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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The entire affair regarding the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by the LTTE and its aftermath is no simple math to decode and arrive at an answer. Besides even if one can arrive at a conclusion it will not be an easy thing to ponder over it freely as we have people with the so called “Tamil sentiment” on one side as anointed by the corporate media and the less tolerant, less co-existence capable people with their illusory certainty about life on the other side. Keeping away from all that would be sensible of me to do which I will do focusing on clearing the air about or so to say, understand the “Tamil sentiment”.

You should have guessed that I am referring to the decision by TN government to release four assassins of Rajiv Gandhi and its ugly aftermath.To comment personally on the decision by TN government or to be precise Jayalalitha keeping aside everything: Bravo, what a bold decision.

Yes, there is no denying of the fact that politics and vote bank (most of the Tamil politicians agenda is this when it comes to Lankan Tamils issue) has more to do with the decision given Jayalalitha’s usual Tigers opposition stand point. But then for fact even the largely Eelam or to an extent Tigers sympathetic governments of past could not have done anything remotely close to what Jayalalitha has dared to do. The guts of it has Jayalalitha’s name written all over taking the question of whether it is right or wrong a step back.

Coming back to the question of release itself, it looks bad if the one consider the fact that convicts of a gravest crime possible are walking free but on the other hand if one listens to those who celebrate this as a victory there are reasons to withhold oneself from belting out judgments or taking sides.

One key thing here to understand these perspectives is the fact that there are different set of people involved in the assassination. The people who planned it, that is the top brass of LTTE including Prabhakaran who were beyond capture and who are already decimated now thanks to the Sinhala counterparts who share their part of enthusiasm for their own brand of justice, then there are people, the worker bees, the paws and claws of LTTE, who executed the plan who had blown themselves up or consumed cyanide upon the threat of capture. Apart from these two, there are another set of people who had their part like a nut or a bolt of a combat missile. And these nuts and bolts, lent their service for two different reasons, one for the sympathy/concern for Eelam or Tigers and two for the personal or materialistic benefit in the assassination.

The allegation or the popular belief among the supporters of these assassins or the people with ‘Tamil Sentiment’ is that the people who did this for some sort of personal gain or for reasons beyond political vendetta of Tigers are walking free and that the entire trial was unfair(citing some police official’s testimony after his retirement).For instance it is alleged that few politicians from Congress itself had given Rajiv Gandhi’s campaign itinerary to the killers and had knowledge of the plan of killing beforehand.

And the convicts are seen as the last category that had sympathy towards Eelam cause. The question of people with the so called ‘Tamil Sentiment’ is what happened to few politicians and influential people who had their hand in this mess?

Personally I  could not make much out of all this without being familiar to whatever that happened before my time and whatever I know are the crumbs of information I consumed from hearing and reading from discreet sources.So I am not concerning myself with the idea of right or wrong behind this particular decision but what I am going to is the ruckus created and the seeds of hatred sown by media by all this.

Talking about that ruckus created by the defiled, sensation mongering 24/7 media which is like a wolf that had whiffed a scent of blood; I don’t know what they are howling about and what they want. It baffles me whether it is the timing of the release or is it the politics of Jayalalitha or is it release of the convicts that bothers them? Whatever it may be but I am appealing to their conscience or the hollow place which once held their conscience that for heaven’s sake do not take the name of justice.

What justice they are talking about?

How relevant is it to tag a life as Kashmiri life and a Tamil life? How matured and sensible is that? How relevant it is to thrash out specific set of people and their discretion as a mere sentiment? How relevant it is to dig the past forgetting one half of the history?

If they are talking about judicial justice the decision is completely acceptable with discretion given to elected bodies by constitution, if it is about ethical justice I don’t think this is the first time a completely unacceptable thing is happening in India to merit this howling; we had two riots in a span of two decades which went largely unpunished, and if it is karmic justice they are talking about then the whole history behind the assassination should be looked into considering cause and effect. It is not nice but the peace accord of 1980’s when our government wanted to be the big brother of South Asia, the IPKF dispatch and their “nice little stay” as some say in Sri Lanka definitely comes into picture. Though it is true to the fact that the assassination is the biggest mistake LTTE did in its ambition for free Tamil Eelam.

Listening to all this some might ask what is this entire deal about Eelam and why should people from Tamil Nadu concern themselves with the affairs of people in some other country?

And many mock this as Tamil sentiment with an unburdened soul. To understand this so called Tamil Sentiment one should ride back in time to the past and into the realms of history.

Straight away the Brits and their colonial fetishism comes into the picture (The whole of the colonial powers are to be blamed for many major problems of the sub continent today yet no one can deny the Brits were in different league in shredding the world into floor mats that they can wipe their foots on). The Brits as everybody know had technology after the Industrial revolution and after colonizing most parts of the world by preying on the weak rulers using modern weaponry, they had raw materials and had markets(raw materials and markets ironically are still not outdated in enslaving people or countries ) and whatever needed to run the world thorough their machines by the 1800s. But they still lacked something, that is, a labor force to produce raw materials to feed their hungry machinery.

Rubber and Tea were groundbreaking crops by then to the new world power but they proved back breaking too. Brits had no machinery to clear out the mountains and hills, to plant the crops and to produce the raw materials. They did not have machines, Yes, but they had men, the innocent, hungry, exploited and dying men of India who can be put to more realistic use than to rot away in poverty. So they thought and they shipped men out of their homes, out of their lands to Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius (Even to the far off lands like West Indies to cultivate sugarcane) and wherever physical labor was needed. Another variant of slave trade without actually trading them. (Sri Lankan Tamils appealing to British Prime minister Gordon Brown about their predicament during Commonwealth summit is no way co-incidental).

