is me then give a special consideration.(See I am writing a blog and all on this topic).And on a serious note these points are not made on behalf of all guys to all girls but from the guys who know their limit to only the girls who are good or conventional or not narrow minded or whatever you say. Importantly this is not for both guys and girls who are out of the above lot.

Yeah,I know this is too much of a reaction for a 3-4 minute,one sided,good for nothing,stupid  romance.(now you must know the reason for initial grand philosophies.You did not see this coming right?.. What to do.. Nonsense doesn't sell as it is.It has to be wrapped up with some fancy wraps. :p :p)..On a serious note,I know this particular instance is too trivial to complain but yet went ahead for the sake of fun and for trying something different.

Also the thing is these brief interludes are the ones which causes more anguish than other serious relationship problems as it is the case that the prick of a pin is more painful than a stab of  the knife.And finally If you think I was so smitten by that particular girl and the ramblings are as a result then you got me wrong.(Simply, Ada Tisha illana Divya.. Ah..next.. next..). One piece of info that I deliberately missed out is that the girl I saw in bus was from the same company I work for.She is from a different branch and her ID tag said it all.Given the fact that she is from my company and knowing her location its not very difficult to track her .But that was not worth it and the episode was nothing more than a  casual admiration.A passing cloud,its not a rain cloud :P.


  • By the way I talk please don't conclude like I have failed in love or some girl has overlooked me.(He he..Adhellam namma kitta nadakadhu.. :P :P).Yuck,disgusting,for heavens sake don't ever think like that.Love is too big a word and if there is anything that I am strong about in life then that would be not to abuse that word ever as much as possible.
  • These frustrations are only as a result of largely one sided one day or one week or few minutes romances.Nothing more than that.Company(that is me :P) is not responsible for any other inferences..
  • And also there are few points about girls which might be interpreted as offensive if there are any such it is purely for fun and no other intentions considered to the best of my knowledge.


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