“Every rubber tree in Malaya was paid for with an Indian life" ponders Amitav Gosh in his south Asian historical saga "The Glass palace" and it would not be less true if majority of those lives were Tamil lives. The distribution of people of Tamil ethnicity in Singapore,Malaysia is a proof in itself.(Tamil is one of the official languages of Singapore).

And these lives are lives from Tamil Nadu, the lives from the nearby gullies, alleys and streets, the lives that were taken away by fate,by greed and the lives that were lent to the world for the moment but which always belonged in here. That is where the sentiment comes from, most of the people who had gone or taken out of this place might have a different nationality, they might have embraced different kind of life style still there is an underlying kinship that is hard to deny and there is nothing to be ashamed of it. It is very much natural.

To simplify the affair I can say what Kalpana Chawla commanded at those of times of Columbia space program is what Eelam or the Tamil Diaspora in other countries command from Tamilians. Kalpana Chawla was technically American; her nationality was no more Indian yet we Indians felt a kinship, more so when the disaster happened.

Plus, when a specific set of people suffer because of a shared identity then it becomes tangled up in the heart and one cannot help it. Reflecting on Lankan history, how the Tamilians were discriminated especially in the 1960s and 1970s just because they spoke Tamil and simply for their ethnicity one cannot blame people and their so called Tamil Sentiment. And even if you take out everything, like these sentiments and focus on the issue with the height of your rationality there is something called justice and the factor of the right thing. One only needs few hours of his time and few clicks of the mouse to understand what is what.Some clicks that made me think are Kumudhini Boat Massacre, Black July, Velvettiturai Massacre, Annai Poopathi, Thileepan.(They say Wikipedia is most blunted source of information but I was surprised even I can found such piercing content here).

In a sense the corporate media makes sense when they say sentiment because we, the children of modern times, the heirs of capitalistic times are people who could not see far beyond though we have everything at our disposal to see. If I am from Tamil Nadu I don't concern myself with what happens for example say in West Bengal when farmers are wiped out in favor of an establishment, I don't bother about what happens in Kashmir or Orissa or any part of India for that matter as it is just a news item until it happens to me. We have been conditioned to a life of that sort and by that standard it could be seen as Sentiment when we speak for Sri Lankan Tamils.

For any other reason I don't possibly think they can mock us for having sentiments. Do these people want us to be another heartless, mindless, post apocalyptic robot right out of an Hollywood movie or what?

The below video and some of the other talk shows in popular(?) media(????) pondered on these questions of sentiment as if it is something mean and derogatory which is pathetic. For fact the nation knows what kind of A** ***** these Rajdeeps, Arnabs and Thapars are, yet they try very hard every time to outdo themselves.(I am not loosely using this term A** **** or saying this as some sort of derogatory scowl but in complete sense of who they are or who they appear to be).

Do these senseless morons know that they are creating a rift between north and south as high as Aravalli range that separates the south from the rest of the India with already sentiments flaring up for right or wrong reasons? Do they know the seeds of hatred they sow in the minds of both people who listen and the people who are talked about? Or is it what that is aspired by these saboteurs?

Journalism used to be sacred, those were good days but now these people have succeeded in making it a joke, a whorehouse where they sell their naked lies.

Rajdeep for instance poses a question, “Whether Prabahkaran is a terrorist or not?” to Thiru Murugan, an activist against death penalty and Eelam sympathizer from Tamil Nadu which is the height of degenerate maneuvering these people can come up with. What the heck is Rajdeep trying to do? Is he on a mission to peel of the mask of stupidity and narrow-mindedness of an entire community through this guy’s answer? If so I think he was made to look like a moron when Thirumurugan answers no he is not.

Certainly Rajdeep who is under the corporate payroll cannot understand half of the things that someone like Thirumurugan talks about. His ideas might have to undergo a thousand year evolution to become level with this guy's. And does Rajdeeps and the other hypocrites believe that everyone in Srilanka who speaks Tamil is a terrorist?

The entire affair of people, stupid people to be precise who live in a bubble, looking down at people who talk about Eelam is downright pathetic(not in relation to this convicts release or LTTE sympathy but the Eelam cause).It can not get any worse than that and all these just shows how a single word called "Sovereignty" and a stolen word called "Separatist" is used by institutions to maneuver their hypocrisy deftly.

There is no denying that LTTE and Prabhakaran were dangerous forces in civilized society yet no one can say that they were people who were after blood simply for the thrill of it. LTTE’s human right violations, their habit of recruiting child soldiers below 18 and their forcible nabbing of kids from schools (as alleged) for armed training is indeed a blot forever and yet a simple question of imagining ourselves in such a milieu, asking the question of what we will do or stop thinking with our middle class mentality will make the entire affair complex(Co-incidentally I wrote this sometime back exactly based on this issue of giving pardon to these assassins How deadly is death sentence and now I can't say for sure). There is no simple right or wrong as it turns out.

But that doesn't mean some low lives can stand above us and comment/ maneuver the popular opinion though truth only matters than popular opinion (Only politicians and hypocrites need majority).

Plus the fact of bringing in Kashmiri lives is indeed inflammatory to already burning passions as I personally have seen local Tamil E-magazines, sites and blogs getting ostracized and labeled something equivalent to porn material when they talk their way out for people like Afzal Guru. The question of whether they are right or wrong is different but these are people with a cause, people who go to street to voice out their opinion and these are people who want to change the world and they are any day better than the a** **** living his little life in a bubble, sitting in a couch earning international money and barking their hearts out in a mic 24/7. Period.


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